Meet Cloakzy Brother Anthony, Siblings And Family

Who is Cloakzy Brother, Anthony? This topic has gained enough curiosity for it to be discovered. Let us learn about his familial ties.

Dennis Lepore was formerly recognized under the moniker Faze Cloakzy but is more prominently acknowledged as Cloakzy (or simply Cloak).

Cloakzy is an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and professional gamer renowned for his Fortnite: Battle Royale prowess.

A distinguishing aspect of Dennis’s online presence is his frequent collaborations with his partner Tfue in regular gaming sessions and competitive tournaments.

Their combined efforts bore fruit when they clinched victory in the Fall Skirmish Tournament in October 2018.

Furthermore, on the significant date of March 3, 2018, Dennis embarked upon a new chapter in his gaming journey by joining FaZe Clan, a well-established gaming organization.

This momentous decision was accompanied by fellow players Jaomock, 72hrs, and SpaceLyon.

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Cloakzy Brother Anthony: Meet his siblings and family

The subject that has sparked a wave of curiosity among the public pertains to Cloakzy’s brother, Anthony.

The siblings seem to have a very close bond like any other siblings.

Their loving bond was visible through Cloakzy’s post on Twitter during his brother Anthony’s birthday.

Cloakzy posted, ‘Happy birthday to my brother Anthony, thank you for getting me into gaming and helping me get to where I am today, you own.’

The two siblings are often seen goofing by making various posts on Twitter.

Moreover, there remains a conspicuous absence of information concerning Cloakzy’s parents.

It’s visible that Cloakzy may deliberately intend to maintain a veil of secrecy over this particular facet of his life.

This inclination towards privacy is a fundamental right that deserves utmost respect and consideration.

It’s vital to acknowledge that the potential for unveiling further details in the future remains a possibility.

Any developments in this regard will be duly updated.

Cloakzy net worth

Cloakzy’s estimated net worth is around $80,000, a figure reflecting his earnings from his various endeavors.

Cloakzy holds a commendable position at rank 732 regarding the highest earnings in his field.

This professional gamer’s prominence is underscored by his impressive Twitch following, where he has amassed over 350,000 subscribers.

This reach further extends to his YouTube platform, where his subscriber count surpasses 1.25 million, signifying the breadth of his online influence.

Cloakzy net worth
Cloakzy’s YouTube channel has accumulated a subscriber count of 1.25 million. (Source:

The digital landscape witnesses his presence on Twitter, under the username ‘FaZe Cloak,’ a platform where he has garnered a substantial following.

This sizeable audience engages with his tweets, often relating to his gaming exploits and updates about upcoming live-streaming sessions.

Interestingly, Cloakzy opts not to maintain an active presence on other popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

All the followings on his various social media handles collectively contribute to his earnings, which are subject to the fluctuations inherent to the realm of online content creation and gaming.

It is imperative to recognize that earnings within this domain are inherently dynamic and can be influenced by various factors, including viewership, partnerships, sponsorships, and the ever-evolving landscape of online entertainment and gaming trends.

Cloakzy girlfriend revealed

Since 2018, Dennis has been in a relationship with Alexia Raye, whose achievements encompass being a Twitch streamer and earning recognition as a recipient of the Shorty Award.

Cloakzy GF
Cloakzy and Alexia Raye have been in a relationship since 2018. (Source:

Notably, their joint efforts on live streams and collaborative video content have catalyzed speculations surrounding their romantic involvement.

As time progressed, these rumors gained traction, prompting an eventual confirmation from Dennis himself.

The pivotal moment of acknowledgment arrived on August 1, 2018, which coincided with National Girlfriend Day.

Demonstrating their commitment openly, Dennis shared a picture depicting him alongside Alexia, effectively laying to rest any lingering doubts and solidifying their status as a couple.

This display of their relationship marked a significant step in embracing their public image as a pair.

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