Mike Enriquez Illness And Health Update 2023: Death Linked To Cardiac Arrest

Apparently, Mike Enriquez illness and his health have been a significant concern for everyone. Also, death rumors of the Filipino TV and radio newscaster have taken a toll at the moment.

Miguel Castro Enriquez, popularly recognized as Mike Enriquez, was a prominent Filipino television and radio broadcaster renowned for his authoritative newscasting.

Holding the pivotal role of Consultant for radio operations at GMA Network, Enriquez showcased his extensive expertise.

Beyond this, he was also the President of the network’s regional and radio arm, RGMA Network Inc., and Station Manager at Super Radyo DZBB 594 AM.

With a career initiation as a station announcer at Manila Broadcasting Company back in 1969, Enriquez’s journey is marked by decades of dedication.

Also, Enriquez collaborated alongside fellow esteemed TV figure Karen Davila.

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Mike Enriquez Illness And Health Update 2023

Mike Enriquez stands as an esteemed pillar in the Philippine media, commanding respect and trust.

Recent inquiries surrounding his health have captured the attention of many.

The veteran TV and radio newscaster embarked on a medical sabbatical as he had to undergo a kidney transplant in December 2021.

Following the successful operation, he underwent isolation for over three months to avoid infections and complications.

Returning to his news program with a sense of dedication in March 2022, his absence was palpable again after a few months.

Mike Enriquez illness
After his return in March 2022, Enriquez was absent again after a few months. (Source: PEP.ph)

Arnold Clavio came forth with insights and stated Mike Enriquez had to retreat from his professional commitments again due to health concerns intricately linked to his prior kidney transplant.

Notably, Clavio underscored that age and health status weren’t steering Mike toward retirement; he was resolute in his commitment to his craft.

As of 2023, news regarding Enriquez’s health updates has risen like wildfire all around the world. The journalist tragically passed away due to cardiac arrest after battling a long illness for years.

Mike Enriquez Death Linked to Cardiac Arrest

Veteran Filipino journalist Mike Enriquez, a prominent figure in the media industry for over five decades, has passed away at the age of 71 due to a cardiac arrest following a long illness.

Renowned for his steadfast dedication to news and entertainment, Enriquez’s legacy spans 54 years of impactful journalism.

His 72nd birthday in October will sadly remain uncelebrated. The sad news broke during the broadcast of ’24 Oras,’ a program he co-anchored since 2004.

As the news reached viewers, his former co-host Mel Tiangco struggled to hold back tears while conveying the sentiments of the GMA Network, Inc.’s Board of Directors, management, and employees, who collectively mourn his loss.

Mike Enriquez death rumor
Mike Enriquez passed away at the age of 71 following a long illness. (Source: Esquire Philippines)

He had fallen victim to a celebrity death hoax in 2022.

The online rumor mill was set abuzz on November 10, 2022, when respected actress Lollie Mara and renowned singer Richard Merk offered condolences in now-deleted Facebook posts, suggesting Enriquez’s passing.

Arnold Clavio, a fellow Kapuso broadcaster, took swift action to quell the unsettling hearsay surrounding Enriquez’s prolonged absence from the GMA news program “24 Oras.”

Clavio, along with the radio show “Saksi sa Dobol B,” debunked the rumors to ease public concern.

In an exclusive statement to the Philippine Entertainment Portal, Clavio stated that Enriquez was on the brink of returning to “24 Oras.”

Mike Enriquez Family: Wife Lizabeth In Tears Following Enriquez Death

The late newscaster’s death caught everyone off-guard. From numerous death hoaxes and illness speculations, Mike emerged as a victor with perfect health.

Sadly, Enriquez’s death news on August 29 proved authentic. He is no more; many journalists and politicians, including President Bongbong Marcos Jr., paid tribute to him.

Mike Enriquez’s family is mourning following his tragic demise. His spouse, Lizabeth Baby Yumping, survives him along with other family members.

Lizabeth and Mike enjoyed marital bliss for several decades. Although the pair had no children, they shared a strong bond and marital harmony.

Moreover, people have shown curiosity in learning about Mike Enriquez’s wife’s profession, background, and health status. Unfortunately, not much has been revealed about the lady.

This is entirely understandable, as Yumping is grieving the passing of her beloved husband. Also, addressing any health concerns of Lizbeth, she doesn’t seem sick or likely has no illness.

Concluding, Mike Enriquez was a man of talent whose legacy will forever be remembered. May he rest in peace.

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