Matthew Perry Down Syndrome: Was He Autistic?

Matthew Perry Down Syndrome: Matthew’s illness has also been searched by many people as his followers want to know more about his health.

The most well-known role of Canadian-American actor and producer Matthew Perry was that of Chandler Bing on the hit sitcom Friends.

Perry became well-known for his depiction of Chandler, which also brought him praise from critics and multiple nominations for awards. Aside from that, Perry was involved in other TV shows and films.

Matthew’s appearances in films such as The Whole Nine Yards, The Whole Ten Yards, 17 Again, and The Good Fight are just a few of his noteworthy cinema roles.

In addition, Perry was adored by a wide range of individuals, and his death at the age of 54 has left everyone in sadness.

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Matthew Perry Down Syndrome: Was He Autistic?

To be clear, Matthew Perry did not suffer from a “drowning disease.” Although it is not a recognized medical term, secondary drowning or dry drowning are sometimes referred to by this word colloquially.

Perry’s admirers are becoming more interested in his health as a result of the rumors that he has autism.

However, there is no precise data about his health status as of the most recent information that is accessible.

Sadly, drug addiction was a problem for Matthew Perry, and he was honest about it, especially when he was a cast member of the television show Friends.

Matthew Perry Down Syndrome
Matthew Perry doesn’t have Down syndrome. (Image Source: TMZ)

In order to deal with his addiction problems, Perry has undergone a number of inpatient and outpatient programs. He started fighting addiction in the early goings-on of Friends.

Thus, it had a big effect on both his personal and professional lives. When Matthew talked candidly about his experience, he once disclosed that he used 55 Vicodin every day.

Matthew Perry Illness: What happened to him?

The illness of Matthew Perry has also drawn a lot of attention to the internet.

Many inquiries concerning Perry’s illness have been made after his death at the age of 54.

Perry reveals early in his memoir that he was on the verge of death a few years prior, at the age of 49.

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry has dealt with the drug addiction. (Source:

The actor, who at the time openly acknowledged that he had a gastrointestinal perforation, had actually been struggling for his life for weeks following the rupture of his colon due to an overabundance of opioids. 

As previously said, Perry struggled with drug addiction, a fact that he freely disclosed to his fans and supporters.

Perry had fourteen procedures performed over that period in an attempt to repair the harm done to his stomach lining.

Alcohol and drug misuse caused damage to his stomach lining. It was also disclosed that Perry’s colon burst in 2018, almost taking his life.

The physicians informed Perry’s family at the time that he had only a 2% chance of survival. News of Perry’s stomach perforation, which led to his hospitalization, went viral at that time.

Matthew Perry Health Before Death

Before he died, Matthew Perry’s health was reported to be poor. In addition to his health problems, Perry struggled with drug addiction, as was previously documented.

Matthew revealed that he had been sober for eighteen months last year while promoting his memoir.

Perry disclosed in an interview the amount of money he spent on his addictions.

Matthew was feeling numb from the detox medication he was receiving, but he remembered his Friends castmates crying after their final episode in 2004.

In his recovery path, Matthew continued, he is now on the “winning side” of things.

Furthermore, he wrote in the book, “I’ve surrendered, but to the winning side, not the losing,” according to ABC News.

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