Moira Gough Wikipedia And Edad: Who Is Her Pareja Carlos Puente?

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Moira Gough was a famous model during the 90s.

Discover her delicate achievements, failures, and the enigma surrounding her past.

Those who want to learn more may follow Moira Gough’s exciting trip, which provides insights and surprises at every step.

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Moira Gough Wikipedia: Edad and parents

Jugate Conmigo was a weekly hour-long entertainment show aimed at teens that ran on Telefe from 1991 to 1993.

The show featured Moira Gough, the former model currently residing in Mexico.

Moira Gough was a famous Argentinian model born in Puerto Belgrano Naval, a military base of the Argentine Navy.

As of now, Gough is 47 years old in 2024.

The famous model is the daughter of an Argentinian Military Malvinas veteran.

Moira Gough Wikipedia
Moira Gough during her modeling photoshoot. (Source: TN)

Moreover, growing up in a military household, her upbringing was spent in an environment of security.

She mentioned, ‘I never encountered a terrible circumstance,’ When I grew up, I’ll remark, ‘How fortunate I was to fall with the people I fell with.’

Similarly, Moira is well-known as a teenager in a chocolate ad and shined well in Play with Me.

On the other hand, Moira Gough rose to prominence at an early age once her modeling career took off.

Despite her modeling career, further personal information about her is currently unavailable.

On the other hand, Moira Gough’s parents and siblings remain unknown. Only the thing that is known is she belongs to a military family.

Likewise, the model had not publicly released any information about her parents as a private individual.

It is critical to respect people’s privacy in their personal lives.

Celebrities and public personalities regularly utilize a variety of tactics to reveal personal information; others want to keep their relationships private.

It is always best to rely on official declarations or trustworthy sources for factual information about a person’s life.

Similarly, the individual has kept a low profile while focusing on her professional pursuits and family.

Who Is Moira Gough Pareja Carlos Puente? kids

Moira Gough was living independently at 23, living without her parents.

During her modeling career, she left Argentina and traveled to Italy and Miami, United States.

Later, she left the U.S. to survive the crisis and traveled to Mexico to find comfort and start a new life.

Before traveling to Mexico, she mentioned in an interview that multiple things came together. A complicated relationship with a guy. Then there’s the link to her family. And then there’s the job.

After spending a few years in Mexico, Moira Gough found her love of life.

Moira Gough Wikipedia
Moira Gough with her husband, Carlos Puente and daughter, Mine. (Source: LosAndes)

Similarly, Moira married Carlos Puente, five years older and a federal deputy for Zacatecas.

Moreover, Moira and Carlos have been married for more than 21 years as of 2024.

The former model said marriage was never in her goals, but everything changes when one discovers the right person.

Similarly, Moira and Carlos have a daughter as a sign of love and strength. However, there isn’t much known about Moira’s kids.

Likewise, some sources mentioned that their daughter’s name is Mine, who is 12 years as of 2024.

Furthermore, the Mexican resident mentioned that she felt the power of parenting only ten years after her marriage.

She added her spouse had always accepted her decisions and supported her.

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