Marisol Yotta- A Bikini Model, OnlyFans Star and Internet Influencer

Who is Marisol Yotta?

Marisol Yotta is an established bikini model. She is also a famous onlyfans model, Instagram personality, content creator, American fashion icon, social media star, and so on in today’s time.

With her toned and athletic figure, she has captured the attention of her fans and professionals alike. Moreover, Marisol Yotta is the wife of German Millionaire Bastian Yotta.

Marisol Yotta is a well-educated person in the medical field. She holds a master’s degree in Nutrition and Diabetes from California State University Long Beach, USA.

Marisol Yotta had a keen interest in modeling since her college days. She started her modeling career without wasting any time after her graduation.

Marisol Yotta Biography
Marisol Yotta Biography

Quick facts 

Full nameMarisol Yotta Ortiz
NicknameQueen M
BirthdayJune 25, 1991
Age32 years old
Sun signCancer
BirthplaceCalifornia,  USA
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight121 lbs
SiblingsTwo younger brothers
Marital statusMarried
SpouseBastian Yotta (husband)
EducationMaster’s degree in Nutrition and Diabetics
HobbyFreedom, fine dining, meditation, shopping, crazy adventures. 
ProfessionAmerican model, Instagram personality, social media influencer, content creator, OnlyFans star, and entrepreneur. 
Net worthUSD 7 million

Interesting facts

  1. Marisol undergoes many surgeries to get the perfect looks
  2. Her OnlyFans subscription amount is $15.99 for 28 days.
  3. She has a separate OnlyFans account (@only_marisol) with a free subscription.
  4. She has written a book.
  5. Marisol has been featured in different commercials and modeled for other bikini brands. 
  6. She has a carefree personality. 
  7. She is a fitness freak. 

Early Life and Childhood

Marisol Yotta was born in a native American family on Tuesday, June 25, 1991, in California, USA. As of 2023, she is 32 years old.

Marisol Yotta
Marisol Yotta

Her lovable parents nurtured her with love and care, along with her two younger siblings. Yotta’s father was an entrepreneur and relatively wealthy; her mother was just another ordinary housewife. Nevertheless, she shares a beautiful relationship with her family. 


Marisol Yotta did her schooling and also her graduation in her hometown. She was a good performer in her school days, so later on, she graduated from a reputed university. She holds a master’s degree in Nutrition and Diabetes. 

Marisol Yotta’s physical appearance 

Marisol Yotta was an innocent, cute, ordinary church girl in her early days; now, she is a wealthy onlyfans star. She was skinny and had a slim body. She was ashamed of sex in her teenage days.

Queen M has hazel brown eyes and black hair. Her body measurement is 40-24-34. Her physical appearance has changed now. This is because she has undergone a breast enlargement operation. It is called breast mammoplasty.

Marisol Yotta after her breast mammoplasty
Marisol Yotta after her breast mammoplasty

She was inspired by modeling content and desperately wished to renown herself in the same field. She has no health issues as she loves to keep fit and healthy. Her stunning appearance is the result of her hard work and discipline. 


Marisol tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Bastian Yotta, a year ago after being together for some years. Marisol Yotta’s marriage news has already been a huge online sensation. Their fantastic wedding photos went viral in a short time.

They both looked eye-catching and had a Christian wedding. Both look like perfect couples. Marisol was wearing a beautiful white gown, and Bastian was dressed in a white suit.

The lavish wedding was held in May 2021 in Santa Monica, California. They invited their close family circles, friends, television stars, and models.

Bastian Yotta and Marisol Yotta wedding picture
Bastian Yotta and Marisol Yotta wedding picture

About Marisol Yotta husband, Bastian Yotta

Bastian Yotta is an entrepreneur, a book author, and a Billionaire. He was born on December 4, 1976, and is currently 47 years old.

Bariston Yotta is a tycoon who lives in a playboy-style mansion with ten or more women. During a podcast episode, Marisol opened up about their relationship. They first met up during a church service as they both were Christian.

Bastian was poor and fat before. He worked very hard to enjoy a lavish lifestyle and was pretty lucky. He invested money, and his business flourished like anything else. Bastian has completed an undergraduate business administration degree and worked as an insurance broker.

According to reports, Bastian stated that they were hounded out from his hometown, Germany, for being too flashy, saying people would spit on their Ferrari and sneer at Marisol’s large breasts. But it didn’t affect him; he had conquered everything he wanted. He now has his own Baywatch and a mesmerizing hot beauty on his side for a lifetime and was fascinated with the beautiful girls and sides surrounding him. 

Bastian Yotta
Bastian Yotta

He took part in the fourth season of Adam Such Eva-Celebrities in paradise in 2007 and won it. As for 2023, he has a net worth of $1.8 billion.


Being a successful person in the modeling field is a challenging task. It’s even hard to make it your source of income. But Marisol’s enthusiasm and dedication towards her work of interest have made it look easy.

She started modeling when she met her husband. He was involved in this sort of business, and she also decided to work alongside him and fulfill her interest to work in modeling. 

Marisol is an independent woman who is financially stable. She loves and respects her work. 

She is a straightforward person. Queen M strongly believes that if things don’t work out, take another shot. So she didn’t hesitate to be an OnlyFans star. 

Marisol Yotta OnlyFans star
Marisol Yotta OnlyFans star

Marisol Yotta’s modeling career and her struggles

When anyone searches about her, the first thing that pops up on their screen is, ‘Marisol Yotta is a successful model and the youngest ambassador to have a USD 7 million net worth’. But she has struggled a lot, suffered extreme pain, and faced hatred in her early days. 

However, her parents were very supportive of her. Her parents valued her interest and didn’t raise a single question about her pursuing her modeling career, leaving her medical degree behind. Her parents provide her with emotional support, affection, love, and care. 

She had to undergo many plastic surgeries, Botox, facials, and body transformations to enhance her appearance and to make her better than anyone else. 

Dedication and hard work lead to success; now, modeling has become her primary source of income. As a result, many bikini companies offer her proposals.

She is quite a famous bikini model. Her body is perfect for modeling. Throughout her modeling career, she has worked with numerous business agencies. In addition, she promotes many productions of her onlyfans agency. 

Bikini Model Marisol Yotta
Bikini Model Marisol Yotta

She has also made a separate onlyfans free subscription for her fans. She is known as Queen M and is a fitness freak who loves to keep her body toned. Queen M is also in the fitness-based market and works for many cosmetics brands. 

Marisol Yotta has recently developed an interest in writing books like her husband. Her husband is a well-known author. She has written a book about her Dominatrix life.

She is an all-rounder. Marisol earned her Dungeon in Los Angeles.

She inspires those who want to pursue a career in modeling. She encouraged other women not to care about others’ opinions and do what they wanted. Everything can be accomplished, and it’s right unless you cause harm to others.

Marisol Yotta Net Worth

She is living a luxurious lifestyle. Marisol Yotta’s net worth is approx USD 7 million as of 2023.

Marisol Yotta with her husband, Bastian Yotta
Marisol Yotta with her husband, Bastian Yotta on her birthday

She owns different luxury cars and his own house in Los Angeles. Her primary source of income is her modeling career. Other sources are onlyfans accounts, businesses, etc.

Social Media 

Marisol Yotta Twitter

She is famous on Twitter these days. She posts herself in different ways in every post. Her Twitter account was once banned for a few days. Some people reported her account. But it didn’t affect her in any way. She has 43k followers on Twitter

Marisol Yotta Instagram

Her Instagram page is full of her bold modeling pictures. She has more than 536k+ followers. Her Instagram handle is yotta_marisol.

Marisol Yotta Instagram pictures
Marisol Yotta Instagram pictures

Marisol Yotta Controversy 

Queen M keeps entertaining her fans and creates explicit content on her Onlyfans account.

But, once, during a filming session, things went wrong, and got exposed at the gym. First, she accidentally dropped a sex toy during a racy gym shoot then a random man took it away.


How old is Marisol Yotta?

Born on June 25, 1991, Marisol Yotta is 32 years old. 

Why is Marisol Yotta famous?

Marisol Yotta is famous for her bold and unique content on social media and for being the wife of a German Billionaire, Bastian Yotta. 

What is Marisol Yotta’s net worth?

Marisol Yotta is a rich curvy model. As of 2023, her net worth is USD 7 million. Her husband, Bastian Yotta is a billionaire with a net worth of 1.8 billion.

Who is Marisol Yotta’s husband?

She is no longer single. Marisol Yotta’s husband is a German billionaire, Bastian Yotta. 

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