Meet Francis Magalona Stepchildren Unna And Nicolo, Family

Francis Magalona Stepchildren Unna And Nicolo expressed their gratefulness to their father in a recent event, and people want to find out more about them.

Francis M., born Francis Michael Durango Magalona on October 4, 1964, stands as a symbolic figure in the Filipino entertainment landscape.

Heralded not only for his multifaceted musical talents encompassing roles as a rapper, singer, and songwriter, he also significantly shaped the Pinoy hip-hop culture.

Beyond his musical achievements, Francis showcased his dynamic personality on television, becoming a familiar face as a host on global platforms such as MTV Asia and Channel V Philippines.

Perhaps most notably, he was a beloved figure on the widely-watched Filipino show, “Eat Bulaga!”, where his charisma resonated with audiences of all ages.

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Francis Magalona Stepchildren Unna And Nicolo

Francis Magalona, a multifaceted artist with an enduring legacy in the Filipino entertainment scene, was not only an iconic figure in the industry but also a cherished family man.

Introduced to Pia Arroyo by co-actor Richard Gomez at a party, their union in 1985 was the beginning of a tight-knit family of eight.

Among them were Unna and Nicolo, Pia’s children from a previous relationship.

Francis’s relationship with his stepchildren was unique, profound, and heartfelt.

Francis Magalona
Francis Magalona had a really big family. (Source: famous fix)

While many might distinguish between biological ties and relationships formed by marriage, Francis blurred those lines, treating Unna and Nicolo with the same warmth, care, and affection as his other children.

This beautiful bond was evident in the entertainment world as his children, including Maxene, Francis Jr., Saab, Elmo, Arkin, and Clara, embraced showbiz, drawing inspiration from their legendary father.

The passing of this iconic figure was undoubtedly a monumental loss, not just for the entertainment industry but most profoundly for his family.

The heartfelt words from his stepchildren during their farewell encapsulated the depth of their bond.

Unna, in her eulogy, expressed her gratitude for the unwavering love and acceptance she received, appreciating the way Francis treated her and her brother just like his own.

Nicolo, echoing similar sentiments, emphasized how the love he received from Francis surpassed that of even biological ties, hailing him as not just a father but also his best friend and hero.

Their poignant testimonies underlined that true fatherhood isn’t bound by blood but by the heart’s genuine affection and commitment.

Francis Magalona’s legacy is not just of an artist but also of a loving and dedicated father.

Meet Francis Magalona Family

Francis Magalona, born on October 4, 1964, was named after Saint Francis of Assisi, signifying a deeper spiritual connection from birth, given the Saint’s feast day coincides with his birthday.

His lineage is rooted deeply in the tapestry of Filipino culture and politics.

Francis was the eighth child in a brood of nine born to the legendary actors Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, who dominated the silver screen in the 1940s and 1950s with their cinematic presence.

Beyond the world of entertainment, the Magalona family also had strong political ties.

His grandfather, Enrique B. Magalona, made significant contributions to Philippine politics, serving as a Senator not once but in two distinct terms from 1946-1949 and 1949-1955.

Francis’s personal life took a significant turn when fellow actor Richard Gomez introduced him to Pia Arroyo.

Francis Magalona
Francis Magalona passed away with Leukemia in 2009. (Source: Youtube)

Their introduction happened at a discotheque owned by the famed film director Ishmael Bernal. The chemistry between Francis and Pia was undeniable, leading them to tie the knot in 1985.

Their union blossomed with love, and together, they had eight children, forging a family blended with both biological and stepchildren.

Each child, a testament to the love and bond that Francis and Pia shared, mirrored the values and passions of their illustrious father.

In essence, Francis’s life, both personal and professional, paints a portrait of a man deeply connected to his roots, family, and Filipino culture.

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