Maria Guardiola Pareja: Who Is She Dating In 2023?

Maria Guardiola Pareja has been a popular topic among her supporters. However, the Star has kept her personal life out of the spotlight.

Model and fashion influencer Maria Guardiola has about 50.1k Instagram followers. A lot of people adore her sense of style and photo shoots.

Although she has made her social media sites private, she still posts photographs for her followers.

Maria also usually offers to help her mother and father with their companies.

After completing her schooling, she decided to compete in modeling contests. She works hard to fulfill her parents’ expectations.

In addition, she is one of the most sought-after individuals online due to her story of publicly kissing Sours star ‘Dele Alli going viral.

Maria is the daughter of renowned footballer and current Premier League club manager Pep Guardiola. Her mother is also a well-known artist.

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Maria Guardiola Pareja: Who Is She Dating In 2023?

As per the information, no one has confirmed that Maria is dating anyone right now. Before that, she was dating English player Dele Alli.

The two were seen multiple times during the year after their first photo together was taken in April 2021. Later, it was revealed that they had split up.

She shared a picture of herself on Instagram in February 2023 with a bouquet of red roses and wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day. I cherish you.

In addition, she received the flowers from an unknown sender whose identity is unclear.

Maria Guardiola Pareja
Maria Guardiola has kept her personal life out of the media. (Source- news bugz )

Maria Guardiola and Dele Alli were speculated to be dating in 2021. They were first seen kissing in a London bar in May that year.

Following that, the couple was seen out together multiple times, and it was rumored that they were getting serious.

However, their relationship ended in October 2021. There has been no formal announcement on why Maria and Dele divorced.

According to other stories, they were too preoccupied with their separate occupations to maintain a relationship.

Others have claimed that the two had personality conflicts. Whatever the cause, it’s evident that Maria and Dele aren’t together anymore.

Maria Guardiola Age

Maria Guardiola is Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola’s eldest daughter.

She is 21 years old and a model and fashion influencer with over 630,000 Instagram followers. Maria was born in 1999 in Santpedor, Spain.

Her two younger siblings are Marius and Valentina. Maria’s mother is Cristina Serra, a former handball player.

Maria attended Central Saint Martins in London to study fashion design. She worked as a model for numerous fashion brands after college.

In addition, she has also worked as a fashion influencer and on social media campaigns with various brands.

Maria Guardiola Family And Ethnicity

In December 2000, Maria Guardiola was born in Spain. She currently resides in Manchester with her family.

Maria completed her primary education at the school in her Spanish village. She finished her high school studies there as well.

Although, she has yet to give much information about her credentials or the organization’s name.

Maria Guardiola Pareja
Maria Guardiola is a well-known Spanish influencer and Internet personality (Source- news bugz )

A well-known Spanish footballer and manager of Manchester City in the Premier League, Pep Guardiola.

Pep and Cristina Guardiola had been married for nearly two decades. They married in Matadepera in 2014 after a long relationship. They have a happy marriage and offer an excellent example for the rest of the world.

Maria’s early years were spent playing with her siblings, Marius and Valentina Guardiola. She has a mixed-racial heritage and is a citizen of Spain.

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