Meet Josephine Teo Son Simon Teo And Daughters Jamie And Nicole Teo

Who is Josephine Teo Son? Josephine Teo tied the knot with her husband, Teo Eng Cheong, in 1995 and was blessed with three children. 

Josephine Teo Li Min is a Singaporean politician who has been the Minister for Communications and Information since 2021.

In addition, she was also the Minister in charge of the Cyber Security Agency and the Smart Nation Initiative since 2017.

Josephie is a member of the ruling People’s Action Party and has served as the Member of Parliament for the Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng division of Jalan Besar GRC since 2020.

Teo previously worked at the Economic Development Board, the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research, and the National Trades Union Congress.

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Meet Josephine Teo Son And Daughters: Simon Teo, Jamie, And Nicole Teo

Mrs Teo is a loving mother of three children: Simon, 11, and twin girls Jaime and Nicole, both nine. They are all students at St Hilda’s Primary School, where their mother once attended.

Mrs Teo’s outlook on her children’s future is characterised by her genuine anxiety that the modern conveniences and security of post-independence Singapore may lead to complacency.

Josephine cherishes their success and safety, but she hopes they don’t take them for granted.

Josephine Teo Son
Josephine Teo with her husband and kids. (Source- the asain parents)

Teo does not overreact when her children have scholastic challenges and bring home less-than-perfect grades. Instead, she uses it to coach them on how to overcome obstacles and create resilience.

Teo proudly emphasises her children’s shared passion for art and music. She feels that developing these creative interests will help their overall development, fostering an appreciation for the arts that transcends standard education.

Simon, her eldest child, is a huge fan of comic books. Mrs. Teo completely supports his ambitions, even if he considers preceding formal education to pursue a career as a comic book artist.

Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo recently shared her family’s experience on Facebook.

Teo recalled a conversation she had with her husband around 15 years ago in which they discussed how their life had revolved around their son since the day he was born.

It was also about this time that she was having twins, and both were excited yet worried about how they would cope.

In her opinion, pursuing one’s passion and creativity is just as important as academic success, and she will support her children as they forge their pathways in life.

who is Josephine Teo husband: Meet  Teo Eng Cheong

Teo is married to Teo Eng Cheong, a well-known expert in urban planning and infrastructure.

Teo Eng Cheong, her spouse, is the prestigious Chief Executive Officer of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City and Investment Development Co., where he is instrumental in establishing sustainable urban initiatives and investments.

He was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Surbana Jurong, a renowned global urban, infrastructure, and engineering firm.

They contribute a unique blend of skill and passion to their respective disciplines as a power duo, contributing to the progress and sustainability of urban spaces.

Josephine Teo husband
Josephine Teo husband is an expert in urban planning and infrastructure. (Source- Asia one)

On September 30, he will depart Surbana Jurong. The company that Temasek, Singapore’s investment firm, controls has yet to announce who will follow him.

Surbana Jurong’s Group CEO Wong Heang Fine responded to media inquiries by saying Mr Teo has been key in driving the company’s business interests in Southeast Asia, North Asia, and Singapore.

In addition, he further mentioned that Mr Teo was involved in the formation of several of the company’s joint ventures and handled its partnership with China’s Silk Road Fund as a partner to SJ Capital.

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