Meet Dr. Neal ElAttrache Wife Tricia, Kids And Family

Learn about Dr. Neal ElAttrache Wife, Tricia, their life together, and her role in supporting the renowned orthopaedic surgeon’s career and family.

Dr. Neal S. ElAttrache is a highly respected figure in orthopaedics and sports medicine, known for his expertise in treating and researching knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries.

His exceptional skills and contributions to the field have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a top sports medicine specialist.

Dr ElAttrache’s prominence extends beyond the medical community, as he has been honoured as one of the “Top 50 Most Powerful people in L.A. Sports” by the L.A.

Daily News and recognized among “The 100 most powerful people in MLB” by USA Today.

His dedication to advancing sports medicine and his impact on the world of athletics make him a revered figure in the field.

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Who is Dr. Neal ElAttrache Wife, Tricia?

Dr. Neal ElAttrache is happily married to Tricia, who is a nurse.

Their love story began when they crossed paths on Neal’s first day in the operating room at Kerlan-Jobe.

Friends had suggested they might be a compatible match, a prediction that proved accurate. However, Tricia didn’t agree to go out with Neal immediately.

According to Neal, he persistently pursued Tricia until she finally agreed to date him, saying, “She didn’t go out with me right away, but I wore her down.” This determination eventually won her over.

Tricia seems unfazed by marrying the renowned “surgeon to the stars.”

Dr Neal ElAttrache Wife 1
Dr. Neal Elattrache and his wife Tricia. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Her family already has its share of fame, as her sister is married to the legendary actor Sylvester Stallone.

There was a memorable occasion when Dr. ElAttrache performed surgery on Sylvester Stallone’s rotator cuffs and former California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the same day.

Despite these high-profile connections, Tricia maintains a down-to-earth perspective on their life together.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache’s friends from his hometown in Pennsylvania emphasize that despite his successful career and associations with famous individuals, he remains humble and approachable.

This suggests that while he may be known as the “surgeon to the stars,” he values his relationships and downplays any sense of celebrity status.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache Kids And Family

Dr. Neal ElAttrache, hailing from the mining town of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, has a deep-rooted family history in orthopaedics.

His father, Selim, a Lebanese immigrant, served as the town’s orthopaedic surgeon.

Growing up, Neal aspired to be an athlete and tried his hand at various sports, including basketball, football, and baseball, but he realized his skills didn’t match his aspirations.

However, Neal’s interest in sports and medicine was piqued by observing his father’s work.

Dr Selim ElAttrache dedicated himself to helping athletes in their community, including friends, neighbours, weekend athletes, and high school athletes.

What fascinated Neal was his father’s ability to heal and improve their conditions, albeit without the multimillion-dollar contracts associated with professional athletes.

Dr Neal ElAttrache kids
 The Los Angeles Rams team orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Neal ElAttrache, is a proud father of three daughters. (Image Source: Getty Images)

In his career, Dr. Neal ElAttrache performs approximately 500 surgeries annually, specializing in orthopaedic procedures related to knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries.

Beyond his medical practice, he is a dedicated father who spends as much time as possible with his three daughters.

His oldest daughter, Nicole, is a talented senior volleyball player at Harvard-Westlake and is set to attend Duke University.

Neal shares a deep passion for sports with Nicole, and they often engage in lengthy discussions about her skills and athletic endeavours.

Daughter Natalie, a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake, also plays volleyball, following in her sister’s footsteps. The youngest member of the family, Eva, is currently in grade school.

The ElAttrache family’s connection to sports and medicine runs deep, with Dr. Neal ElAttrache carrying forward the legacy of healing and serving athletes, much like his father did in their close-knit community.

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