Who Is Michele Zarrillo Moglie Anna Rita Cuparo? Meet His Fratello Maurizio Zarrillo

Anna Rita Cuparo is Michele Zarrillo Moglie and the mother of his two children, Luca and Alice. 

Michele Zarrillo is a singer-songwriter and musician from Italy. 

He has performed in some Italian progressive rock scene groups as a singer, guitarist, and pianist, attaining solo success at the Castrocaro Festival in 1979.

Michele Zarrillo performed the song Five Days at the Festival della Canzone Italiana in 1994, receiving critical acclaim. He returns to The Elephant and the Butterfly two years later.

The second effort, Love Wants Love, compiles previously published Zarrillo tracks by adding two new songs and three remakes. 

He participated in “The Elephant and the Butterfly” two years later. The subsequent album, Love Wants Love, compiles several of Zarrillo’s previously released tracks with two brand-new compositions and three remakes. 

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Who Is Michele Zarrillo Moglie: Meet Anna Rita Cuparo

Anna Rita Cuparo is a very accomplished professional in her area. She is well-known as a cellist and has been in numerous shows, including those on television.

In an interview, he described his meeting with Michele Zarrillo as taking place on Domenica In in 2001.

She was there to do her job, filling in for a sick coworker, and he was a guest in the episode of true love at first sight that gave rise to an intense and lasting love tale.

Michele Zarrillo Moglie
Michele Zarrillo has a beautiful love story that has lasted over twenty years. (Source- spett acolo )

They are not, however, a highly social pair, as photographs of them showing moments of their life together are scarce.

The singer-songwriter and sophisticated musician has been associated with his better half for over ten years. After that, they decided to reunite together.

Their marriage produced two children: Luca, born in 2010 and now 13, and Alice, born in 2012.

Being quite reserved, it is uncommon to see photographs depicting aspects of family life.

Michele Zarrillo And Anna Rita Cuparo Relationship Timeline

Michele Zarrillo, a well-known singer-songwriter from the 1980s and 1990s, is married to Anna Rita Cupraro.

Theirs is a beautiful love story that has lasted over twenty years, but the artist has chosen to keep it out of the spotlight and the glamorous world of entertainment.

Zarrillo did not declare his marriage to his life partner until 2020. To maintain the absolute exclusivity that defines them, Michele and Anna Rita married in a ceremony attended by just a few families and close friends.

Seeing Anna Maria Cuparo and her kids in pictures is incredibly challenging because of their fierce commitment to silence.

Furthermore, finding a picture of Michele Zarrillo’s wife online is challenging because she is inactive on social media.

The ones we’re showing you are uncommon images the singer-songwriter posted on his Instagram.

Meet Michele Zarrillo Fratello: Maurizio Zarrillo

Maurizio Zarrillo is well known Italian keyboardist. The information regarding his brother has yet to be discovered. He prefers to keep his life out of the media. 

Michele Zarrilo, 65, was born on June 13, 1957, in the Centocelle area of Rome. He has sold over two million records over his musical career.

One of the most popular singer-songwriters, he attained solo success thanks to two significant victories: the Castrocaro Festival in 1979 and the Sanremo Festival in 1987.

Maurizio Zarrillo
Maurizio Zarrillo is a well-known Italian keyboardist. (Source- discogs )

Michele Zarrillo’s new album, The Winner Is Not There, was released in June 2000.

Michele wrote L’acrobata during a theater tour and had it performed in Sanremo in 2001. Meanwhile, the artist decides to record his first live album.

Le Occasions dell’Amore, which was recorded over two concerts in Rome and Florence, was released in 2002, with the inclusion of three previously unpublished compositions.

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