Who Is Marco Maurer Mario Maurer Brother? Sister And Parents

Fans are wondering who is Marco Maurer, Mario Maurer brother. Mario gained international fame for his role as “Tong” in “The Love of Siam” in 2007.

As “Tong,” Mario paved the way for his future, winning numerous awards and acclaim from critics and fans.

Since then, he has had major cinematic appearances in “Friendship” (2008), “Pee Mak” (2013), and “The Teacher’s Diary” (2014), among other noteworthy movies.

Additionally, he has been in television dramas, including “Lovey Dovey” (2016) and “The Rising Sun” (2010).

Maurer is a popular model for many businesses and publications thanks to his attractive appearance and endearing demeanor.

Mario Maurer Brother Marco Maurer

Mario shares a creative passion with his equally famous sibling, Marco. 

He has established a reputation as a gifted rapper and actor in the Thai entertainment business.

On January 27, 1984, Marco Maurer, commonly known as “Psycho,” was born in Germany.

He started rapping in high school, writing his lyrics and becoming passionate about the genre.

Maurer earned his degree from Assumption University’s Faculty of Arts, Department of Communications Advertising.

Mario Maurer Brother
Mario Maurer (right) with his brother, Marco. (Source: Instagram)

He received the chance to demonstrate his talent in 2003 by contributing to three tracks for “F 1,” the most well-known rapper in Thailand at the time, as part of the “BKC 2003” project.

After that, the youngest son of Maurer joined the famed underground MC trio “Dajim” in Thailand.

The involvement gained valuable exposure and expertise in the music business.

He developed a reputation for giving upbeat live performances and became one of the wildest rappers in Thailand to perform live.

Moreover, the artist was the first rapper to record a solo album in English, with chorus and backing vocals provided by his brother Mario.

Besides his singing career, Marco dabbled in acting, appearing in commercials for companies including 7-Eleven Thailand, One Plus Card, and Tros Roll On.

Additionally, he appeared in several well-known Thai movies, including “Friendship” (2008), “Bangkok Traffic Love Story” (2009), and “Small Rule” (2011).

Mario Maurer Sister 

Mario Maurer is well known for his brilliance and charisma, but there is no proof or information to imply that he has sisters in his direct family.

However, it appears from the facts that the Maurer brothers, Mario and Marco, have a tight relationship despite not having any sisters. 

Family relationships may be private. Thus there can be details of Mario Maurer’s private life that aren’t known to the general world.

Mario Maurer BrotherThe only female figure in the Maurer family is their mother, Waranya. (Source: Instagram)

His sibling, Macro, continues developing his music while collaborating with the producer: TIP on the Club-Electro Hip-hop subgenre.

He is one of the highest-paid hypemen in Thailand and works as an MC (Hypeman) for several dance parties in addition to his recording and rapping careers.

Moreover, the rapper also presents for the “Perle Health” health company.  

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Mario Maurer Parents

Mario Maurer was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 4, 1988.

His mother, Pantipa (formerly known as Warunya), is Chinese-Thai, and his father, Roland, is German.

Since his father admired the German motorbike racer Valentino Rossi, Marco chose “Marco.”

Mario Maurer embodies a diverse ethnicity with a mixed heritage of Thai Chinese and German.

Mario Maurer Brother
Mario’s father, Roland, seems to be a passive figure. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, he is fluent in Thai and English, showcasing his linguistic abilities.

During his upbringing, Mario’s parents were involved in the ownership of several gas stations.

Nevertheless, they later ventured into the production and export business of deodorants in Nakhon Nayok Province, diversifying their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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