Who is Marshall Trenkmann?

Marshall Trenkmann is a name that many fans of the American legal drama How To Get Away With Murder may recognize. Although Marshall Trenkmann himself is not an actor, his marriage to Mexican actress Karla Souza has pushed him into the limelight. Marshall Trenkmann is a banker who currently works as a credit risk director for JP Morgan.

Quick facts

Full nameMarshall Trenkmann
BirthplaceTexas, USA
NicknamesNot Available
Father’s nameUnknown
Mother’s nameUnknown
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight60 kg
CollegeTexas A&M University
Marital statusMarried
Name of wifeKarla Souza
Net worthUSD 5 million

Early life, upbringing, and parents

Trenkkman has been pretty quiet regarding his life before fame. He has not spoken much about his parents and their occupations. It has, however, been disclosed that Marshall spent a large portion of his childhood in Texas, which also happens to be his place of birth.

Likewise, it is also unknown whether Marshall Trenkmann has any siblings or not. Overall, it can be assumed that Marshall had a pretty normal childhood and a good upbringing despite the lack of accurate details regarding his family and upbringing.

Marshall Trenkmann birthday

Trenkmann prefers to lead a low-profile life. Even today, Marshall has not disclosed key details of himself, including his date of birth. As a result, Marshall Trenkmann’s birthday and age remain unknown.


Since information regarding Marshall’s date of birth is unavailable, his horoscope also remains unknown to the public.

Educational background

Even though information regarding Marshall Trenkmann’s high school years is not available, the details about his university days have been made public by the banker. Trenkmann is quite well-educated.

After graduating from high school, Marshall joined Texas A&M University, where he gained a bachelor’s degree in accounting. After finishing his undergraduate studies, Marshall re-enrolled at Texas A&M University to complete his graduate studies.

Along with a Master’s degree in Accounting, Marshall also studied Latin American and Spanish since he had always been interested in these subjects.

Nationality, ethnicity, and religion

Since Trenkmann was born in Texas, USA, he is an American national. Moreover, Trenkmann belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. The Texas native is a Christian when it comes to his religion.

Height, weight, and measurements

The talented banker is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Similarly, he weighs a total of 60 kilograms, although this is just an approximation.

When it comes to his appearance, Marshall Trenkmann has brown eyes and dark brown hair. His exact body measurements are currently unknown. Marshall has a medium build and looks quite fit and attractive.

Hobbies and interests

Even though Marshall himself has not publicly discussed his hobbies and interests, his wife has previously talked about what her husband enjoys doing in his free time. Marshall likes to go fishing and travel with his family whenever possible.

Marshall Trenkmann with wife, Karla Souza.

Relationships and dating history

Information about Mashall Trennkmann’s past girlfriends and dating history before his marriage with Karla Souza is currently unavailable. Marshall met Karla when he was working at CIB LATAM, Mexico City. They fell in love and dated for a couple of years.

In 2013, Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza got engaged to one another. Marshall proposed to Karla with a beautiful custom-made diamond ring.

Marriage with Karla Souza

After a year-long engagement, the love birds tied the knot on 19th April 2014. The wedding ceremony took place at Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa, Tequesquitengo, Mexico. Marshall and Karla’s wedding was a private ceremony in the presence of their close friends and family members. Karla shared photos of their wedding on her social media accounts.

Karla Souza looked ravishing in a well-fitted strapless wedding gown. She completed the look with a simple long veil and a bouquet of pink roses. Moreover, she chose a low bun with an even part to keep her overall look fairly simple. The bride wore minimal makeup and added an elegant touch with dainty ear studs and a matching necklace.

The groom looked just as handsome as he carried the bride in his arms after exchanging their vows. Marshall wore a classic black tuxedo over a white shirt and finished off the look with a jewel-toned green tie.

Before her marriage to Marshall Trenkmann, Karla Souza was in a relationship with Mexican actor Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco. They dated for around three months, from December 2010 to February 2011.

Marshall Trenkmann and Karla have been married for seven years. The happy couple has been enjoying marital bliss and has even expanded their family.

Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza

Since Marshall Trenkmann is the husband of Karla Souza, they are often associated together. Marshall and Karla have been married for over seven years and have two children together.

Karla Souza is a Mexican actress who was born on 11th December 1985. The actress gained worldwide fame after portraying the role of Laurel Castillo in the hit legal drama How To Get Away With Murder. Souza made her TV debut with the Mexican telenovela Verano de amor. Currently, Karla plays the role of Marina in the show Home Economics starring Topher Grace.

Karla has gushed about her adoring husband on countless occasions. In an interview with Us Weekly, the actress said, “My husband leaves me articles he wants me to read about something we were talking about, like Latino culture. Or he’ll drop a little note in my bag saying, ‘I hope your day goes well! I love you.’ It’s super sweet!”

She further added that Marshall is the reason behind her success. The Mexican actress also complimented Marshall’s patience and supportive nature.

Marshall Trenkmann and Princess Eugenie

Although Marshall Trenkmann is in no way related to Princess Eugenie, the fact that Karla Souza is considered to be the British royal’s doppelganger often leads to Trenkmann being associated with her.

Marshall Trenkmann children

Trenkmann is the father of two adorable children who he shares with his wife, Karla Souza. Karla gave birth to her first child on 19th April 2018. The actress announced the arrival of her daughter Gianna Trenkmann through her Instagram account.

After giving birth to Gianna, Karla announced her second pregnancy almost a year later. Karla and Marshall’s son named Luka Olivares Trenkmann, was born on 12th June 2020. She often posts adoring photos of her children on her social media pages.

Just a month after giving birth to Luka, Karla Souza shared a photo of herself breastfeeding both her children. The powerful photo highlighted the strength of mothers and attracted a lot of positive comments from Karla’s fans and followers.

Marshall Trenkmanns pregnant wife, Karla Souza and their daughter.

Marshall Trenkmann career

Banking career

Following his graduation from Texas A&M University, Marshall Trenkmann joined the banking industry. His accounting degree enabled Marshall to work at reputed companies and organizations.

Post-graduation, Marshall lived briefly in Mexico City. He worked at CIB LATAM, located in Mexico City as a credit team leader. Trenkmann reportedly worked there for about two and a half years and gained a good deal of experience to kick-start his banking career.

While working at CIB LATAM, Marshall Trenkmann got to know Karla Souza and fell in love with her. They began a romantic relationship after he and Karla got to know each other.

Trenkmann spent over two years at CIB LATAM, after which he decided to relocate. He moved from Mexico City to Houston, Texas, to remain closer to his family and hometown. He worked at CIB Oil and Gas Credit Team situated in Texas.

After his marriage to actress Karla Souza, Marshall permanently moved to Los Angeles, California, USA. He decided to move there so that he could pursue his career and remain supportive of his wife’s acting career.

Currently, Marshall Trenkmann works at JP Morgan as a credit risk director. Similarly, he is also the in-charge of CCB West Diversified Portfolio.

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Hollywood career

While Marshall Trenkmann is not directly involved in the entertainment scene, his marriage to Karla Souza has definitely increased his curiosity regarding acting and film production.

The credit risk director became a Center Theatre Group member, leading art and cultural organization located in Los Angeles, California. The nonprofit theatre company is known for its innovative outreach programs and high-quality theatre performances by eminent actors.

Furthermore, if reports are to be believed, Marshall Trenkmann is quite interested in foraying into the world of film production. The banker is all set to add another feather to his hat since Karla Souza and Marshall are currently planning to produce a film together.

Red carpet appearances

The CCB West Diversified Portfolio in charge refrains from interacting with the media and talking about his personal life. However, Marshall has appeared multiple times with his celebrity wife on red carpet events.

The Los Angeles-based banker has accompanied Karla at many events and posed for the paparazzi. He has been seen alongside Karla at the Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party, including other high-profile events.

Net worth, income, and lifestyle

Marshall Trenkmann’s net worth is estimated to be approximately USD 5 million. His impressive net worth comes from his job as a banker.

In addition to Trenkmann’s USD 5 million net worth, his wife Karla Souza is estimated to have a net worth of USD 2 million. Together, Marshall and Karla have a combined net worth of USD 7 million, which guarantees a well-fulfilled and lavish lifestyle for the two of them and their children.

social media

While Karla Souza is quite active on social media, her banker husband steers clear from major social networking platforms. Fans wishing to gain insights regarding Marshall’s personal life will be disappointed since Marshall neither has an Instagram nor a Twitter account. Even if Marshall did have an account, it probably is private, with only close friends and family having access to it.

Marshall Trenkmann net worth

Marshall Trenkmann’s net worth is estimated to be approximately$2 million. He has made such an impressive earning through his involvement in the banking sector. Trenkmann’s annual salary as an investment banker is estimated to be $76,039 USD.

Marshall Trenkmann instagram

Marshall Trenkmann is not active on any social media platforms including Instagram. However, his wife Karla Souza often posts pictures of herself with her banker husband and their children. Karla’s username is “karlasouza”. Her account has 4 million followers.

Marshall Trenkmann birthday

Marshall Trenkmann leads a notoriously private life. Due to this, he is yet to reveal his date of birth to the public.

marshall trenkmann age

Trenkmann’s age remains undisclosed at the moment. Nevertheless, judging by his pictures, the investment banker seems to be in his late 30s to early 40s.


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