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Missy Rothstein biography- Ex-wife of Bam Margera

Who is Missy Rothstein?

Missy Rothstein, aka Melissa Rothstein, is an American model, TV personality, and actress. She is the ex-wife of Bam Margera. 

Her husband is a professional skateboarder and MTV stuntman. Bam and Missy have known each other since they were in high school.

Both Missy and Bam have helped each other build their careers and stand where they are now.

Learn more about Missy Rothstein below.

Missy Rothstein Biography
Missy Rothstein Biography

Quick facts

Full nameMelissa Rothstein
BirthdateJune 3, 1980
Age42 years old
Sun SignGemini
TraitsPositive: Loving, caring, and passionate about life
Negative: Little impulsive and dual personality
BirthplaceSpringfield, Pennsylvania, USA
Currently residingDark Brown
EducationBachelor’s degree in Communication from Penn State University
High school degree from West Chester East High School
ParentsMarian Rothstein (Mother)
SiblingsJessica Rothstein (sister)
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-husbandBam Margera
ProfessionModel/Actor/TV personality
Movies/TV series/Music AlbumsHaggard (Movie), Year: 2003, Character: Beth
Viva La Bam (TV Series), Year: 2005, Character: Herself
Howard Stern on Demand (TV Series), Year: 2006, Character: Herself
Bam’s Unholy Union (TV Mini-Series), Year: 2007, Character: Herself
Where the #$&% Is Santa (Movie) Year: 2008, Character: Herself
Minghags (Movie) Year: 2009, Character: Sorority Chick/Hot Nurse
Bam Margera: Serious as Dog Dirt (TV Movie documentary) Year: 2010, Character: Herself
ControversyIn 2007, Bam said someone had leaked Missy’s private photos on the internet. They were only supposed to feature Missy’s topless shoots, but someone leaked Rothstein’s nude pictures without her consent.
Net worthUSD 1 million

Early life

Missy Rothstein

On June 3, 1980, Missy Rothstein was born in Springfield, Pennsylvania, USA. She grew up with her single mother, Marian Rothstein.

Missy is a Gemini. Geminis are very creative, social, and optimistic about their lives. In addition, they are highly ambitious, enthusiastic, and have strong opinions with functional and analytical thinking capacity. 

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Missy Rothstein is 5”7′ inch (170 cm) tall and weighs about 127 lbs (58 kg). She has dark brown hair and a beautiful pair of dark brown eyes. And with being a model, she possesses a slim and hourglass figure.

Missy also has matching tattoos with her ex-husband. 

Missy studied at West Chester East High School, where she met her ex-husband, Bam Margera. However, they both were just good friends then.

After achieving her high-school degree, Missy joined Penn State University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication.

Missy Rothstein had harbored a passion for modeling from an early age. She always admired the confidence of models during their catwalks. Thus, despite her degree, Missy still opted for a modeling career.

According to the New York Times, the couple had gotten their matching tattoos on their lips on the day they had signed their marriage license in X-Treme Ink Tattoo Parlor near their hometown in West Chester. 

While Rothstein tattooed 313 because it was the area code where they had purchased the wedding ring, Bam tattooed Dr. J inside his mouth.


As mentioned above, Missy and Bam have known each other since their earlier days. However, although they studied in the same school, they were not in a relationship until they met again in the mid-2000s.

Before Missy, Bam was in a long-term relationship of seven years with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Rivell.

During an interview with Howard Stern, Bam said that getting engaged to Rivell was only a courtesy to their seven-year friendship. However, the engagement ended when news broke out that Bam was cheating on Rivell with singer and actress Jessica Simpson.

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Furthermore, there were also reports that Bam had filed for a protection order against Rivell, where he claimed that she broke into his house, vandalized it, and had physically abused him.

The court denied his request, and until then, Bam was already in a relationship with Missy.

Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera


Missy’s relationship with Bam Margera received criticism. Many labeled her as a ‘gold-digger.’

The couple dated for seven years and got engaged in 2006 when Margera spontaneously proposed to her in the Cartier store.

In an interview, Margera stated that he thought it was a good sign when his diamond ring perfectly fit her finger. She said, “We just sat there and drank three bottles of Champagne. Then we forgot to get gas on the way home, and we straight up ran out of gas on Route 202.”

They decided to get married on February 3, 2007, and the ceremony took place at the Loews Hotel in downtown Philadelphia.

The wedding attendees included celebrities like Ryan Dunn. There was also a surprise performance by punk rocker Iggy Popo during the reception.

Their wedding aired in Bam’s show called ‘Bam Unholy Union’ on MTV.

Bam Margera with his ex-wife

In an interview with famous tattoo artist Kat Von D, Bam revealed that he had to pay $13,000 worth of damages during his wedding with Rothstein.

According to him, almost every guest was drunk, broke light fixtures, and kicked bathroom doors.

After their wedding, the couple had set off for their honeymoon in Dubai.

The divorce of Missy Rothstein

After their wedding in 2007, the couple enjoyed their married life for three years. However, their relationship started to turn sour by 2010. 

One of the reasons for the couple’s split was Bam’s habit of partying late at night, which made things difficult for Missy.

According to some sources, Bam used to have 40-50 guests in the house late at night. But, on the other hand, Missy disliked it. 

She would go to her room to sleep instead of attending the parties. Furthermore, Missy would have to rearrange her house before leaving for her work the following day.

It was causing a severe rift between the couple as Missy began to have a stressful time. Missy even had to call 911 once to help her husband as he had been drinking for four days straight.

Because of constant fights, Bam suggested Missy should live in a different house and, more importantly, in other cities.

Likewise, he told Howard Stern that Bam met Rothstein only once a week and spoke about his girlfriends in San Francisco and West Chester. 

The couple was last spotted together during a funeral held for their close friend and Bam’s co-star Ryan Dunn.

Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera ended their five-year marriage in 2012.

 Missy Rothstein's husband  Bam Margera
Missy Rothstein’s husband Bam Margera

Bam Margera (ex-husband)

Brandon Cole or Bam Margera is an American reality television star, a professional skateboarder, actor, and radio personality. On September 28, 1979, he was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

Before rising to prominence, Bam used to shoot videos of himself and his friends skateboarding and doing stunts, which turned into a popular video series called CKY.

After that, Bam started getting attention for his MTV reality stunt show called ‘Jackass.’

After the success of Jackass, he also worked on his series on MTV called ‘Viva La Bam’ from 2003 to 2005.

Likewise, in 2007, Bam filmed a show called ‘Bam’s Unholy Union,’ which followed Missy Rothstein and their friends. The series continued and ended with their wedding episode.

 Missy Rothstein's husband  Bam Margera
Missy Rothstein’s husband Bam Margera

Eleven months after their divorce, Bam married model and photographer Nicole Boyd.

Nicole is an American actor, model, photographer, and graphic designer who married Missy Rothstein’s ex-husband Bam Margera.

He married Nicole a year after his divorce from Missy.

However, Missy does not seem to have a problem with Bam remarrying, as she has appeared in one of Bam’s Instagram photos in 2015, which indicates they are still friends.

Today, with Boyd, Bam shares a son named Phoenix Wolf Margera.

The career of Missy Rothstein

Throughout her college years, Missy Rothstein tried to balance her studies and modeling career. As a model, she worked for several brands. 

Her attractive face and perfect height led to her being the face of regional and national modeling campaigns.

Missy’s acting career began when she starred in a comedy flick called ‘Haggard: The Movie’ as Beth. After that, Missy played in several other movies directed by Bam.

Besides movies, Missy has also worked with Bam for his TV series. So most of Missy’s career history includes working with Bam. 

The couple released a reality TV show related to their life called ‘Bam’s Unholy Union,’ which aired in 2006 and ended in 2007.

Most of Bam’s projects involved him doing stunts that caused severe injuries. During an interview, Missy said, “I’m always nervous right before he (Bam) does a big stunt, but I’m not allowed to baby him or run over and make sure he’s ok.”

During one of Bam’s series shooting sessions, a Playboy representative approached the couple to make Missy a compelling photo shoot and feature. 

Furthermore, the company also offered Bam a role, which involved taking Missy’s photographs instead of using their photographer.

The crew also documented the behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot in the couple’s series. The photoshoot was a spontaneous one, just like Bam himself. Bam, Missy, and their crew never fixed a date with the playboy representative and barged into the mansion randomly.

The ‘behind scene’ footage shown in the series also includes the crews struggling to make the photoshoot successful as the couple was yelling at each other on multiple occasions. 

 Missy Rothstein's photo
Missy Rothstein’s photo

It took several hours, but the magazine published the results on July 3, 2007.

List of movies and TV shows

2005Viva La BamHerselfTV Series
2006Howard Stern on DemandHerselfTV Series
2007Bam’s Unholy UnionHerselfTV Mini-Series
2008Where the #$&% Is SantaHerselfMovie
2009MinghagsSorority Chick/Hot NurseMovie
2010Bam Margera: Serious as Dog DirtSelfTV Movie documentary


In 2007, Bam, in an interview with Howard Stern, said that someone had leaked Missy’s private photos on the internet while interviewing Howard Stern.

He stated that the spread was only supposed to feature Missy’s topless shoots, but someone leaked Rothstein’s nude pictures.

Net worth

From her modeling projects to working with Bam in his movies and TV series, Missy Rothstein’s net worth is about USD 1 million.

Social Media

After Missy and Bam signed their divorce paper, Missy tweeted that she was finally free and even celebrated her milestone with a divorce party.

She also tweeted and asked her fans to join her at her divorce party.

However, since then, Missy has kept a low-key profile and has been away from the public eye.

She deactivated her Twitter account, and currently, she does not own any other social media account to update her fans about her whereabouts.

Missy Rothstein Now

Although there was a time when Missy and Bam were inseparable, we guess nothing stays the same. Missy used to be the only person who could calm Bam down. But there is no way to deny that both Missy and Bam helped build their careers up the best they could.

Although Missy has been completely MIA from the public eye today, we hope she is doing well and will come back to the limelight sooner or later.

 Missy Rothstein's photo
Missy Rothstein’s photo


1. Who is Missy Rothstein married to?

Missy Rothstein was married to her longtime boyfriend, Bam Margera, from 2007 to 2012.

Bam was a professional skateboarder, American television star, actor, and radio personality.

2. How did Missy meet Bam Margera?

Missy met Bam Margera while studying in the same high school (West Chester East High School). A mutual friend introduced these two, and they became good friends. However, they were not in a relationship back then.

3. What happened between Bam and Missy?

Bam’s habit of partying late nights and drinking made life difficult for Missy. Once, she had to call 911 as Bam had been drinking for four days straight.

They started living in different houses in different cities and eventually ended their five-year marriage in 2012.

In an interview with Howard Stern, Bam said that he met Missy Rothstein only once a week and had girlfriends in San Franciso and West Chester, which indicates his infidelity.

4. Does Bam have kids with Missy Rothstein?

No, Bam Margera and Missy Rothstein do not have a child together.

5. Are Bam and Missy still friends?

The last time Bam and Missy were spotted together was by their close friend, Ryan Dunn.

Despite their divorce in 2012, they are still friends.