Maureen Blumhardt bio- The wife of Charles Barkley

Who is Maureen Blumhardt?

Maureen Blumhardt is the wife of former NBA legend Charles Barkley, known for his court accomplishments and flamboyant personality. Maureen was born in 1960 in Scottsdale, Arizona, and met her husband in the 1980s.

Maureen and Charles have been married for over 30 years and are proud parents of one daughter, Christiana. Maureen is a lifetime supporter of her husband, and they have been happily together ever since.

Additionally, she is a woman of her own and has made a name for herself. The former model has inspired many women to be empowered and successful without being lost in their partners’ or family’s shade.

In this article, we will share all the facts you need to know about the wife of Charles Barkley, Maureen Blumhardt.

Maureen Blumhardt biography

Quick facts

Full NameMaureen Blumhardt Barkley
BirthdayJanuary 15, 1960
Age 63 years old
Sun SignCapricorn
TraitsPositive: ambitious, persistent, disciplined, and realistic
Negative: procrastinating, stubborn, and impulsive
BirthplaceScottsdale, Arizona
Current residenceScottsdale, Arizona
ParentsRichard R. Blumhardt
Ellen T. Blumhardt (nee Goldacker)
SiblingsEllen T. Palardy,
Geraldine A. Berner,
Richard R. Blumhardt Jr.,
Michael J. Blumhardt
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseCharles Barkley
ChildrenChristiana Barkley
EducationGraduated from Columbia University School of Journalism
ProfessionPhilanthropist, model, and businesswoman
Net worthUSD 1 million
Social mediaFacebook

Interesting facts

1. Maureen Blumhardt is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona

Maureen was born on January 15, 1960, in Scottsdale, Arizona. She grew up and spent most of her teenage years in Scottsdale.

2. Maureen always wanted to be an actress

Blumhardt dreamt of becoming an actress from a young age. However, she kept her dreams aside and got enrolled at Columbia Journalism School.

She became a model for the time being but later dedicated her life to helping others. 

3. She is the wife of former NBA star

Maureen is the wife of Charles Barkley. Charles is an American professional basketball player who is working as an analyst on Inside the NBA. He was an 11-time NBA All-Star.

Charles and Maureen married in 1989 and have been growing stronger.

4. Maureen Blumhardt has a daughter

Maureen and Charles have a daughter named Christiana Barkley. She was born in 1989. Christiana has graduated from Villanova University and has also attended Columbia Journalism School.

Early life

Maureen Blumhard childhood photo with her siblings

Maureen was on January 15, 1960, in Scottsdale, Arizona, to Richard R. Blumhardt and Ellen T. Blumhardt. She is 63 years 

She spent most of her childhood and teenage years in Scottsdale. 

Additionally, she had four siblings. 

Maureen’s birth sign is Capricorn. Based on her sun sign traits, she is an empathetic, ambitious, loyal, and down-to-earth woman. As a great mother and a humanitarian, she can be called a giving woman with a heart of gold. She certainly is kind and has a beautiful soul.

Blumhardt later continued her studies at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Later, she enrolled at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

She has striking blue eyes, and a squared jawline were some of the features that distinguish her from other models. Blumhardt is five feet, two inches. This blonde beauty was considered one of the hottest basketballer-wives back in the day. And well, she still is one.

Parents And Siblings

Maureen Blumhardt’s mother, Ellen T Blumhardt (nee Goldacker), passed away on June 27, 2005. Her father, Richard R Blumhardt, resides in Pennsylvania. Additionally, she has four siblings- Ellen T. Palardy, Geraldine A. Berner, Richard R. Blumhardt Jr., and Michael J. Blumhardt.

Maureen Blumhardt marriage

Maureen met Charles Barkley at City Avenue restaurant in Pennsylvania. Back in the day, she was working as a part-time model at Bucks County. The couple supposedly fell in love at first sight at a restaurant. Despite being quite reserved at the first meeting, the couple faced some awkwardness but eventually started dating.

In the ’80s, it was not common to see a fair blonde dating a black guy; as a result, it raised a lot of eyebrows. When the couple got married, Charles was a Philadelphia basketball team member.

The marriage did get some hype at the time due to interracial marriage.
According to Charles, he loved his wife very much, and society’s judgments and strange stares did not affect his love for her. Maureen changed him into a man and gave him a beautiful family.

The couple had faced a lot of unfortunate criticism for their relationship. The marriage created public controversy at the time in the late 80s, and the couple had to go through plenty of trouble.

Blumhardt and Barkley were not even confident enough to talk to each other when they first met because of their racial differences. Even Charles’ father had once expressed his concern about his son’s relationship; however, he later supported Charles’ decision completely.

In response to all the criticisms, the couple decided to have a court marriage without any media involvement. Due to racism and societal judgments, Maureen and Charles hid their marriage for a long time from the media.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley with his wife
Maureen Blumhardt with husband Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is a former American professional basketball player and television analyst widely regarded as one of the greatest anomalies in basketball history.

Born on February 20, 1963, in Leeds, Alabama, as the firstborn son of Frank Barkley and Charcey Glenn, he had a difficult childhood due to his father’s abandonment.

Despite his short stature of 6-foot-4, Charles was a dominant power forward and one of the USA’s star players in the 1992 ‘Dream Team.’ He was also an 11-time NBA All-Star, recording more than 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and 4,000 assists in his career.

His career highlight was in 1993, when he was the top scorer for the Phoenix Suns. A new book Barkley: A Biography, details the ups and downs of his successful NBA career.

Charles is known to have had drinking problems in the past. He was caught drinking and driving and even had to spend some nights behind bars. Yet, even in the tough times, Maureen always supported her husband.

Besides the drinking problem, Charles was also a gambler. He lost millions of dollars in gambling. But, despite all his issues, his wife’s constant support and love for his family got him to stop gambling.


Christiana Barkley

Christina Barkley
Maureen Blumhardt with family

Maureen and Charles have one daughter together named Christiana Barkley, who was born in the same year that the couple got married. Christiana graduated from Villanova University before attending Columbia Journalism School.

She is a bright young woman with a loving family and a great future ahead.

There were rumors that the couple had welcomed a son as well. Well, rumors are rumors. 

Instead, Maureen had a son-in-law named Ilya Hoffman.


Maureen Blumhardt with daughter Christiana Barkley

Despite her beautiful face and attractive physical appearance, Blumhardt chose a career path that did not care for outer beauty. Although she tasted some success in modeling, her interest in helping others diverted her towards charity. So, Maureen became known as the successful philanthropist and charitable woman she is today.

Although Maureen has a stable job now, she had to struggle during her early years. She worked as a legal aid and was a model. Maureen has also worked as a part-time model in Bucks County. 

One of her career highlights at the time was an advertisement she filmed for Noblerex K-1. The product was an electric vibrating machine that made people lose weight by wearing it. Many of us might have watched that ad. The advertisement was quite popular at the time. 

After years of modeling for many brands and television ads, Maureen shifted her career elsewhere. It was a path of humanity and kindness. 

Maureen Blumhardt Barkley became known for her social work. Her career primarily includes charity work, especially for women in need. For a long time, she has been associated with a non-profit organization named Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, which is in Phoenix. It offers resources that help nurture women’s personal and professional development at any point in their life.

As an honorary member of the organization, Maureen has provided several remarkable contributions to empower women. She has helped the organization provide all the necessary help and resources to change and improve women’s lives. 

Her contribution has positively shaped and uplifted many underprivileged women. Her organization provides opportunities to women for a better life through education, training, and motivation.

Moreover, Maureen is involved in other businesses as well. 

Maureen Blumhardt net worth

Maureen’s career has been mostly about giving rather than accumulating more wealth. Therefore, Charles has earned much more throughout his career than his wife, Maureen.

However, Maureen has made an impressive amount of money from her modeling and business career. 

Maureen Blumhardt’s net worth is estimated to be about USD 1 million. The exact number is unknown as her yearly earnings are still unknown. 

On the other hand, her husband Charles retired as an NBA player and worked as a Turner Network Television (TNT) analyst. Although he earned most of his fortune while playing, he still makes an impressive annual income from his analyst career. 

As of 2021, Charles Barkley’s net worth stands at a staggering figure of about USD 40 million. The man continues making a good income and adding to his net worth.

With that impressive sum of money and wealth, Maureen certainly lives a fantastic lifestyle. She lives with her husband in a lovely mansion in Arizona.

social media

Maureen has no verified account on any social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. She does not seem to have any temptation toward social media presence and seems to keep her private life away from the world.

Well, many personalities do get attracted to social media sooner or later. Celebs who have never had any social media presence are now actively on Instagram. Hence, we might see Maureen getting on the trend in the future. 


Is Charles Barkley still married to Maureen Blumhardt?

Yes, Charles Barkley and Maureen Blumhardt are still going strong even after being married for decades.

Who is Charles Barkley’s wife, Maureen Blumhardt?

Charles Barkley’s wife, Maureen Blumhardt, is a former model. Currently, she is a successful philanthropist.

Where is Maureen Blumhardt from?

Maureen Blumhardt is from Scottsdale, Arizona. She was born and brought up in Scottsdale.

How old is Maureen Blumhardt?

Maureen is 63 year old. 

Does Charles Barkley’s wife have other children? How many kids does Maureen Blumhardt have?

Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley only have one child, a daughter named Christiana Barkley. 

How did Charles Barkley meet Maureen Blumhardt? 

Charles Barkley first met Maureen at the City Avenue Restaurant and fell in love at first sight. She was working as a part-time model at Bucks County. And that is all the information we have about Maureen Blumhardt. Please let us know if you think we have missed something. We are always eager to learn more about our favorite celebrities.

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