Meg Ryan Jaw Surgery: Did She Have Buccal Fat Removal?

Meg Ryan Jaw Surgery rumors have found a new trend, and everyone in the Hollywood media industry seems to be discussing it.

Meg Ryan, originally named Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra and born November 19, 1961, is a renowned American actress.

She started her acting journey with the 1981 film “Rich and Famous.” By 1982, she secured a role in the CBS soap “As the World Turns”.

Throughout the 1980s, she had roles in notable films, including “Top Gun,” “Promised Land,” and the critically acclaimed romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally…” directed by Rob Reiner.

This performance garnered her a Golden Globe nomination. Politically, Ryan is an advocate for the Democratic Party, particularly its environmental initiatives.

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Meg Ryan Jaw Surgery: Has She Removed Buccal Fat?

Meg Ryan, celebrated for her roles in iconic films, boasts a net worth of approximately $45 million.

As is familiar with many celebrities, public scrutiny and the media’s ever-watchful eye often lead to speculations.

In Ryan’s case, it’s primarily about potential cosmetic enhancements she may have undergone.

Observers and fans have quickly noted the distinct changes in her facial appearance over the years.

A primary focus of recent discussions has been her facial features. Her cheeks’ more defined and tight appearance has given rise to rumors about potential Botox treatments.

Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan has taken the attention of people with her plastic surgery rumors. (Source: Fox News)

Additionally, the skin around Meg’s eyes and nose shows subtle differences from her earlier years, further fueling such speculations.

Moreover, another significant point of discussion has been about her lips and cheeks.

Previously showcasing a natural look, her lips now seem fuller and more pronounced, leading many to believe she may have opted for fillers.

Similarly, her cheeks, which appear more enhanced and voluminous, have become a topic of conversation regarding possible cosmetic procedures.

While aging is natural, the pressures of the entertainment industry and societal expectations sometimes influence celebrities to consider cosmetic interventions.

However, without concrete confirmation from the actress herself, these remain speculations. Whatever the case, Ryan continues to be an admired figure in the industry.

Meg Ryan Origin And Ethnicity

Meg Ryan, a prominent figure in Hollywood, traces her roots to Fairfield, Connecticut.

Born to Susan Jordan, who once graced the screen as an actress and later became an English teacher, and Harry Hyra, a dedicated math instructor, her background is deeply rooted in education.

Additionally, her heritage holds a touch of European influence, as her father’s lineage is of Polish descent.

Raised under the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, young Meg’s early educational journey began at St. Pius X Elementary School, situated in the heart of Fairfield.

Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan has already taken over Hollywood with her career. (Source: CNN)

As she navigated through her formative years, she shared familial bonds with her two sisters, Dana and Annie, and her brother, Andrew.

Andrew would later carve out his niche in the music world as part of the band Billy Pilgrim.

However, life presented its challenges for young Meg when, at the age of 15, her parents decided to divorce in 1976.

Upon finishing high school at Bethel High in 1979, Meg’s academic pursuits led her to journalism.

She started her higher education journey at the University of Connecticut and later shifted to the vibrant surroundings of New York University.

During these college years, Meg ventured into acting, appearing in TV commercials and securing a role in the renowned soap opera, “As the World Turns.”

This foray into acting helped her financially and illuminated a path that she felt deeply connected to.

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