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Marjorie Harvey – Steve Harvey’s Wife [Bio, Net worth, Age, Career, and Family]

Who is Marjorie Harvey?

Marjorie Harvey is a multitalented beautiful lady who is married to Steve Harvey. She is a socialite, fashion icon, and internet celebrity with a troubled past because of her relationship with a gangster.

Quick Facts

Full NameMarjorie Elaine Harvey
Date of birthOctober 10th, 1964
Sun SignLibra
Height5.8 ft (173 cm)
Weight62 kg (134 lbs)
HobbyShopping, Clicking pictures, Sports, Travelling, and Blogging
SpouseSteve Harvey
ChildrenLori Harvey, Morgan Harvey and Jason Harvey
Favorite flowerRoses
Favorite fashion brands and stylesCéline, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Fendi, or Alexander McQueen for skirts, dresses, and blouses
Favorite clothing lineMarjorie Harvey’s Closet
Favorite carRoyal Royce
Favorite handbagChanel Alligator Woc bag, Dior lady crocodile bag, Hermes crocodile bag series
Body measurement24-35-36

Marjorie Harvey real name, childhood & age

Marjorie Harvey is a renowned celebrity name today. Many people recognize the socialite and internet personality as the wife of Steve Harvey. However, before she got recognised as Marjorie Harvey, the socialite was known as Marjorie Bridges since it is her birth name.

Born on October 10th, 1964, Marjorie Harvey is 56 years old. She will be turning 57 years this October.

The name of her father is unknown. However, she has posted a picture of him on her social media.

Sources say that Marjorie was born and raised in Memphis. She completed high school and joined the University of Memphis.

But she soon dropped out because of her poor academic performance. She even got married in Memphis.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey was more into fashion than books. It led her to become a fashion designer and entrepreneur owning her clothing line. She also provides fashion tips for others to become better at presenting themselves.

Marjorie Harvey relationships

Marjorie had two failed relationships to demonstrate that a bad relationship might lead you to the wrong place at the wrong times.

She was married twice before she met Steve Harvey. Her ex-husband Jim Townsend was a drug dealer in Memphis.

Jim was arrested and sentenced to jail for life, but he served 26 years and was pardoned. He has not talked to Marjorie for more than eight years now.

Her second husband was Darnell Woods, who was also a man of reputation in the drug trade. Rumors say that Darnell is a cousin of her first husband. Darnell and his twin brother were jailed for the supply of marijuana and cocaine from Houston to Memphis.

How she met Steve

Marjorie and Steve met fifteen years before their marriage. Their love story dates back to 1990 when they first met at a comedy club in Memphis, Tennessee. Steve was up for his performance, and Marjorie was there in the audience for the show.

Marjorie’s seat was in the front row, but she came late. As beautiful she was, Steve had a crush on her at first sight.

He suddenly changed his plan of giving her a hard time about being late into something romantic. Steve even took the courage to stand up, walk to her, and talk with her.

Steve considers himself an expert on manhood, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he took the shot at saying some flirtiest words. In an interview, he revealed how he had his first talk with Marjorie.

“The first time I saw my wife, Marjorie, I was doing stand-up in Memphis, and she was sitting in the front row. Afterward, I walked up and said, ‘Ma’am, I’m going to marry you one day.’ And 15 years later, I did.”

Marjorie and Steve live a happy life. According to Steve, they are two happy people living together, sharing their days, experiences, holding and supporting each other. He believes Marjorie is the great woman he had been waiting all his life to have as a partner.

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The pair is often seen traveling together to different places. People spot them enjoying rides on their yacht during festive times and holidays.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey kids

Marjorie currently lives with four other children of Steve. They are namely Wynton Harvey, Brandi Harvey, Karli Harvey, Broderick Jr.

Marjorie has three children Jason Harvey, Morgan Harvey, and Lori Harvey, from her ex-husbands before Steve.

Blending all seven children into one family was not a joke. Steve told them to deal with the fact. However, Marjorie was much more open and supportive of their children about this sudden change.

The couple has five grandchildren now. Jason’s three kids, Morgan’s one child, and Karli’s one-child make their home one happy house in the holidays and Marjorie’s SNS platform.

Marjorie is delighted with her family as she openly discusses it with the media and allows people to see her family through SNS. She loves kids, and her grandkids love her back.

Marjorie Harvey Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey is Marjorie Harvey’s daughter. Born January 13, 1997 in Memphis Tennessee,Lori is a famous model who has been signed to top modeling agencies LA Models and Select Model Management in Europe.

She has dated many Hollywood celebrities such as Sean “Diddy Combs,” rapper Future and Akon’s brother Abou Thiam. Lori is currently in a relationship with actor Michael B. Jordan.

Marjorie Harvey Morgan Harvey

Morgan Harvey was born on June 1, 1985. She is Marjorie Harvey’s biological daughter and Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter. She is famous for her food blog called Give Me Some Mo.

She is also an author of her e-book Party Heart. Morgan is a married woman. The food blogger is married to her college sweetheart Kareem Hawthorne.

Marjorie Harvey Jason Harvey

Jason Harvey is Marjorie Harvey’s son. Like his own mother, Jason Harvey is involved in the fashion business. He is a fashion entrepreneur who founded Yevrah, a glamorous women’s footwear line.

Jason is married to model Amanda Harvey and the happy couple shares children Ezra, Rose, and Noah, and Joey together.

Marjorie Harvey personality

Being a free-spirited Libra, Marjorie is diplomatic when she gives tips about fashion. She is highly active on social media profiles and is smart and kind.

Her poor choices related to her former partners reveals that she is susceptible to making mistakes like all of us. Librans are also known for their indecisive nature.

Marjorie’s fondness for shopping shows how extravagant she can be. She is also an independent person as she can afford such things on her own.

Marjorie Harvey interests

Marjorie loves physical exercises as much as she cherishes food and wine with her beloved ones.

“Mother of 7, Wife to the one and only Steve Harvey,”

Her social media account tells how much love and affection she has for her family.

Marjorie loves traveling, and she flaunts a keen sense of fashion in her every post. Her dresses include anything trendy and cool. Deep-cut necklines are her absolute favorites.

Spending time with friends and doing anything sporty and fun is her favorite pastime. Marjorie loves roses. She likes to spend a lot of money arranging and attending expensive dinner events with rich and famous personalities around.

Marjorie lives in Atlanta, Georgia, along with her husband Steve.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey ex-husband

Marjorie Harvey has been married thrice. Before marrying Steve Harvey, Marjorie was married to a drug dealer named Jim Townsend. He was later arrested and jailed for life. The drug dealer was pardoned after spending 26 years in prison.

After this, Marjorie divorced Townsend and married another man named Darnell Woods. Woods is one of the Woods brothers who was also involved in the drug trade. The four Woods brothers were jailed in 2002 for transporting marijuana and cocaine from Houston to Memphis.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey road to fame

Marjorie came into the limelight after marrying Steve Harvey. They held their wedding on June 25th, 2007. She is the third wife of Steve.

Steve Harvey was born on January 17th, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia. He is mostly known for his frustrated yet amused reactions, sharp-dressing sense, legendary mustache, and straight hairline until his third marriage.

Steve Harvey is a producer and actor, famous for excellent works like “You got served” (2004). He was married to Marcia Whitman for thirteen years, and he had three children with her.

Read about Marjorie Elaine Harvey husband Steve Harvey

He had been married to Mary Shackelford before Marjorie. He has a child from the relationship with her. Steve has Brandi, Karli, and Broderick Harvey Jr. from his first marriage and a son named Wynton from his second marriage.

Marjorie Harvey controversies

The major controversy she had was when her ex-husband got arrested for trying to buy 40 kg of cocaine. According to Marjorie, Jim was a good provider but a bad husband.

Jim gave interviews that had multiple mentions of Marjorie. He explained the complicated relationship in the book he was writing.

The rumor that her first two husbands were cousins was proven fake after Jim’s exclusive interview. In the interview, he said he had nothing to do with Marjorie’s second husband. Jim had met him for the first time after they got married.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey charity

Marjorie and her husband Steve Harvey founded Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF). The primary function of SMHF is to help raise the standard of children’s lives through a focus on education around the world. This project is a notable charity project by Marjorie.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey net worth

As of 2021, the estimated net worth of Marjorie Harvey is more than $60 million. Her net worth has been contributed through her fashion line as well as her handbag line. Her husband, Steve Harvey has a net worth of approximately $200 million.

Marjorie social media


Marjorie has an active account on Instagram with 2.2 million followers. She vividly shows a love for fashion, indoor plants, and ice sports in her profile.

Her deep interest in kids, love, and affection shows in posts of multiple pictures of kids playing around her profile.

Her Instagram idea is marjorie_harvey


It seems that Marjorie doesn’t have a personal Twitter but the couple have a Twitter account for their charity initiative “Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation

Screenshot of Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Twitter Account

Marjorie Elaine Harvey now

In the present, Marjorie Harvey has been living quite a glamorous lifestyle. She is not just a famous celebrity spouse but is also involved in different areas which makes her a celebrity in her own right.

Marjorie is the founder of the fashion and lifestyle brand The Lady Loves Couture. Likewise, she is also a co-founder of The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. She founded the organization along with her husband Steve.

The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation “provides youth outreach services that help cultivate the next generation of responsible leaders by providing educational enrichment, mentoring, life transformation skills, and global service initiatives.”

Where is Marjorie Harvey from?

Marjorie Harvey is from Memphis, USA. She was born and raised in Memphis itself. Similarly, she also received her education there. After some time, she dropped out of school to focus on her career and to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion entrepreneur.

How many times had Marjorie been married?

Marjorie Harvey has been married thrice. The socialite was married to a drug dealer named Jim Townsend. He was later arrested and jailed for life. The drug dealer was pardoned after spending 26 years in prison.

After this, Marjorie divorced Townsend and started a relationship with another man named Darnell Woods. They soon got married but the marriage also could not last very long. Like her first husband, Woods was involved in the drug business. Darnell Woods is one of the Woods brothers. The four Woods brothers were jailed in 2002 for transporting marijuana and cocaine from Houston to Memphis.

Following two failed marriages, Marjorie got married to popular game show host Steve Harvey. They got married in 2007. The couple first met at a comedy club in Memphis, Tennessee. Steve was on stage doing standup comedy while Marjorie was there as an audience member. Steve fell in love as soon as he saw Marjorie and the duo soon started a relationship together.

Do Marjorie and Steve have a child together?

Marjorie and Steve do not have any children together. However, Steve has adopted all three of Marjorie’s kids Lori, Jason, and Morgan, and has also given them his own surname.

Marjorie’s kids were born from her prior marriages with Jim Townsend and Darnell Woods. Lori, Jason, and Morgan are extremely close to their stepfather and have expressed their love for him on countless occasions.

Apart from this, Steve shares twin daughters Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey, as well as son Broderick Harvey Jr., with his first wife Marcia. He welcomed a second son, Wynton Harvey, with second wife Mary Shackelford.

What happened to Marjorie Harvey’s ex-husband?

Marjorie’s first husband, Jim Townsend, was a notorious drug dealer. He was arrested and jailed for life. The drug dealer was pardoned for good behavior after spending 26 years in prison.

Marjorie’s second husband, Darnell Woods, was also a drug dealer. Known as one of the Woods brothers, Darnell and his four brothers were jailed in 2002 for transporting marijuana and cocaine from Houston to Memphis.

Was Marjorie Harvey married to Big Meech?

While Marjorie Harvey was previously married to two infamous drug dealers, the socialite was not in fact married to Big Meech, despite many rumors. Big Meech is a convicted drug kingpin whose real name is DemetriusFlenory.

Big Meech is a part of The Black Mafia Family, a drug trafficking and money laundering organization in the United States. The Black Mafia Family was founded in 1989 in Detroit by brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory.

The Flenory brothers had established an expansive cocaine distribution business all over the USA by 2000. In 2005, Big Meech and Southwest T were arrested and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

However, in 2021, it was reported that big Meech has been set for early release after a sentence reduction shortened his time by three years.