Meet Sofia Osio Luna Padres Fernán Manrique And Susana Luna, Famiia

Sofia Osio Luna Padres has been spotlighted after her recent crowning as Miss Colombia 2022. He, along with Luna’s mother, has always been the pillar of support for the megastar. 

In the world of beauty and fashion, new faces are constantly emerging.

One name that has recently caught the attention of many is Sofia Osio Luna. 

Sofia Osio Luna is a name that is rapidly becoming synonymous with grace, beauty, and intellect in the world of fashion and beauty pageants.

Born into the family of Padres Fernán Manrique and Susana Luna, Sofia’s journey is a testament to her dedication and passion. 

Despite their daughter’s fame, the family side of her life remains away from the media. 

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Sofia Osio Luna Padres – Fernán Manrique 

Sofia Osio Luna is a name that has become synonymous with beauty and intellect in Colombia and beyond.

Born on May 27, 2000, in Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia, Sofia is the daughter of Fernán Osío and Susana Luna.

She grew up in a nurturing environment with three siblings, which significantly shaped her personality.

Sofia’s academic pursuits led her to the Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, Spain, where she graduated as a fashion marketing and communication professional.

This education and her innate passion for fashion paved the way for her successful career.

Despite being a non-native speaker, Sofia’s fluency in English is commendable and has undoubtedly broadened her horizons in the global arena.

Meet Sofia Osio Luna Padres
She continues to make waves with her recent crowning as Miss Colombia 2022 and participation in the Miss International 2023 competition. (Source: Instagram)

Her journey took a significant turn when she was crowned Miss Colombia 2022, putting her in the global spotlight.

Her father, Fernán Manrique, has supported her throughout her journey.

His guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in Sofia’s success.

Today, Sofia Osio Luna is not just a name but an inspiration for many young women worldwide. 

Sofia Osio Luna madre Susana Luna has been an integral part of her Famiia

Susana Luna, the mother of Sofia Osio Luna, has played a pivotal role in her daughter’s journey.

While there isn’t much public information about Susana Luna’s personal life or career, her influence on Sofia is evident.

As a mother, she has provided Sofia with the necessary support and guidance that have shaped Sofia’s character and values.

Luna’s role extends beyond being a mother; she is also a mentor and a friend to the Colombian star.

Her nurturing nature and unwavering support have been critical to Sofia’s success.

Despite Sofia’s global recognition, Susana Luna has maintained a low profile, choosing to let her daughter bask in the limelight.

However, her contribution to Sofia’s journey is undeniable and deserves recognition.

Meet Sofia Osio Luna Padres
Sofia has not shared photos of her parents and siblings on social media. (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her early life, her family was well-established in Colombia.

Her hometown’s bilingual Colegio Hebreo Unión (Union Hebrew School) provided her early education.

However, she had a thing for modeling and advertising since her earliest days. She worked as a model for several national companies at an early age.

Regarding her last name, in Spanish culture, Osío is her father’s surname, and Luna is her mother’s family name.

Many different ethnic groups bear the surname “Osío,” whereas the origin of the surname “Luna” may be traced back to Aragon, a significant Christian kingdom in medieval Spain.

Sofia was born and reared in Colombia; her ethnicity is Colombian.

Similarly, she grew up with three other siblings who have remained private and specific details about them such as their names or occupations, are not publicly available.

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