Mary Khan Hohloch Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

Mary Khan Hohloch Wikipedia: Mary Khan is the AfD’s top candidate in Saxony-Anhalt for the European elections 2024.

In the European elections, Mary Khan-Hohloch emerges as a prominent candidate for the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Khan-Hohloch, who has a background in both law and economics, brings a unique set of abilities and viewpoints to the political arena.

Mary’s membership in the AfD shows the party’s emphasis on national sovereignty, immigration control, and an economically conservative attitude.

Khan-Hohloch’s candidature demonstrates the AfD’s commitment to upsetting existing European political norms and providing a forum for individuals seeking an alternative way to address the continent’s difficulties.

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Mary Khan Hohloch Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

The politician, Mary Khan Hohloch, was born in 1994, making her 29 years old as of 2023. The official Wikipedia page of the politician is not available.

Hohloch’s passion and commitment to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) ideas can be seen in her considerable work with Junge Alternative, the party’s youth organization, since 2015.

Mary’s active participation demonstrates her commitment to engaging younger generations and promoting political knowledge and participation among them.

Mary Khan Hohloch Wikipedia
Mary Khan Hohloch is yet to be mentioned on Wikipedia. (Source- Twitter)

Khan-Hohloch’s efforts have aided the growth and impact of the AfD’s young wing, helping to mold the party’s future by connecting with a group that will play an important role in shaping the political landscape.

In addition, her years of hard work in Germany reflect her commitment to the AfD’s ideas and the development of a new generation of politically involved citizens who share the party’s beliefs.

Mary Khan Hohloch’s husband and kids

Mary Khan-Hohloch is happily married to her husband, Dennis Hohloch. The couple shares a daughter.

In Brandenburg, Hohloch works as a teacher. He has served in the Potsdam city council for the AfD Brandenburg since 2014.

On September 1, 2019, Hohloch, an AfD Brandenburg member, won a seat in the Brandenburg state legislature through the state list.

Dennis Hohloch
Dennis Hohloch is served in the Potsdam city council for the AfD Brandenburg since 2014.  (Source- rbb 24)

On October 22, 2019, she was chosen by the parliamentary group to take Andreas Galau’s place as Parliamentary Secretary. Andreas Galau was previously chosen to serve as Vice-President of the State Parliament.

In the summer of 2020, he took over as acting parliamentary group leader from Andreas Kalbitz until Hans-Christoph Berndt was elected on October 27.

During a greeting in August 2020, Kalbitz punched Hohloch in the stomach with his fist. Hohloch was then taken to the hospital with a burst spleen.

The Potsdam public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into Kalbitz on suspicion of negligent bodily harm.

Allegation of “fraudulent misrepresentation” against Mary Khan-Hohloch

Party members are also leveling severe claims against Mary Khan-Hohloch, the AfD candidate for the European elections, now ranked 14th.

A procedural motion requests that the list position 14 elections be “reconducted and the elected candidate Mary Khan-Hohloch voted out.”

There are “significant doubts about the veracity of the applicant’s mandatory information.” A “malicious deception” is not out of the question. The application can be found on t-online.

Mary Khan-Hohloch was chosen as the 14th candidate for the AfD’s European nomination on Sunday in Magdeburg by a margin of almost 600 delegates.

There will be a procedural move for Mary Khan-Hohloch on Friday when the AfD’s European election conference proceeds, the party’s press office confirmed to t-online.

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