Matthew Beem Arrested And Mugshot: What Did He Do?

Matthew Beem Arrested news comes after he released a video of hiding from cops on YouTube. Is he in custody?

It is no exaggeration to say that the ratio of social media influencers is ever-increasing. Each day, we see the rise of new social media stars.

Among them, Matthew Beem is the name that has been making waves on YouTube. The vlogger is known for his exciting YouTube challenges and vlogs.

Aside from that, Beem has collaborated with the legendary Mr. Beast in his Squid Game content. He has indeed become a familiar face among the Mr. Beast fandom.

Although he is somewhat of a less controversial social media figure, these days, news of Mattew Beem’s arrest is trending online. Is he really behind the bars?

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Matthew Beem Arrested News: What Did He Do?

As mentioned, the internet is buzzing with Matthew Beem’s arrest news. As he is known for his unique challenge videos, many question if the so-called arrest is one of the skits in his videos.

Well, the news first surfaced after a YouTube channel called Memeulous posted a video titled Matthew Beem Got Arrested in January 2023.

The YouTuber analyzed Matthew’s video where he built a secret gaming room to hide from a police officer a month ago. He then challenged police officers from his town to find him.

Yes, the concept is just as weird as it sounds. It is pretty bizarre to see cops having free time to participate in a challenge video.

Matthew Beem Arrested
Matthew Beem Arrested news has dominated social media. (Source: YouTube)

Moreover, the content saw Beem hiding from a team of cops in his secret gaming room. The police team employed several officers and police dogs to find the man.

To cut the story short, the video’s end saw Matthew getting caught by police and being put into handcuffs.

So, that’s the only time Matthew Beem was arrested, and it was only for a challenge. He has not done any criminal activities so far to be put behind bars.

Does Matthew Beem Mugshot Exist?

Alongside the news of Matthew Beem’s detention, people have been searching for his mugshot photographs.

A mugshot is a photographic portrait typically taken after an individual’s arrest by law enforcement. It serves as a visual record of a person’s physical appearance during the arrest, featuring a frontal view and a side profile.

Also, mugshots are commonly used for identification and stored in police databases. However, as Matthew’s arrest was just a part of a challenge video, he wasn’t detained and taken into custody.

So, no, Matthew Beem’s mugshots do not exist.

But how have fans reacted after seeing his challenge video? Well, there have been mixed reactions from the viewers.

Some fans regarded the video as funny and commented positively. It did allow viewers to see how the police force works while on a manhunt.

Matthew Beem Arrested
Matthew Beem’s mugshots don’t exist as he wasn’t arrested. (Source: Business Insider)

However, several fans had adverse reactions. Many questioned Matthew’s way of using the police force for his random challenge when there could be a chance of a serious threat.

Several also questioned how a police department could have free time to play with a YouTuber instead of doing their duty. Many even questioned the authenticity of the personnel involved, assuming they were hired police officers.

Nonetheless, Beem’s video has garnered 4.9 million views and thousands of likes. Finally, we leave it up to viewers to judge whether the content was entertaining or not.

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