Maurizio Zarrillo Wikipedia And Eta: How Old Is He?

People are searching for Maurizio Zarrillo Wikipedia on the internet. The keyboardist was a significant part of the 80s band Semiramis.

Maurizio was a part of the progressive rock sensation that brought waves in the Italian music industry in the early 1970s.

Through his band “Semiramis,” he gained luminous fame as its keyboardist. 

With his skills to match and the ultimate charisma of the band, they quickly took over the hearts and ears of music enthusiasts.

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Maurizio Zarrillo Wikipedia Bio

Since the 1970s Maurizio along with his bandmates has become a household name in Italian Rock. 

Along with being known for their sensational legacy, Mauri was known for his chemistry with his fellow bandmates.

His band in their initial stage consisted of his cousin brothers, Marcello Reddavide and Memmo Pulvano who played bass and drums respectively.

16-year-old Michele Zarrillo joined the band two years later who replaced former singer Maurizio Macioce.

He showcased his guitar prowess and lent his captivating vocals to the band’s compositions.

Maurizio Zarrillo added depth and texture with his keyboard skills. Marcello Reddavide handled the bass guitar department in the band. 

Giampiero Artegiani was seen on acoustic guitar and synth, enriching the band’s sonic palette.

Each of the bandmates’ contributions added intricate and dynamic layers to Semiramis’ music.

Together, these talented musicians created a unique blend of progressive rock, incorporating complex arrangements, intricate melodies, and captivating performances.

Maurizio Zarrillo Wikipedia
The Semiramis in their early days were much loved by rock enthusiasts. (Source: Facebook)

Semiramis’ music was characterized by a fusion of different musical influences.

Their time together as a band was relatively brief and their musical contributions left an indelible mark on the Italian progressive rock scene.

The band members’ creative talent together are still being celebrated and appreciated by fans of the genre.

Semiramis became known for their energetic and captivating live performances, often appearing at major open-air festivals of the time.

Unfortunately, despite their promising start, Semiramis’ time together was relatively short-lived.

After releasing their debut album, the band experienced lineup changes and ultimately disbanded in the mid-1970s.

However, their contributions to the Italian progressive rock movement left a lasting impact.

Maurizio Zarrillo Eta – How Old was the singer?

Maurizio Zarrillo was born on 1957. He was 60 years old when he passed away in 2017. Maurizio’s passing left a void in the hearts of those who knew him and appreciated his musical artistry.

Moreover, it is also known that they were all 15 years old when they initiated Semiramis.

Although Maurizio’s life was tragically cut short, his legacy lives on through his music and the memories he created with his fellow bandmates and fans.

His talent and passion inspire and resonate with listeners, ensuring that his musical spirit endures beyond his time on Earth.

The artist’s talent was first seen in his mid-teenage years when he also released his first album with his band.

Maurizio Zarrillo Wikipedia
They released their debut album, “Dedicato a Frazz,” on the Trident label. (Source: Donato)

Since then, Semiramis gained attention from the listeners often appearing at major open-air festivals of the time. 

In subsequent years, members of Semiramis pursued individual musical paths.

Michele Zarrillo found success as a melodic pop artist, while Giampiero Artegiani embarked on a solo career and engaged in production work.

Paolo Faenza continued his musical journey with various projects, and the original drummer, Memmo Pulvano, remained active in different bands.

Moreover, his brother Michele Zarrillo is still an active figure in Italian music.

Not only that, with over two million sales records, he is a prominent figure in the market.

Additionally, Giampiero Artegiani, another member of Semiramis, passed away in 2019.

Despite these losses, Semiramis had announced their return to live activity in 2021, with Paolo Faenza as the only original member and other musicians.

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