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Marcia Harvey Bio | Steve Harvey’s first wife

Who is Marcia Harvey?

Marcia Harvey, a multi-professional entrepreneur, is popularly known as Steve Harvey’s first love and first marriage. 66 years old Marcia is the first wife of Broderick Stephen Harvey, popularly known as Steve Harvey.

Marcia is also the mother of Steve Harvey’s children. Moreover, Marcia’s life is an inspiration to her kids and people beside her when life took a toll.

She is also an entrepreneur and author.

Marcia Harvey Biography
Marcia Harvey Biography

Steve Harvey is a globally renowned American celebrity known for his stand-up comedy, reality talk show, and stage program host on platforms like miss world.

His contribution to the industry is genuinely commendable and has been recognized with many prestigious awards.

Quick facts

Full nameMarcia Harvey
Date of birthJanuary 24th, 1955
BirthplaceCleveland, Ohio, USA
Age66 years old
Sun SignAquarius
TraitsPositive: honest, curious, creative, and altruistic

Negative: angry, rebellious, and pessimistic
Education Bachelor Degree of Science in Chemistry
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseSteve Harvey (Ex-husband) 
Larry Greene (Current husband)
ChildrenKarli Harvey,
Brandi Harvey,
Broderick Harvey Jr
CareerEntrepreneur and author
Net worthUSD 700,000
Social mediaInactive

Marcia Harvey interesting facts

1. Marcia was writing poetry since she was 12 years old

Harvey was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She was very creative since her early days. 

Marcia has loved writing poetry since the age of 12. No wonder she became an author after she grew up.

2. Marcia is the first wife of Steve Harvey

Marcia is renowned as the American stand-up comedian, Steve Harvey’s first wife. She was also Steve Harvey’s first love. 

The couple got married in 1980.

3. Marcia is from a science background

Marcia has a Bachelor’s in Science degree in Chemistry and has worked in streams like Clinical Research, Quality Assurance, and Forensic Science. 

4. Marcia took custody of her three kids

Marcia filed for divorce after Steve was involved in extramarital affairs. He had also left his stable job to pursue a career as a comedian.

After the divorce, Marcia took custody of her kids- Karli, Brandi, and Broderick Jr.

5. Marcia married again

After divorcing Steve Harvey, Marcia found love again and married a man named Larry Greene. Both of them happily live in Cleveland Heights in Ohio, USA.

Marcia Harvey early life and education

Marcia Harvey was born on January 24th, 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. She belongs to the African ethnicity and has a tall and robust body with features that make Marcia look appealing.

Marcia’s childhood has a lot to contribute to her career as an author. She was fond of writing poetry since the age of 12.

Furthermore, Marcia also holds a B.S. degree in chemistry and worked in streams like Clinical Research, Quality assurance, and Forensic Science.

Overall, Marcia holds a multi-profession profile, from working into technical streams to starting a business venture of her own along with her career as an author.

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Personality traits

The bold and brilliant Marcia is very mature and responsible as a wife, mother, and professional. Marcia’s bond with her children and their personality reflects her character as a whole.

Marcia, just like her sun sign, Aquarius, carries an un-conformist attitude towards her decisions in life. However, she is witty, intelligent, and has strong values.

Marcia has always stood up for her beliefs. She is independent and doesn’t seek others’ approval for what she believes in.

Marcia’s multiple engagements in diverse professions show her ever-young spirit towards life. However, she has always built upon her skills and cherishes hard work and integrity in life.

She has also been able to influence her children into the path that she took in her life.

Despite the divorce controversy, Marcia has maintained a good relationship with Steve. She has never intended to disrespect or disgrace him in any form, which shows Marcia’s fierce yet gentle attribute.

Marcia relationships

Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey

Marcia was married to the famous Hollywood comedian Steve Harvey. In 1980, the couple announced each other as man and wife. She is also known as Steve’s first love.

Marcia and Steve first met at a mutual friend’s house party and started dating each other.

They tied the knot after dating for a couple of years. The ceremony took place with the families and closest friends of Marcia and Steve.

Marcia Harvey Divorce

However, after remaining together for 14 years Marcia and Steve decided to part ways.

As in most celebrity divorce cases, Steve’s extramarital affair was assumed the reason.

Steve and Marcia married each other even before Steve was a celebrity.

Steve worked for an insurance company and decided to sacrifice his stable job to pursue his career as a stand-up comedian. Marcia wasn’t pleased with Steve’s career change as she was afraid of the lack of financial stability.

It was the reason for the drift in the family.

The couple filed for divorce in the year 1994, with Marcia taking custody of the three kids.

Life after divorce with Steve Harvey

Even after 25 years past the divorce, Marcia and Steve are still on good terms. They share no hard feelings for one another.

Marcia was also married to Larry Greene after the divorce and lived in Cleveland Heights in Ohio. However, Marcia’s social media inactiveness reveals very little about her personal life.

Marcia Harvey children

Marcia has three children with Steve Harvey. In 1982, the couple was blessed with twin daughters Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey. Also, a beautiful baby boy, Broderick Harvey Jr., joined the family in 1991.

Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey children

Brandi, Karli, and Broderick Harvey are very active on social media, especially on Instagram. They have chosen different paths in their careers and are renowned not just by their parents but also for what they have done.

Steve and Marcia daughters

Brandi Harvey is a graduate of African-American studies and works as an activist for young women. She joined an Atlanta-based organization Young, Fit, and Fly, to work as an activist for women.

Brandi is also the executive director of the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation since 2012. Other than that, she is also a public speaker, author, and wellness coach.

Their other daughter, Karli Harvey, is a public speaker working as a mentor in the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Coterie Retreat, and Disney Dreamers Academy.

Karli married Benjamin Raymond in the year 2015. The couple together has a son,  Benjamin Raymond II.

Steve and Marcia son

Broderick Harvey Jr works with his father in his projects. He is mostly seen working together.

Broderick Jr also owns a clothing site called Need Money Not Friends, where he sells clothes and accessories he has created.

About her daughter Karli Harvey.

Marcia Harvey career

As a Chemistry graduate, Marcia held on to jobs in numerous research institutes as a quality tester and forensics technology. She was also focused on building skills, which helped her learn management and business skills.

It wasn’t until two decades of divorce when Marcia started her career as a poet. She is the author of “Marcia: Eyes to the soul” in association with Xlibris Corporation in 2011.

The 51-page book speaks of her journey with Steve Harvey. The book has three segments as Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Ever since, Marcia has published two more books entitled “MARCIA: Poems From The Heart” and “MARCIA: Thoughts from my mind.” She also owns a clothing line.

Marcia Harvey road to fame

Marcia’s relationship with Steve caught public attention. The very famous comedy king Steve Harvey is a globally renowned artist followed by people worldwide.

Marcia and Steve share a very innocent college romance, which led to tying the knot and having a family together.

The audience was interested in knowing what went wrong with a couple that seemed to have such a strong bond. It led to people getting more involved in knowing Harvey.

After the divorce, Steve couldn’t afford any settlement, so Marcia took responsibility for all of her three kids. The story of Marcia’s struggle and how she bounced back has attracted the audience even further into knowing her life.


Marcia’s divorce with Steve Harvey in 1994 has been the controversy that keeps coming in due to Steve Harvey’s history of multiple marital relationships.

Steve’s rollercoaster ride of relationships keeps dragging Marcia into the controversy.

Marcia’s divorce with Steve Harvey made the audience come back and forth to the relationship web of Marcia, Steve, Mary Lee, and Marjorie.

Steve completely abandoned the family to pursue his career as a stand-up comedian.

The incident got heated when the divorce was finalized.

Steve had to pay $5100 per month to Marcia for supporting her and the kids. Unfortunately, Steve was unable to pay the amount.

Marcia submitted an affidavit to the court, revealing Steve’s inability to pay the amount and that he owes her $36K. The matter eventually got resolved, and Marcia received an amount of $6.5 million as a divorce alumni settlement.

Marcia and Steve, however, maintain a friendly relationship with each other.

Marcia Harvey net worth

Marcia is a multi-professional personnel generating income from various sources. Marcia Harvey’s net worth estimation based on her venture and publication is over $700,000.

She had also gained $6.5 million as her divorce settlement.

Social media

Marcia’s preference towards keeping her life private has kept her from involving in social media.

However, Marcia can be seen appearing on her daughter’s Instagram post once in a while. They add appreciation posts about their mother and express how Marcia has cherished their lives as a mother.

Marcia Harvey and Daughter Karli Harvey

Marcia’s children keep close contact with Steve and have appeared in various shows and projects working together.

Marcia Harvey Instagram

Marcia goes by the username @iammarciaharvey 

However, she has kept her account private and has over only 25 followers, meaning she only gives her close friends and family a peek into her personal life. 

Her children, on the other hand, are very active on Instagram. You can follow them here:

Brandi Harvey: @iambrandiharvey

Karli Harvey: @iamkarliraymond

Broderick Harvey Jr: @bharv

Marcia Harvey Tiktok

Marcia is not on TikTok; however, a girl with the same name often shares parody videos of how Google has mentioned her as Steve Harvey’s wife. 

You can check out the funny videos at @marciaharvie

Where is Marcia Harvey now?

Marcia is definitely someone who likes to keep her life away from the media. Marcia is a grandma to Karli’s son at this point in life and invests herself in writing poetry.

Marcia resides in Cleveland Heights in Ohio, USA, and married a guy named Larry Greene. Their marriage has been kept very lowkey and has been barely put out in the media.


How old is Marcia Harvey?

Born on January 24, 1955, Marcia Harvey is 66 years old. 

How many ex-wives does Steve Harvey have?

Steve Harvey has two ex-wives. He was first married to Marcia Harvey (1981-1994). Then, after two years, he was married to Mary Lee Harvey. He divorced Mary in 2005.

Currently, he is married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey.

Who is Marcia Harvey married to now?

After divorcing Steve Harvey, Marcia married Larry Greene. 

Is Marcia Harvey married?

Yes, Marcia is happily married to Larry Greene. She lives with her partner in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA, and has kept her marriage away from the media.

How much is Marcia Harvey’s net worth?

Marcia’s net worth is estimated to be over $700,000. 

Where does Marcia Harvey live?

Marcia happily resides in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, the USA, with her new husband, Larry Greene. She was moved on with her life and has found happiness with Larry.