Michael Tell- Ex-husband of Patty Duke

Who is Michael Tell?

Michael Tell is an American rock promoter. He is also a writer and publisher of the news agency; The Las Vegas Israelite. 

He married the famous Hollywood actress Patty Duke turning into an overnight celebrity. 

Since the marriage ended as abruptly as it took place, people couldn’t stop questioning their relationship.

But, his famous son Sean Austin brought him into the limelight.

Let’s learn some less know interesting facts about Michael Tell.

Quick facts

Full nameMichael Tell
Age73 years old
Sun signUnknown
BirthplaceLondonderry, New Hampshire, USA
Currently residingLondonderry, New Hampshire, USA
ParentsNo information
GrandparentsNo information
SiblingsNo information
Marital statusDivorced
SpousePatty Duke (ex-wife)
ChildrenSean Astin
EducationNo information
ProfessionEvent manager
Net worthUSD 1 million
Social mediaNone
Height5′ 9″
Eye colorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Quick Facts

Early Life

Michael Tell with Sean Astin

Michael Tell was born in 1950 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA.

Tell discovered his love for rock music in high school. So, he decided that he wanted to get involved in rock music. As a result, he pursued his career as a rock promoter as he was not a good singer himself.

Additionally, he was a writer and publisher of the news agency; The Las Vegas Israelite.

Michael gained recognition only after his marriage to Patty. However, we know he completed high school and didn’t continue his schooling.


Patty Duke married Michael Tell in June 1970. At the time of her marriage, Patty discovered that she was pregnant. However, her wedding to Michael lasted only for a few days.

Patty Duke (ex-wife)

Patty Duke ex-wife of Michael Tell
Patty Duke, ex-wife of Michael Tell

Patty is a well-known American actor and writer. She is also a politician, advocate, and a fantastic mother.

The ex-wife of Michael was born on December 14, 1946, in Manhattan, New York. Her mother, Frances Margaret (McMahon), worked as a cashier, and her father, John Patrick Duke, was a cab driver and handyman.

Patty had a break in her acting career when she portrayed the blind and deaf Helen Keller in the Broadway version of The Miracle Worker

The movie won her an Academy Award for the best supporting actor. Similarly, she also became the youngest actor to win the Oscar Award at 16.

Similarly, Patty also starred in many films such as Billie, Valley of The Dolls, Me, Natalie, and others. In addition, Patty also won several prestigious awards like Emmy Awards, Primetime Awards, and Golden Globe Awards.

Patty is also a political advocate for the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), AIDS, and nuclear disarmament. 

Sadly, Patty passed away on March 29, 2016, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, from sepsis from a ruptured intestine.

Patty was married four times in her lifetime. She married Harry Falk on November 26, 1965, and divorced on March 24, 1970. Similarly, on June 26, 1970, her marriage with Michael was annulled on July 9, 1970. She had one son Sean Austin with Tell.

Michael Tell with Patty Duke
Actress Patty Duke and Michael

Later, she married John Astin on November 26, 1972. She had a son Mackenzie Astin but later divorced on November 3, 1985.

Then, Duke tied her knot with Michael Pearce on March 15, 1986. Though they didn’t have any children together, they adopted a son named Kevin Pearce.

Sean Astin (son)

Sean Astin biological son
Sean Astin, the biological son of Michael Tell

Sean is an American actor, film producer, voice-over artist, and director. On February 25, 1971, he was born to Patty Duke in Santa Monica, California.

The son of Michael Tell studied a B.A. in History and English from the University of California in 1993.

Sean began his acting in the mid-1980s when he made his cinematic debut at the age of 13 in Steven Spielberg’s action-comedy The Goonies. However, he is most recognized for playing the hobbit Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings film series.

Sean Astin has received many prestigious awards for his outstanding performances.

Is Michael Tell Sean Astin’s father?

Patty then gave birth to Sean on February 25, 1971. She was in a relationship with two other men when she was pregnant with Sean.

Patty claimed that John Astin was Sean’s biological father. She said they had kept their relationship private as John was married to Suzanne Hahn. Later, John divorced Suzanne and married Patty Duke when Sean was three years. So, Sean took John’s last name, and people considered Sean his son.

But, things changed when Patty confessed to Sean that Desi Arnaz Jr., the very famous son of the popular parents Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, was his biological father. So, at 14, Sean started to work to improve his relationship with Arnaz.

However, the confusion didn’t resolve there. When Sean was in his mid-20s, one of Michael’s relatives told Sean they were somehow related.

So, finally, Sean decided to find out who his birth father was. For this, he did a DNA test on his three potential fathers. When the results were out, Michael was his biological father.

So, after many years of Sean’s birth, Michael was known to be his biological father. Regarding his relationship with his fathers, Sean said, “Desi Arnaz Jr. loves me, and I love him. We are so close. Science tells me that he’s not my biological father. Science tells me that Mike Tell is. I can call any of them on the phone any time I want to. John, Desi, Mike, or Papa Mike … my four dads.”


Michael Tell is an event manager primarily organizing rock concerts. In addition to that, he is also a writer and publisher of the news agency; The Las Vegas Israelite.

The net worth of Michael Tell

Michael is doing well in his career. So, he has earned an impressive amount from his work as a rock promoter and newspaper publisher.

Michael Tell net worth is estimated to be USD 1 million.


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