Monica Galetti Ankle Injury Update 2023: What Happened To Her Leg?

Monica Galetti Ankle Injury has got the fans of Masterchef curious, mainly after rumors surfaced regarding the star’s health.

Monica Galetti gained popularity as a judge on the television show “MasterChef: The Professionals.”

The accomplished New Zealand Chef, known for her harsh and honest critiques of contestant’s dishes, has again been in the spotlight.

This time, it’s not for her culinary skills but rather for an unexpected twist in her life – an ankle injury that has left fans curious about her well-being. 

In this article, we’ll delve into what happened to the renowned chef’s leg and how she’s coping with it. 

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Monica Galetti Ankle Injury update 2023 – What Happened To Her Leg?

Monica Galetti’s ankle injury remains a mystery in 2023, as she has not publicly disclosed any details about such an injury.

The esteemed chef made headlines when she announced her departure from the show after 14 dedicated years.

Speculation about her absence was rife, with some suggesting it was due to an ankle injury.

Contrary to initial rumors, clarifying that her mental health struggles primarily drove her absence from the culinary world is essential.

Moreover, she told the world that her departure from MasterChef was due to her dedication to supporting her nephew, Otis, who battles a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

While Monica’s resilience in the face of personal challenges is evident, any reports of an ankle injury appear unfounded.

Monica Galetti Ankle Injury update 2023 - What Happened To Her Leg
She has done numerous voiceovers, including the season 5 of Amazing Hotels Series. (Source: Instagram)

Monica Galetti’s absence from MasterChef may have surprised her fans, but her decision to prioritize her family and mental well-being is an inspiring example of resilience.

Rumors of an ankle injury may have circulated. Still, the reality is that Monica’s absence was driven by her love for her family and her determination to support her nephew through a difficult battle. 

Monica conveyed her dedication to her family and restaurant in her departure statement.

However, she left the door open for a possible return, expressing her hope to be back in the future.

Talking about her health update, her recent posts on social media reassure us that she is in good health and in high spirits.

Monica’s decision to prioritize her mental well-being and her family during a difficult period reflects her strength and determination.

dark period in the life of Monica Galetti 

In an interview with The Times, Monica opened up about her challenging journey, explaining that a profound family crisis drove her to leave the show.

Her 15-year-old nephew, Otis, had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer called desmoplastic small round cell tumor.

This devastating news struck at the heart of Monica’s world and prompted her to reprioritize her life.

Monica’s nephew, Otis, resides in New Zealand, but his diagnosis brought their family closer.

He shares a similar age with Monica’s daughter, Anaïs, who is 14.

Monica Galetti Ankle Injury update 2023 - What Happened To Her Leg
The newest addition to the Mere family is Pastry Chef Enzo’s precious little bundle, Noé, son of Enzo Housseau. (Source: Instagram)

Otis’ battle with this aggressive form of cancer became Monica’s central concern.

Despite undergoing chemotherapy, Monica revealed that the prognosis was not optimistic, with doctors giving him only three months to live.

The stress and emotional turmoil that accompanied her nephew’s diagnosis and the challenges of balancing her role on MasterChef with running her restaurant, Mere, took a severe toll on Monica’s mental health.

She admitted that the demands of the show were “taking me to a very dark place” and that she was struggling to find a balance.

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