Matthew Auld Death And Obituary: What Happened To Kelsey Pumel Ex Baby Daddy?

The rumor regarding Matthew Auld Death is circulating online. Matthew is best known for his matthewauld22 TikTok account, where he posts with his daughter Remy. 

Kelsey Pumel, the famous TikTok sensation, has won millions of hearts with her intriguing content and magnetic personality.

Kelsey began her social media journey on May 13, 1988, in the picturesque hamlet of Logansport, United States, swiftly rising to recognition for her fantastic comedy and mesmerising lip-syncing videos.

She rules TikTok with her devoted admirers, accumulating an astounding following of over 2 million followers eagerly awaiting her every upload.

Kelsey’s Perfectkelsey Instagram profile and TikTok prowess provide a glimpse into her personal life and modelling travels.

Her frank updates and photographs from her modelling adventures provide fans with a window into the diverse world of this bright and captivating personality.

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Matthew Auld Death And Obituary

Matthew Auld’s name has recently gained popularity due to rumours of the TikTok star’s death.

This story has piqued the public’s interest and raised doubts. Many individuals are curious as to what actions led to Matthew’s death.

Despite efforts to learn the truth behind the rumours, the sources have yet to be able to confirm if the story is true or not.

Matthew Auld Death
Matthew Auld Death rumor is circulating online. (Source- TikTok)

Being patient and avoiding leaping to conclusions is critical until verified sources provide more information.

Rumours and disinformation can spread swiftly in today’s immediate news and social media environment.

Before reaching any conclusions, relying on trustworthy sources and confirmed facts is critical. Spreading unconfirmed rumours or engaging in speculation can cause more harm than good.

As a result, it is critical to wait for official announcements or news reports to better comprehend the truth behind the rumours.

What Happened To Kelsey Pumel Ex Baby Daddy?

Matthew Auld was born in the United States on June 7, 1993. Kelsey, his girlfriend, has appeared on his TikTok and Instagram profiles. He has lived in South Florida.

Kelsey is a domestic abuse survivor who has raised thousands of pounds to assist others. Kodye, 33, is a popular TikToker who first appeared on the platform in 2020.

Pumel is well-known for her entertaining dances, lip-syncing videos, and makeup. Not to mention her gorgeous clothing.

Kelset has three children with her ex-husband, two girls and a boy. Even though she and her baby daddy are divorced, they continue co-parenting their children and film amusing TikTok videos together.

She advises her followers to be gentle with themselves because they are the source of life in the world. TikTokers have never talked publicly about a dispute between the two. However, fans have their thoughts about the rumours.

Fans feel Cody and Kelsey are friends, and Kelsey helps her through all her difficulties, and vice versa; when Cody faces problems, Kelsey encourages her.

Meet Matthew Auld Girlfriend: Kelsey Pumel

Matthew Auld’s parents gave birth on May 13, 1988, making her 33 years old. Logansport, Indiana, is where she was born.

Kelsey Pumel, as Perfectlykelsey, is a popular TikTok with over 1.3 million followers on the platform. Pumel, formerly Perfectkelsey, joined TikTok in April 2020.

 Kelsey Pumel
Kelsey Pumel is a popular known TikTok celebrity. (Source- TikTok )

There’s always some TikTok drama to keep up with, and the comments area is usually the best spot to soak in all the booze.

Her TikTok video depicting her family’s reaction to her pregnancy is one of her most popular.

Kelsey has a daughter named Kobe, who also appears on her TikTok account. The social media influencer owns ACE Autism Enrichment and Pumel Consulting.

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