Meteorologist Frank Field Illness And Health: Death Cause

Discover the truth about Frank Field illness and health. Get updates on the renowned meteorologist’s condition and career.

Dr. Frank Field, a prominent figure in the world of meteorology and health reporting, has passed away at the age of 100.

With an illustrious career spanning 25 years at NBC’s New York station WNBC-TV, Field left an indelible mark on the industry.

Known for his expertise and captivating presence, he served as a trusted source of weather information and health-related updates for viewers.

Field’s dedication to his craft and his ability to engage audiences made him a beloved figure in the field of broadcasting.

Throughout his tenure, he provided valuable insights and commentary, earning him a place as a frequent guest on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson.

The legacy of Dr. Frank Field as a respected meteorologist and cherished television personality lives on, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

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Meteorologist Frank Field Illness And Health Update

Based on the  information avasilable, at the time of his death, Meteorologist Frank Field did not have any known illness or health condition.

Field began his meteorology career at WNBC in 1958.

He gained national attention when he became a regular guest on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson.

Throughout his career, Field went beyond weather reporting and hosted programs like “Medical Update” and “Health Field.”

He became renowned for his efforts in promoting the Heimlich maneuver, a life-saving procedure for choking victims.

Frank Field illness and health
Meteorologist Frank Field did not have any known illness or health condition.  (Image Source: The Times)

Field even invited Dr. Henry J. Heimlich, the creator of the maneuver, to the studio for a demonstration, raising awareness and providing valuable information to the public.

Field’s contributions to the field of meteorology and his dedication to promoting health were recognized and honored.

He received a citation at the New York Emmy Awards in 1975 for his reporting on developments in the applied sciences.

Furthermore, Field was a fellow at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, where he studied the relationship between weather and health.

Throughout his illustrious career, Frank Field demonstrated his passion for meteorology and public health, impacting the industry and the viewers he served.

Meteorologist Frank Field Death Cause

The recent passing of meteorologist Frank Field was announced by WNBC-TV in New York.

The very station where he first embarked on his journey in 1958.

While the specific cause of his death has not been disclosed, it has been mentioned that he passed away from natural causes.

Notably, Field did not possess a college degree in meteorology; his doctorate was in optometry, a profession he pursued before transitioning to television.

His title as a meteorologist originated from his work as a weather forecaster in the military, granting him recognition by the American Meteorological Society.

Frank Field death cause
Metrologist Frank Field passed way of natural cause. (Image Source: BBC)

Which bestowed upon him its prestigious “Seal of Approval” for his accurate and reliable delivery of weather information to the general public.

Frank Field, the renowned meteorologist wife, Joan Kaplan Field passed away earlier this year, marking the end of their remarkable 75-year marriage.

Together, they raised three children: son Storm and daughters Allison and Pamela.

Interestingly, both Storm and Allison followed in their father’s footsteps, becoming TV meteorologists themselves.

In addition to his children, Frank Field leaves behind a legacy carried on by seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

As the news of his passing reverberates through the industry and beyond, Frank Field’s contributions to meteorology.

His lasting influence on future generations of meteorologists will be remembered and honored.

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