Meet Jane Lu Husband James Waldie, Kids And Family

Explore details about Jane Lu husband, James Waldie, the dynamic duo behind Showpo, as they journey from business partners to life partners.

Jane Lu, the visionary Founder and CEO behind Showpo, is a thriving fashion website boasting 3.5 million social media followers and an impressive A$30 million yearly sales.

With a bold step away from her accounting and corporate finance background, Jane embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2010, launching Showpo from her parent’s garage.

Escaping the confines of the cubicle, she transformed her passion into a successful venture, epitomizing the spirit of innovation and determination.

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Jane Lu Husband: James Waldie and Married Life

Jane Lu and James Waldie, the dynamic duo behind Showpo, embarked on a journey that transcended business and ventured into the realm of love.

Their captivating love story unfolded 14 years ago when they crossed paths during an exchange program in Sweden.

What started as a chance encounter blossomed into a deep and lasting connection.

Their romantic tale reached a pinnacle in a magical bohemian wedding ceremony in October 2019.

In the company of their closest loved ones, Jane radiated bridal elegance in her Showpo wedding gown while James stood as her steadfast partner, ready to embark on a new chapter together.

Jane Lu Husband 1
Jane Lu and her Husband, James Waldie, tied the knot in early October 2019. (Image Source: Modern Wedding)

Their journey hasn’t been without its challenges.

Jane’s mention of Waldie’s unwavering support during her business endeavours, including navigating through setbacks, reflects their profound bond.

This enduring partnership led them to a meaningful proposal by the Noosa River, under a full moon, where James expressed his love and commitment.

As Jane and James entered married life, their story continued to inspire.

From their serendipitous meeting in Sweden to the heartfelt proposal in Noosa, their journey exemplifies resilience, shared dreams, and unwavering love.

In their professional and personal lives, Jane Lu and James Waldie stand as a testament to the power of partnership and the beauty of writing one’s love story.

Jane Lu Kids And Family

Showpo’s founder, Jane Lu, revealed her second pregnancy in April 2022.
With a mischievous flair, she orchestrated a humorous gender reveal trick on her mother, Queenie.
Already a mother to a son, Jane took her mother by surprise with a playful balloon release featuring multiple colours to announce the gender of her impending second child.
The 34-year-old Sydney-based CEO shared a heartwarming video capturing her mother’s reactions to the creative gender reveal.
Jane explained on Instagram that, while they traditionally preferred to find out the gender between themselves via a PDF email attachment, they wanted to infuse some fun into the reveal due to the lockdown restrictions during her first pregnancy.
Jane Lu Kids And Family
Jane Lu Kids And her husband are proud parents of two kids. (Image Source: Instagram)
As a CEO and a mother of two, Jane reflects on the transformations motherhood has brought.
She acknowledges the challenge of being unable to do things as one pleases, especially with a second baby.
Her advice to fellow working parents emphasizes the importance of seeking assistance when needed and avoiding the pursuit of perfection in all aspects of life.
Jane’s passion for fashion shines through as she shares her penchant for two-piece sets that blend ease and comfort with style.
For her, these outfits effortlessly transition from casual to work or dinner events with the addition of heels and jewellery.

Beyond her professional success, Jane Lu’s journey as a mother and entrepreneur is a testament to resilience and balance.

With a growing family and a thriving business, she inspires others with her candid insights and practical outlook on life.

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