Mike Leach cause of death- Details about career and family (wife and sons)

Mike Leach died on December 12 night due to his complicated heart conditions. His demise made a lot of American football fans sad. There are two sons, two daughters, and a wife left behind by Mike.

Mike Leach wife children family career and death cause

In this article, we will discover Mike Leach’s family members and the health condition that became a reason for his death. And the teams coached by Mike Leach.

Mike Leach cause of death

Mike collapsed at this Starkville home on December 11, 2022. However, for unknown reasons, it is stated that he didnt receive medical attention for about 10 to 15 minutes.

An ambulance that arrived there immediately rushed Mike to the local hospital (Oktibbeha County Hospital). EMTs used a defibrillator machine and delivered multiple shocks to restore Mike’s heart.

After he was stabilized, seeing the critical condition, they decided to airlift him to the UMMC (University of Mississippi Medical Center) in Jackson.

During the late season, it was discovered that he had terrible pneumonia for a month. Mike died from complications from heart conditions. He was only 61 years old.

Mike Leach Family

Sharon is Mike Leach wife

Mike married Sharon Leach more than thirty-five years ago. Her maiden name is Sharon Smith.

It is said that they both met at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Additionally, Sharon Leach worked as a full-time administrative assistant and legal secretary for around 14 years. However, she left the job in 1996 as she wanted to focus more on her family. 

It was reasonable because Mike had a really busy schedule. She said to Sports Illustrated in an interview in 2014 that “I don’t think many people understand just how many hours are spent coaching and recruiting a college football team. Long ago, I realized that Mike’s job was coaching, and my job was everything else. I was OK with that. I loved college football as much as he loved coaching it.”

In an interview, Mike’s wife disclosed their first date to Seattle Times. She said they went out because Mike was hungry, and it really wasn’t a planned date.

They were out in Provo to watch a rugby game. After the game, they decided to go to A&W Restaurant for food.

Sharon stated, “He probably had the two-for-one coupons, and I was the freebie,” she told the publication. And Mike said, “It’s almost sacrilegious to anything American, and I tried to get them back on track, which I think I did successfully. Sharon was a bit of a tough case, so I had to marry her where I could keep an eye on her a lot more frequently.”

Mike Leach children

Mike Leach Children

Mike Leach has four children from his marriage with Sharon- Cody Leach, Kiersten Leach, Kim Leach, and Janeen Leach.

Cody is the eldest son of Mike. According to sources, he has a YouTube channel where he reviews movies. There isn’t much information about his children Kim, Kiersten, and Janeen. Leach.

Mike Leach teams coached

Mike started his career in rugby in 1987 as an assistant at Cal Poly. After that, in 1988, he joined the College of the Desert. After that, he joined Pori Bears in the American Football Association of Finland for the first time as the head coach in 1989.

He joined the Texas Tech Red Raiders as the head coach in 2000. On December 30, 2009, Texas Tech fired Leach because allegedly of inappropriate treatment of Adam James.

Mike Leach joined Washington State as the coach in 2011. He became the fourth-highest-paid coach in the Pac-12

Mike decided to join Mississippi State Bulldogs on January 2020, the last team as the head coach.

Mike Leach’s net worth was USD 8 million.

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