Matthew Tsang Parents: Father And Mother Amy Chan Rejoice His Return

Matthew Tsang parents are finally relieved after their missing son has been found. His missing case has gained significant media attention, due to which an investigation has been carried out.

Matthew Tsang Hin-chit is a 17-year-old teenager who went missing some days before and was found amid the heavy rainfall and storm brought by Typhoon Koinu.

The terrifying story started last Wednesday when Matthew Tsang vanished after leaving school around lunchtime.

He exited the Shek Mun MTR station in New Territories around 1:30 p.m. He did not return home at his regular time, and his parents were worried about him.

They inquired about him at his school and learned that he had left during lunch; they then asked his friends but received no response, which made them even more worried.

Later that evening, Tsang’s parents called the police to report him missing out of concern for his safety.

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Matthew Tsang Parents Were Worried

Matthew Tsang’s parents went through a painful and emotional condition throughout their son’s missing time.

Any family can find it extremely difficult to deal with the anxiety and uncertainty brought on by not knowing a loved one’s whereabouts or safety. Similar was the case for Tsang’s parents.

They were apprehensive about their little son, and his sudden disappearance raised many unanswered questions.

After they informed the police about their son’s missing, the authorities immediately filed the missing case and started working to find him.

Matthew Tsang Parents
Matthew Tsang’s parents were distraught after he went missing. (Source: SCMP)

Moreover, Matthew Tsang’s parents, notably his mother, Amy Chan, used social media, primarily Facebook, to ask the public for assistance and support.

Their genuine and desperate requests for help locating their kid showed concern for his welfare. Matthew’s parents went through a range of emotions throughout this time, from hope to despair.

They also received several messages of encouragement and compassion from friends, family, and strangers, providing solace during such a terrible time.

Similarly, on the other side, his search was going more intensely by the police authorities who worked day and night to find the boy.

Due to Matthew’s disappearance, his family was in great shock and fear, and his mother, Amy, crying didn’t stop as they all worried about him and missed him terribly.

Despite facing heartwrenching problems in the family, they were there for each other and took good care of each other in such difficult times.

Matthew Tsang Father and Mother Happiness After His Return

Matthew Tsang’s return after a week-long suffering of fear and insecurity brought his parents immense joy and relief.

When they were reunited with their beloved son, the emotional period they had been on throughout his disappearance turned into a feeling of gratitude and joy.

The moment Matthew Tsang’s parents heard he had been discovered alive near a stream in Ma On Shan Country Park was indeed one they will never forget.

Matthew Tsang Parents
Matthew Tsang’s parents were finally in relief after his discovery. (Source: RTHK)

Their stress, sleepless nights, and continual concern were replaced by tears of delight and relief.

The reunion with Matthew when he was taken to the hospital was filled with mixed emotions – concern for his well-being during the tragedy and, most importantly, the delight of being able to hold their son once more.

Moreover, it was a reunion marked by prayers and tears of joy for everyone who had helped with the rescue.

While there may still be many questions about the circumstances of his disappearance and how he managed to survive during the tumultuous weather brought by Typhoon Koinu, his family mainly focuses on his recovery.

Additionally, these questions might remain unanswered until Matthew Tsang is ready and able to answer them.

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