Meet Margaret Nyakango Husband David Nyakango, Kids And Family

Recently arrested Controller of Budget, Margaret Nyakango husband, David Nyakango, seems to be the peak search online lately. The online buzz about her kids and family is also growing.

Margaret Nyakano is a distinguished figure in Kenyan finance and public service. She held the role of “Controller of Budget of the Republic of Kenya” on 4 December 2019.

Notably, she is the second person to hold this significant position since its establishment.

Nyakango is well known for her wealth of experience as an accountant, financial manager, and civil servant.

Before taking on her current role, Nyakango served as a director at the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

Her parliamentary approval underscored her qualifications for the position. She holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DrBA) degree from the University of Liverpool, UK.

As a Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK), Nyakango contributes significantly to the financial governance landscape in Kenya.

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Who Is Margaret Nyakango Husband David Nyakango?

With the recent arrest of the Controller of Budget, people are curious to meet Margaret Nyakango’s husband David Nyakango.

David Nyakango is a seasoned auditor with extensive experience and a profound influence in Kenya’s financial sphere.

His role as a long-time practicing auditor has undoubtedly contributed to Margaret’s understanding of the operational environments prevalent in audit firms.

Margaret Nyakango Husband
The husband of the Controller of Budget, David Nyakango is a seasoned auditor. (Photo Source: Nairobi News)

Margaret Nyakango’s husband, David, stands as an esteemed accountant in his own right. Currently, he is heading the family-owned MDN Kenya LLP – Certified Public Accountants situated in Upper Hill.

The professional acumen and dedication of the practitioner have been instrumental in contributing to the success of the firm.

Through his leadership, MDN Kenya LLP has likely contributed significantly to the financial and accounting sector in Kenya.

Within Margaret Nyakango’s professional journey, David has been an integral part. Their collaboration in different professional endeavors highlights a partnership built on mutual support, shared expertise, and a joint commitment.

Beyond his professional endeavors, David showcases a multifaceted personality. He was the winner of the men’s champion at the Limuru Country Club in 2016.

Despite the recent unfortunate circumstances surrounding Margaret Nyakango’s arrest and impending legal challenges, David Nyakango’s reputation remains unharmed.

He continues to be a respected figure within the accounting and auditing realms with unwavering professionalism.

Get To Know Margaret Nyakango Kids And Family

Margaret Nyakango, the Controller of Budget in Kenya, shares a remarkable family dynamic enriched by her kid’s diverse accomplishments. David and Margaret have number of kids.

Her sons have chosen distinctive career paths; one contributes to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), while the other excels in architecture.

Their varied pursuits embody versatility and expertise, contributing to different sectors. Margaret’s daughters shine in their respective fields as well. One daughter is a lawyer who champions justice and advocacy.

Margaret Nyakango is the mother of four children. (Photo Source: Capital News)

Similarly, her other daughter is committed to global healthcare advancement. She is engaged in medical research for rare diseases in Scotland.

Beyond her official duties, Margaret Nyakango remains actively engaged in mentoring and empowering aspiring women professionals.

The Controller is empowering the different groups of women through her involvement with the Association of Women Accountants of Kenya.

Further, the mother of four kids is dedicated to guiding the next generation echoes in her efforts and nurturing future influential figures in society.

The Nyakango family is a testimonial of success, diversity, and commitment to making meaningful contributions in various fields.

Margaret’s kids reflect different talents and expertise, each carving their unique paths.

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