Mary Elizabeth Todd Mugshot: Woman Arrested For Assault

Mary Elizabeth Todd Mugshot: A woman has been arrested in connection with the brawl on the Montgomery riverfront on Saturday.

The tragedy’s mystery has enthralled the public, and many are anxious for more answers.

The breathtaking image captures a moment in time, providing insight into the life of a black guy whose story remains unknown.

The public is still reeling from the shocking image of the attack and trying to put together what transpired.

On Saturday, August 5, a swarm of white males assaulted a Black dockworker in Alabama, and three men and Mary Elizabeth face minor charges.

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Mary Elizabeth Todd Mugshot: Woman Arrested For Assault

According to Major Saba Coleman of the Montgomery Police Department, Mary Todd, age 21, surrendered herself.

She is the fourth individual to face charges for allegedly attacking a black riverboat crew co-captain during a fight along the river in the state’s capital.

According to MPD, no other information on Todd’s involvement in the altercation was provided while the investigation was ongoing.

Mary Elizabeth Todd Mugshot
Mary Elizabeth Todd surrendered herself. (Source- icecream convos)

Todd’s arrest comes after those of Richard Roberts, 48, on Tuesday, Allen Todd, 23, Zachary Shipman, 25, on Wednesday, and Todd himself on Wednesday.

Despite Roberts’ two counts, each suspect is charged with the same crime. Montgomery police are still seeking a man named Reggie Grey for questioning.

In one video, he supposedly can be seen hitting people with a folding chair; additional charges are anticipated.

The City of Montgomery’s video surveillance systems and numerous footage donated by the public are being examined by MPD detectives.

According to MPD, the incident began on the pier by the Alabama River just before 7 o’clock on Saturday. Units were dispatched to the 200 block of Coosa Street regarding a disturbance.

Mary Elizabeth charges

Mary Elizabeth Todd attacked and kicked Harriott II, co-captain Damien Pickett; she was charged with third-degree assault.

Following the fight on the riverside in Montgomery, Alabama, on Saturday, August 5, social media streets have been Fire.

Boaters abandoned their pontoon boat on the pier, obstructing the Harriott II riverboat from parking, which is how the dispute started.

Regarding the altercation on Saturday, August 5, at the Montgomery Riverfront, Mary Todd is the most recent offender to be prosecuted.

The pontoon boat owners who refused to move their vessel so the Harriott could dock on Saturday were joined by Mary Todd.

The police report states that Mr. Pickett claimed Mary “pushed him in his throat and would not let him pass.”

Holding a beer in her hand, Mary kicked the co-captain when the boaters attacked him.

Mary Elizabeth Alabama Brawl Video Viral

A video of the incident shows a team member arguing with a group of White men.

However, viral footage captured by some of the 227 passengers on the riverboat showed Pickett being attacked by one of the shirtless boaters, escalating into violent mayhem that resulted in 13 people being imprisoned.

Mary Elizabeth Todd Mugshot
Several people were arrested following a violent incident between white boaters and a black dock worker. (Source: abcnews)

Todd and Shipman have been charged with assault, along with 48-year-old Richard Roberts, who the boy’s mother accuses of hitting 16-year-old Daniel Warren, in the incident, with authorities indicating the investigation is still ongoing.

According to, Pickett told police that Mary Todd shoved him in the throat while carrying a beer and “would not let [him] pass.”

According to legal documents acquired by TMZ, she informed police that she witnessed the entire exchange and heard one of the white aggressors threaten to grab a gun.

The woman also stated that she saw Pickett beg the guys to move their boat, prompting the white males to respond with the middle finger and cursing.

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