Michael Tracey Arrested News And Mugshot: Is The Journalist In Jail?

Michael Tracey Arrested: Amateur video contradicts claims of police brutality during the college student’s arrest, raising questions about the incident.

Michael Tracey is an American journalist and political commentator, born on August 8, 1988.

Hailing from West Caldwell, New Jersey, he completed his education at James Caldwell High School in 2006.

As a prominent figure in the media, he has been involved in covering various political events and issues.

Based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Michael Tracey’s work has garnered attention and recognition for its insightful analysis and commentary on contemporary political affairs.

With a passion for journalism, he continues contributing to the public discourse through his writings and media appearances, leaving a lasting impact on the field.

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Michael Tracey Arrested And Mugshot: Is The Journalist In Jail?

In February 2009, Michael Tracey faced a notable incident as a student at The College of New Jersey.

On the occasion when conservative commentator Ann Coulter spoke at the college’s campus in Ewing, Tracey attempted to approach her, resulting in his arrest.

During the encounter, he was charged with disorderly conduct. The incident’s aftermath saw Tracey pleading guilty to “violating a nuisance ordinance.”

As a result of his guilty plea, he faced legal consequences related to the charge.

However, no information is available indicating that Michael Tracey is currently in jail or facing any incarceration related to this incident.

It is essential to note that public figures, including journalists, might encounter various incidents during their careers or personal lives, and these events may not necessarily lead to long-term legal repercussions.

Michael Tracey Arrested 1
In February 2009, Tracey was arrested while a student at The College of New Jersey. (Image Source: KUSI News)

As a journalist and political commentator, Michael Tracey has continued his work in the media field beyond this incident.

He focuses on covering and providing commentary on various political issues and events.

While the arrest and mugshot incident brought attention to Tracey’s actions, it is crucial to consider that this occurred over a decade ago.

Journalists, like anyone else, may face personal and professional challenges, but the impact of such incidents on their careers can vary significantly over time.

There is no evidence to suggest that Michael Tracey is currently in jail or facing any legal issues beyond those associated with his work in journalism and commentary.

However, it’s important to remember that information can change. 

Amateur Video Contradicts Tracey’s Claims of Police Brutality in Student’s Arrest

Amateur video footage contradicts the claims of police brutality made by College of New Jersey student Michael Tracey during his recent arrest.

The 39-second video, obtained by The Times, shows Tracey on the ground and screaming as officers attempt to handcuff him following a speech by political commentator Ann Coulter.

While the video captures the tense moments of the arrest, it shows no evidence of excessive force or violence against Tracey.

In the footage, officers are seen attempting to pry Tracey’s hands off the feet of a chair as he screams, “Get off my head!”

However, no physical violence or strike is evident in the video.

The officers successfully handcuffed Tracey and led him out of the venue with applause in the background.

Michael Tracey
Amateur video of a local college student being arrested shows no evidence of police brutality. (Image Source: YouTube)

Supporters of Tracey, including over 1,100 members of a Facebook group, have rallied behind him, expressing concern over the incident.

Some believe that the security personnel may have overreacted during the arrest, while others, like political science professor Darryl Fair, suggest that Tracey’s civil rights may have been violated.

Tracey and his family are seeking to have the charge of disorderly conduct dropped, but he has not yet filed a complaint with the police department.

The police report from that night indicates that Tracey disregarded instructions and attempted to approach the stage where Ann Coulter was signing books, leading to the arrest.

Lt. Gerald Jacobs of the township police department stated that the arrest was routine, and Tracey will have his day in court to address the charges.

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