“Real Housewives” star Meghan King and “Bachelorette” alum Mike Johnson appear to enjoy each other’s company at a famous strip club.

Meghan King meets
Meghan King meets ‘Bachelorette’ star Mike Johnson at a strip club

Mike and Meghan attended Crazy Horse 3 in Las Vegas Thursday night.

A source at the club reports the couple arrived hand in hand for the Local Love 2.0 party.

The two appeared to be all over each other all night long in a video circulated on the internet.

At one point, they even snuck off to a VIP table while Meghan sat on Mike’s lap.

During one of the performances, they enjoyed the dancers grabbing a money gun and spraying them down with cheddar.

Their departure took place around 1 AM, and they held hands as they left.

According to reports, sources close to the two have denied their involvement in a romantic relationship. However, they did attend the club together as part of Meghan’s podcast.

The source stated that there is no romantic relationship between the two; they are just good friends working together.

Although they are not an official couple, they enjoy each other’s company. The following night, Meghan posted about who she “found” in Vegas, calling Mike “my new fave.”

Previous reports suggest that Meghan got into an argument with her ex-husband, Jim Edmonds.

The 34-years-old star recently filed a temporary restraining order against Edmonds for “frequent and consistent verbal abuse.”

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