Miyako Fujitani- Ex-wife of Steven Seagal

Who Is Miyako Fujitani?

Miyako Fujitani is a celebrity. Born in Japan, Miyako Fujitani was previously married to Steven Seagal. Fujitani is also an actress and writer.

Skilled in the ancient Japanese art of defense called Aikido, Miyako Fujitani is the founder of Tenshin Dojo. Likewise, Miyako Fujitani is a Japanese first-degree black belt Martial Arts Instructor.

Miyako Fujitani Biography
Miyako Fujitani Biography

Quick facts

Full nameMiyako Fujitani Shihan
BirthdayFeb 03, 1952
Age71 years old
Sun signAquarius
TraitsPositive: Smart, independent, loyal and humanitarian
Negative: Highly opinionated, stubborn, and unpredictable
BirthplaceOsaka, Japan
Currently residing Osaka, Japan
ParentsNo information
GrandparentsNo information
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseSteven Seagal (ex-husband)
ChildrenKentaro Fujitani, (son)
Ayako Fujitani (daughter)
EducationNo information
ProfessionMartial artist, actress, and writer
Net worthUSD 1 million
Social mediaFacebook
Height5 feet 5 inches
Eye colorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Early life

Miyako Fujitani was born in Osaka, Japan. Her father was an Aikido master, and her mother was a housewife. 

As the daughter of an Aikido master, Miyako was interested in the ancient art form from an early age. Therefore, Miyako’s father taught her the skills of Aikido.

Rare photo of Miyako Fujitani father
Rare photo of Miyako Fujitani’s father

“When I was younger, I lived in Kobe City. Every day-really, every day- I was a victim of one of those dirty old men on the trains- you know, the ones who like to touch women. I took classes of many sorts in those days, including classical ballet, and it would be dark when I returned home. But, even in the daytime, I would get on the train, and there would be one of those dirty old men! Men would follow me all the time. I’m telling you the truth! I was scared. So, I learned Aikido.”

“I hated men back then. But now I like them! (winks)I was weak-willed and very feminine back in those days, and I couldn’t get away from those guys!”

Fujitani on what inspired her to learn Aikido.

As with any martial art, Aikido is traditionally a man’s sport. Aikido was something she wanted to learn for self-defense, but she was discouraged. The dojo’s attitude of “it’s for men only” caused her to abandon her training between periods for nearly six months. Finally, training with her father helped Miyako learn about self-defense and essential life lessons such as discipline, patience, courage, and focus.

Fujitani was born on February 3rd, 1952. The famous martial arts instructor was born in Osaka, Japan.

Miyako Fujitani seems to be a well-educated woman. Nevertheless, she has not revealed the details about where she studied and her educational qualifications.

Since Miyako was born in Osaka, Japan, she is Japanese. Similarly, she is an Asian and a Buddhist.

Miyako is 5 feet 5 inches which is average female height.

However, based on her appearance, Miyako looks quite slim and fit. Her years of experience as a Japanese martial artist must have helped her maintain a youthful appearance and lean figure even after all these years.

When it comes to her appearance, Miyako Fujitani has short black hair. In addition, she is fair-skinned and has small brown-colored eyes.


Miyako Fujitani was previously married to Hollywood actor Steven Seagal. They met for the first time at Los Angeles Airport in July 1974 during an Aikido seminar.

When Steven became the first dojo in Japan, it was covered by local and national news media outlets.

Miyako wasn’t attracted to him at first as he was too skinny and tall for her liking. She said that initially, Steven looked like a “Japanese Ghost.” However, as time went by, she became attracted to him due to his eyes and how he spoke “nice and soft.”

The loving couple got married in December 1974. Since both Seagal and Fujitani were accomplished martial artists, it became the foundation for their love. Everything about Miyako and Steven’s marriage seemed to be perfect from the outside. However, the reality seemed to be something else.

Miyako Fujitani old photos with ex-husband Steven Seagal
Old family photo including Miyako Fujitani, father, Steven Seagal, and daughter

Despite enjoying marital bliss and bringing two little ones into the world, Miyako and Steven split in 1987. According to reports, Seagal’s affair with American actress Kelly LeBrock led to the separation.

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From her marriage with Steven Seagal, Miyako Fujitani has two children. Their first son, Kentaro Seagal, was born on October 3rd, 1975. Kentaro has worked as an actor in Japan.

Likewise, her daughter Ayako Fujitani was born on 7th December 1979. Ayako Fujitani is an actress and writer.

Steven Seagal with his kids
Steven Seagal with his kids

Apart from this, Miyako Fujitani is also a grandmother. Her son Kentaro has a child with Yin Tze. Furthermore, Ayako Fujitani has a kid with her producer husband, Javier Gullon.

Miyako family photo with her mother, kids, daughter in law
Miyako family photo with her mother, kids, daughter in law

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Miyako Fujitani and Steven Seagal

Since Miyako was previously married to actor and singer Steven Seagal, she is often associated with him. Born on 10th April 1952, Steven is a renowned producer, screenwriter, and martial artist.

Steven Seagal in Japan practicing Aikido
Steven Seagal demonstrating his Aikido skills

Seagal started his career as a martial artist in Japan. He was the first foreigner to operate an Aikido dojo in the country. However, Steven moved to Los Angeles, the USA, after his divorce from Miyako.

Steven Seagal with Miyako Fujitani in an old black and white foto getting married
Miyako Fujitani and Steven Seagal

After moving, Steven made his acting debut in the film Above The Law. Later, he starred in successful films such as Under Seige, The Patriot, and Exit Wounds.

In addition, Seagal has also released two studio albums called Songs from the Crystal Cave and Mojo Priest. Segal has always expressed his support for Vladimir Putin and has even described Putin as “one of the great living world leaders.”

Adrienne LaRussa second wife of Steven
Adrienne LaRussa, second wife of Steven Seagal

Following his divorce from Miyako Fujitani, Seagal married actress Adrienne La Russa in 1984. But unfortunately, the marriage did not last even a year.

In 1987, Steven married Kelly LeBrock. His extramarital affair with Kelly had caused his divorce from Miyako. Before the marriage, LeBrock had given birth to Steven’s daughter named Annaliza Seagal.

Steven Seagal with Kelly LeBrock and the daughter
Steven Seagal with Kelly LeBrock

LeBrock and Seagal also share children, Dominic and Arissa, from their marriage. Nevertheless, the
union between Segal and LeBrock did not last long. They divorced in 1993 due to irreconcilable differences as a reason for separation.

On his visit to Mongolia, Seagal fell in love with a dancer named Erdenetuya Batsukh, “Elle.” They got married and remain together to this day. Elle and Steven also have a son named Kunza Seagal.

Recent news and controversies

Since separating from her husband, Steven Seagal, Miyako Fujitani has been off the mainstream media’s radar. Despite being a renowned celebrity, Miyako rarely interacts with the press or remains in the news.

However, the respected martial artist recently made headlines when rumors about her son Kentaro Seagal quitting acting started making headlines. Miyako herself confirmed the news.

Similarly, Kentaro also made explosive statements against his father in the media. The Japanese actor criticized his father’s parenting methods and even stated that the father-son duo is no longer speaking.

Miyako showing her students on how to use swords
Miyako showed her students how to use swords.

Miyako Fujitani herself has not been a part of any controversy. Nevertheless, her husband, Steven, has no shortage of arguments.

Seagal has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times. Moreover, allegations of Seagal’s sexual misconduct have been confirmed by many. For example, in an interview, actress Regina Simons stated that Steven raped her at a party in Seagal’s Beverly Hills home in 1993.

Likewise, model Faviola Dadis also claimed that Seagal sexually assaulted her during an audition in 2002. Faviola made these claims after actress Porta de Rossi came forward with her experience of being sexually harassed by a Hollywood actor.

Miyako Fujitani career

Martial arts career

The Aikido veteran has had quite an impressive career. Due to her early martial arts training, Miyako established herself as a martial arts professional from a young age.

Miyako Fujitani demonstrating Aikido training
Miyako trains her Aikido students

She received her first-degree black belt from Morihei Ueshiba, a founder of Aikido. After this, Miyako established Tenshin Dojo with her then-husband, Steven Seagal, in 1976. After Seagal divorced Miyako, he left Japan. The classes were then handled by an uchi-deshi (Sensei assistant and live-in student). She fired him after a while as the guy was insincere and a troublemaker.

After Steven went to the US, he opened his dojo, got involved in movies, and couldn’t/didn’t help her. She struggled due to a lack of time and finances.

When he left and I chose a new uchideshi, the students left too. I had to start all over. It was very hard.. Some days, I would go to teach class, and only one person would show up. On top of running the dojo, I had to raise my children. I don’t know how we got by. Sometimes we could only afford cheap brown rice for dinner.

There were rumors about her having trouble with gangsters. However, despite life giving her all sorts of problems, she stood firm. It was her love for kids that kept her going.

Tenshin Dojo is one of Japan’s most well-respected and popular schools for Aikido training. Even after her divorce from Seagal, Miyako has served as the head instructor of the Tenshin for the past 50 years.

She still runs her dojo in Osaka and has a training group in Nara. Miyako is a 7th dan (degree) in Aikido. Her system of Aikido is more combative, unlike many schools today. Source

Her training center is located at

Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 532-0023Jusohigashi
TEL.06-6304-8710 FA

You can check out her site if you are interested in learning Aikido.

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Acting Career

Since Miyako was married to Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, she too got lured into the glitz and glam of the entertainment world. She made her acting debut after she appeared on E! True Hollywood Story.

Miyako appeared in the show’s seventh season’s fifth episode in 2002. Likewise, the Japanese beauty shared the screen with her former husband, Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock, and Adrienne La Russa.

Writing Career

Miyako Fujitani is more than a renowned actor and martial artist. She is also an accomplished writer. Fujitani has spent a large portion of her life writing poems and essays.

Miyako with her grand children
Miyako Fujitani with her grandchildren

Her writing is mainly based on her experience as an Aikido master and the ancient Japanese art form.

Miyako Fujitani Net worth

Miyako Fujitani has quite an impressive net worth. It’s estimated that she is worth $1 million.

The Aikido Master’s primary source of income is her job as a martial arts instructor. Similarly, she makes a good deal of money from her acting and writing career.

Miyako Fujitani practicing aikido
Miyako gives Aikido training to her students.

Owing to such great net worth, Miyako Fujitani’s lifestyle is, without a doubt, very lavish. The martial artist often travels to different places around the world. She spends her time in luxurious hotels and attends high-profile championships, Aikido matches, and seminars.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Steven Seagal has a jaw-dropping net worth of $16 million.

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Social media

Miyako Fujitani with her grandson
Miyako Fujitani with her grandson

Fujitani prefers to steer clear of social media. Therefore, fans wishing to get to know her better through social media might be disappointed.

Miyako is active on Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, Ayako Fujitani has 6,481 followers and follows 166 other people. On the other hand, she has around 1,222 followers on her Instagram account “ayakofujitani.”

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