Mollie Hemingway- The Senior Journalist’s Bio

Who is Mollie Hemingway?

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is an American journalist presently the senior editor of The Federalist. Hemingway is also a conservative author and a political commentator.

As a columnist, Mollie Hemingway has written for various prestigious publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Magazine, and others.

Undoubtedly, Mollie has given considerable contributions to the field of journalism with her unparalleled skill and talent.

Besides, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway‘s funny critiques of feminine orthodox, her take-downs on lousy journalism, and her confident attitudes have established her as an influential media personality.

Indeed, Mollie Hemingway is one of the most searched media personalities whose opinions have a pretty an impact on her audiences.

Mollie Hemingway Biography
Mollie Hemingway Biography

So, today in this article, we have collected some exciting facts about the famous journalist and authors that will surprise you. So please read the whole article to know more about Mollie Ziegler Hemingway!

Quick Facts

Full nameMollie Ziegler Hemingway
Also known asMollie Hemingway
BirthdayAugust 3, 1974
Age49 years old
TraitsPositive- Loyal, Charismatic, and Motivated
Negative- Egoistical, Imposing, and Self-conscious
BirthplaceDenver, Colorado, USA
Currently ResidingNorth Virginia, USA
EducationBachelor in Economics from the University of Colorado
ParentsLarry Ziegler (Father)
Carolyn Ziegler (Mother)
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMark Hemingway (Husband)
Children2 Daughters
ProfessionJournalist, Author
Net WorthUSD 2 million
Social MediaTwitter
Quick Facts

Interesting Facts

  1. She considers family time very important and left a full-time job with Army Times Publishing Company and does freelancing to be able to spend time with her two daughters.
  2. Mrs. Hemingway is a solid Lutheran and contributes many articles defending her faith.
  3. In Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial, the reporter Mollie Mullaney is based on both Mollie Hemingway and Calkins Media columnist J.D. Mullane.
  4. In May 2018, Trump tweeted a quote attributed to Hemingway, which gave credence to a conspiracy theory initiated by Trump that the Obama administration had placed a spy in his 2016 presidential campaign for political purposes.

Early Life and Childhood

Mollie Ziegler was born on August 3, 1974, in Denver, Colorado, USA. Ziegler led a comfortable childhood since her parents brought her up in a loving environment.

RealClearInvestigations, Mark with his wife, Molly Ziegler
Mark Hemingway and Mollie Ziegler

Mollie’s father, Larry Ziegler was a pastor of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Whereas, her mother, Carolyn Ziegler worked as a school teacher.

The senior journalist completed her primary education at Douglas County High School, Castle Rock. Later she graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

As Mollie mentioned in an interview, she never wanted to pursue her career in journalism. However, fate had other plans, and she eventually became deeply involved in this field.

Romantic Affairs and Relationship

Mark Hemingway (Husband)

Mark Hemingway, a senior writer at RealClearInvestigations, is a native of the United States. He originally hails from Bend, Oregon. Mark is an incredibly gifted journalist who was also awarded a Gold Award for journalism by the Phillips Foundation.

Mark Hemingway
Mark Hemingway

Before joining The Weekly Standards, Hemingway formerly worked for The Washington Examiner, National Review, Market News International, and USA Today. His articles are regularly featured in popular journals like The Wall Street Journal,, Reason, etc. Currently, he is a senior essayist for The Weekly Standard and writes essays on a freelance basis for popular publications like CNN.

Like his wife, Mark is doing excellent in his career and was awarded the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship. Similarly, The Claremont Institute chose him to be a Lincoln Fellow in 2014, while he was appointed a Eugene C. Pulliam Distinguished Fellow along with his wife in Journalism by Hillsdale College in 2016.

How did Mark and Mollie Hemingway meet?

In an interview with The Collegian, Mark and Mollie talked about how they met, and the story is quite interesting. As per Mark, he first met Mollie during his first job out of college. He said,

“My wife is about 20 months older than I am, so she had been working at this place, a non-profit, think-tank-type place in northern Virginia. She’d been working there for about two years, and it was my first job. I remember I walked into a staff meeting one day, and she was basically the most attractive girl in the room. We went out for drinks shortly after that, and the rest is history. You can just conclude all answers with that.”

So, the lovely couple finally decided to tie their knot on September 15, 2006, at Immaculate Lutheran Church in Virginia. The couple has been happily married for over 15 years with two lovely daughters.

Mark and Molly with their daughters
Mark and Mollie Hemingway with their daughters

Mollie said in an interview,

“We work very hard, and even more than that, we make sure that we get to spend time with our kids and with each other. And we also do many things apart from career and family that keep us focused.”


Mollie was interested in journalism after she noticed her friends enjoyed their work. So, she decided to experiment herself in this field. As Hemingway said,

“I learned how to write stories and interview people. I loved it even though the pay was terrible. I was hooked.”

Almost soon after graduation, Mollie bagged her first job at the Institute of Humane Studies and The Mercatus Center as the Director of Strategic Development. Then in 2002, she did her first journalistic work as a writer at Radio and Records. Later she joined the Army Times publishing firm, where she worked as a writer for four years.

During that time, the famous journalist bagged another job opportunity to write for the private foundation, The Phillips Foundation. While working at the foundation, she earned her place at the media site, GetReligion.

Then, the conservative journalist spent another nine years of her career at GetReligion. She wrote for The Washington Post, USA Today, and worked for the popular blog Ricochet. She enjoyed writing about the religious liberty issue and shared her experience, saying,

“I noticed that whenever I pitched a story on religion, editors would go for it, so I started pitching stories on religion, which was an interest of mine.”

Later, Mollie joined The Federalist, a notable online magazine, as a senior editor. She is one of the founding members of this popular website. In addition, the Colorado-born journalist works as a freelance writer, and her works are published by many notable journals, including The Washington Post, Christianity Today, and others.

Mollie Hemingway
Mollie Hemingway photo

Similarly, Hemingway is also the author of many best-selling books like Justice on Trial, Trump VS. Media, and Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.


Mollie Hemingway is a famous journalist who doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions. So, undoubtedly she has been drawn into numerous controversies for her political inclinations.

The renowned journalist wasn’t a huge fan of Donald Trump. In fact, in 2015, Hemingway branded Trump, a “demagogue with no real solutions.”

However, like so many Republicans, she is now a fan. She even blamed the Democratic lawyers and voters for supposedly gaming the system amid a pandemic to rig the 2020 election.

In her recent book Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections, she wrote,

“If you believe things went terribly wrong in the 2020 election, well, you’re not crazy, and you’re not alone. But most of all, you’re not wrong.”

Hemingway even criticized the Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) for funding election operations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. She believed such private-public partnerships undermine the public’s faith in electoral integrity.

Similarly, the journalist was accused of violating journalistic norms when she purposely named the alleged whistleblower who exposed the Trump-Ukraine scandal.

Mollie Hemingway on Fox News
Mollie Hemingway on Fox News

Mollie appeared on a panel on “Media Buzz” on Fox News and revealed many identifying details about the person despite the channel’s orders not to identify the person’s identity.

Hemingway argued that it was wrong for media outlets and social networks to ban people from discussing a name that has already been reported.

Mollie Hemingway Net Worth

Mollie Hemingway is one of the renowned journalists in the media industry. Many popular journals regularly publish her articles, and she also regularly appears on various TV shows.

Additionally, Hemingway is the author of many bestselling books. So, we can easily say that Mollie has an impressive income as a journalist. Also, her husband, Mark, is a well-known journalist with an equally high income.

So, analyzing all the facts and figures available, Mollie Hemingway’s net worth, as of 2023, is USD 2 million, and her husband, Mark Hemingway’s net worth is USD 5 million (approx.).

Social Media

Mollie Hemingway, a media personality, is equally active on various social media platforms. She can be found on Twitter, where she has around 850k followers.

Similarly, she is also active on Facebook, with over 25k followers. Mollie mostly posts about her political views and similar stuff on her social media handle.


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