Max Helm: Bio, Upbringing, Rape, Fiji & More

Who is Max Helm?

Max Helm is a member of the Fiji fraternity, also known as Phi Gamma Delta. In August 2021, while studying at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Max Helm was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl and leaving her to bleed on the ground.

Moreover, this news spread like wildfire, and many people raised their voices against the Fiji fraternity. Several University of Nebraska Lincoln students protested by signing a petition to permanently shut down the fraternity.

Not too long after the tragic incident, Max Helm and his parents fled to Mexico to avoid facing the consequences of his sinful actions.

Max Helm Biography
Max Helm Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameMax Helm
BirthdayNot Available
BirthplaceNebraska, USA
Currently residingMexico
Sexual OrientationStraight
Eyes ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
UniversityUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
ParentsThomas Helm (Father)
Melissa Helm (Mother)
SiblingsNot Available
Marital statusUnmarried
Net worthUnder review


Parents, Upbringing, and Educational Background

Max Helm is the son of Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm. He was a student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. However, Max got suspended after sexually assaulting and raping a minor and moved to Mexico. 

Height and Appearance

Information about Max Helm’s height and measurements is currently not available. However, the former University of Nebraska Lincoln student appears to be fairly tall based on his pictures. 

He is of medium build and seems to be quite athletic. Moreover, Max Helm has blonde hair and brown eyes. Likewise, Helm has worn prescription glasses in most of his pictures. 

Max Helm Fiji

max helm fiji's image
max helm fiji’s image

Fiji, also known as Phi Gamma Delta, is a social fraternity. Max Helm was a member of the fraternity. 

After Max Helm raped a minor, many people questioned what Helm’s social fraternity was a part of. Later, it was revealed that the Fiji fraternity upheld many absurd and questionable morals. 

Likewise, the fraternity was also announced as racist. One of their rules was that all fraternity members had to pledge to a  “no Mexican” rule. In addition to this, the fraternity has a long history of mistreating and abusing women. 

These revelations came after Max Helm brutally raped a 17-year-old girl on the University of Nebraska Lincoln premises in August 2021.

Protest against Fiji 2021

Not long after the tragic incident, many people, including several university students, protested against the Fiji fraternity and demanded it should be shut down. Moreover, over 280K people signed a petition against the racist and problematic fraternity.

Here is the link to the Youtube Video of people protesting against Fiji.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln was already on probation for prior violations of several university policies. In addition, the fraternity was suspended for three years for “reckless alcohol use, hazing, and inappropriate sexually based behavior.” in 2017.

After Max Helm, a Fiji member raped a minor on campus premises; Chancellor Ronnie Green released a statement announcing that the fraternity was closing in October 2021. Before this decision, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity said,

“As the investigation continues, we are prepared to take immediate, appropriate action to ensure the safety and security of all who are part of or visit Phi Gamma Delta.”

Chancellor Ronnie Green’s statement read,

“We are closing the fraternity house and suspending operations for the Fiji chapter while this investigation is ongoing due to potential probation violations. This is the responsible action to take for everyone involved.”

In February 2022, it was reported that Fiji had filed a lawsuit against Chancellor Ronnie Green and Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards Andrea Barefield. Green and Barefield were named the two defendants in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court on February 18, 2022, by the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. 

According to the lawsuit, the defendants violated the Fiji members’ “constitutional right to freedom of speech, freedom of association, and the right to procedural due process,” based on Chancellor Green and Director Barefield’s statements, investigations, and actions taken against the Fiji Plaintiffs.

Max Helm Rape and Sexual Assault

On August 24, 2021, the first week of Fall classes, Max Helm, a member of the Fiji fraternity, raped a 17-year-old girl. Both Helm and the minor attended a party held at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. The girl was a freshman at the university. 

Helm brutally raped her and left her bleeding and naked on the campus lawn. Someone reported the sexual assault, and soon, a crowd of angry students surrounded the frat party voicing their protest regarding the incident. 

It was later revealed that Helm had beaten up the 17-year-old and thrown her out of the building after raping her. A woman noticed her lying unconscious on the ground and quickly took her to the emergency room. Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal the victim’s name to protect her identity. 

As the victim fought for her life in the hospital, the number of people gathered to protest increased dramatically. Max Helm, the rapist, and other members of the Fiji fraternity were laughing and taking pictures of the protest. 

Banner of protest against Fiji
Banner of protest against Fiji

The incident soon gained traction on the internet. Users on social networking platforms such as Twitter and TikTok shared videos of the group of protesters and demanded that Max Helm should face the consequences of his actions. 

A Twitter user wrote,

“They need to be gone permanently because anything else contributes to the reason why so many women and victims don’t speak up about sexual violence and rape because nobody will believe them, or listen, or do anything about it. Believe women, and ban Fiji.” 

A clip was obtained by the Lincoln Journal Star where angry protestors can be seen shouting, “F–k Fiji.”Similarly, many of them held protest signs reading, “20 to life”, “Hold rapists accountable,” “Even my dog understands when I say no,” and “No means no.”

In fact, this wasn’t the first time that Helm was accused of sexual abuse. In 2017, the Nebraska native was charged with molesting another woman. Likewise, the Fiji fraternity allegedly shouted “No means yes” at a women’s rights march and displayed signs supporting President Donald Trump during the march. 


Where is Max Helm now?

The University of Nebraska Lincoln suspended Max Helm after the unfortunate incident. Unfortunately, no other legal action was taken against him despite many people demanding justice for the rape victim.

According to several sources, Max Helm and his parents left the country to avoid legal trouble. They allegedly relocated to Mexico, where they currently live. 

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