Meet Quinley Quezada Husband Dusan Keča, Kids And Family

Learn about Quinley Quezada husband and their heartwarming love story. Discover the connection that led her to Red Star Belgrade!

Quinley Mirielle Campomanes Quezada-Keča, born on April 7, 1997, is a talented footballer excelling as a forward for Red Star Belgrade in the Serbian Women’s Super League.

Hailing from the United States, she proudly represents the Philippines women’s national team.

With skill and determination, Quinley has made her mark in the world of football, showcasing her abilities both on the domestic and international stage.

As she continues to impress with her performances, she inspires aspiring athletes, embodying the spirit of dedication and passion for the beautiful game.

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Meet Quinley Quezada Husband Dusan Keča

Meet Quinley Mirielle Campomanes Quezada-Keča, the skilled footballer who found love on the pitch with her now-husband, Dusan Keca.

Their love story blossomed at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), where Dusan played for the men’s team while Quinley showcased her talent on the women’s team.

Fate intervened when Dusan, originally from Belgrade, Serbia, became Quinley’s connection to Red Star Belgrade, the Serbian Women’s Super League team.

After her junior year at UCR, Quinley sought a new club while still in Japan, and Dusan’s family’s connections in Serbia opened the door for her to join Red Star.

Embracing a dual role, Dusan became her loving husband and acted as her agent, facilitating the move to the prestigious club.

Meet Quinley Quezada Husband Dusan Keča
 Quinley Quezada got engaged to her Husband, Dusan Keča, on September 19, 2022. (Image Source: Instagram)

Red Star Belgrade, currently ranking 2nd in the league, competes fiercely with 2FK Spartak Subotica, perennial winners and regulars in the Champions League.

Though the passionate support Red Star enjoys on the men’s side may differ for the women’s team, Quinley is no stranger to the devoted following that has made an impression on her.

Beyond her footballing prowess, Quinley’s journey exemplifies how love for the sport transcends borders and brings people together.

With her husband’s support and the admiration of her fans, Quinley continues to make her mark in the world of football while embracing the joys of love and partnership with Dusan by her side.

Their inspiring bond reminds us that the beautiful game has the power to forge connections that last a lifetime.

Quinley Quezada Kids and Family

As of July 2023, Quinley Mirielle Campomanes Quezada, the talented footballer, has no children.

Born on April 7, 1997, to a Mexican father, Raúl Quezada, and a Filipino mother, Ruth Campomanes, she grew up in a diverse cultural background that has shaped her identity and career in the sport.

At Rosemead High School, Quinley excelled in multiple sports, including soccer, cross country, and track.

Her skills on the soccer field earned her recognition, and she was named part of the First Team All-League for the 2011–2015 seasons.

Quinley Quezada Kids and Family
Quinley Quezada shares a lovely bond with her big sister. (Image Source: Instagram)

Continuing her passion for soccer, she pursued her collegiate studies at the University of California, Riverside (UCR).

Quinley made history as the first women’s soccer player from UCR to be part of a senior FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifying roster when she represented the Philippines women’s national football team at the 2018 AFC Women’s Asian Cup.

Quinley played for Xinbei Hangyuan in the Taiwan Mulan Football League in 2020 and featured for Legends FC in the Women’s Premier Soccer League.

While she has made remarkable strides in her football career, her family’s support and diverse heritage remain important aspects of her life.

Quinley’s journey inspires aspiring athletes, showing that determination, talent, and a supportive background can lead to remarkable achievements in the world of soccer.

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