Murad Williams: The First Born of Meek Mill

Who is Murad Williams?

Murad Williams is the first child of Robert Rihmeek Williams, professionally known as Meek Mill, an American rapper. Murad Williams has a moniker “za” given by his family, who loves him to their extremities.

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Murad Williams Biography
Murad Williams Biography

Quick Facts

NameMurad Williams
Birthdate March 15, 2007
Age16 years old
Sun SignPisces
TraitsPositive: Sweet, Kind, Well-mannered, and a good listener
Negative: Pessimistic, indecisive, and lazy
ParentsMeek Mill (father)
Fahimah Raheem (mother)
GrandparentsRobert Parker
Kathy Williams 
AuntNasheema Williams
SiblingsRihmeek Williams (brother)
Czar (half-brother)
Marital StatusSingle
Net worthUnder review
Social mediaInstagram

Early Life and Childhood

Murad Williams was born on March 15, 2007, and is currently 16 years old. Murad is the apple of their father’s eye, Meek Mill, and mother, Fahimah Raheem.

Both of his parents are highly active on social media. Murad Williams is the firstborn child of Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem. His parents were never married but shared many happy years. Later in 2012, they separated and started to live a solitary life taking responsibility for their sons, Murad and Rihmeek Williams.

Meek Mill with his sons
Meek Mill with his sons, Murad and Rihmeek Williams

Murad has an aunt named Nasheema Williams, an actor by profession, and she also has a great fan following on social media. Kathy Williams is the grandmother of Murad, who struggled effortlessly for a better future for Meek Mill and Nasheema Williams.

At the same time, Robert Parker is the grandfather of Murad, who died during a robbery when Meek Mill was just five. Both of Murad’s parents love him, as we can see Murad spending quality time with his father and mother, although his parents prefer spending time with their son separately.

Probably, there is not a healthy relationship between his parents as we can see they made different allegations against each other in these years, regaining the responsibilities of parenting Murad and Rihmeek. Despite this crisis in their relationship, Murad seems to be happy with the life he has been living on.


Murad Williams is a 16 year old boy in his high school in Philadephia, Pennsylvania, high school. He lives with his mother and brother in Philadephia, where he completes his studies.

Murad Williams
Murad Williams

He is a handsome young lad with a crazy interest in sports. Murad plays rugby at his high school and is pretty good at it. We can see different images on his social media handles playing rugby, and his mother supports him at her best.

Murad Williams Appearance

Murad Williams is of African lineage. He has a deadlock in black color, black eyes, big lips, black skin shade, a small nose, and a young lad built perfectly for age fifteen. He is a sweet and well-mannered boy who looks like his mother.

Murad Williams Parent’s Relationships

Meek Mill, a well-renowned American rapper, is the father of Murad Williams. He was born on May 6, 1987, in South Philadephia, Pennsylvania, United States. Meek Mill commenced his music career as a battle rapper and later formed a rap group, The Blood Hounds. Meek signed his first record in 2008, by rapper T.I.

Murad’s mother Fahimah Raheem, is a social media influencer. Born in 1988, Fahimah Raheem raised her first child Murad while studying and working alone. In 2011, she gave birth to Rihmeek Williams. Being a single mother, she established her career all on her own and even managed to provide her children with all the facilities and care required.

Murad Williams with his mother and brother
Murad Williams with his mother and brother

Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem dated each other in 2006 and separated in 2012, giving birth to young boys Murad Williams and Rihmeek Williams. Rumors and facts all point out Meek Mill as the reason for the separation.

In an Instagram post, Fahimah claimed that Meek Mill dumped her years ago and Raheem liked Safaree’s pictures, he got unsecured and called her, but Fahimah made it clear that she didn’t have anything to do with Meek Mill.

On September 6, 2015, Fahimah Raheem posted a video of little Rihmeek performing with Meek Mill on the stage. Then, on September 18, 2019, the news aired where Fahimah accused Meek Mill, saying Meek didn’t take care of their children.

These two live without clashes and are connected only because of Murad and Rihmeek. However, Murad spends pleasurable time with his father and mother, as we can see on their Instagram now and again.


Murad Williams has two younger brothers. Rihmeek Williams, who has a pet name, “Papi,” is Murad’s blood-brother, and Czar is his youngest brother from his father’s side.

Meek Mill with his sons, Rihmeek and Czar
Meek Mill with his sons, Rihmeek Williams and Czar

Rihmeek Williams was born on May 13, 2011. Murad, Rihmeek, and Fahimah live together as a happy, sweet family. This is because Murad and Rihmeek are so close to each other. Rihmeek is currently eleven years old, and Fahimah has been able to raise handsome, healthy, well-mannered, intelligent, family-oriented children.

Czar is the youngest half-brother brother of Murad, who was born on May 6, 2019. He is the son of Meek Mill and Milan Rouge Harris. Little Czar shares the same birthday as his father, Meek Mill. Meek and Milan separated in 2019, three months after the birth of Czar; however, Meek stated,

“We still have mad love for each other, but we both come to an understanding.”

They both claimed they were still good friends. Czar has turned three years old, and that little fellow is adorable.

Murad Williams Instagram

This 15-year young man has an Instagram account named @muradc3_. His mother, Fahimah, also has an Instagram named @fahdy_87, where she occasionally posts Murad’s pictures. Murad has more than 7k followers but only posts about his games and matches.

Murad Williams Instagram Photo
Murad Williams Instagram Photo


How old is Murad Williams?

Born on March 15, 2007, Murad Williams is 16 years old.

What is the relationship between Murad Williams and Czar?

Czar is the half-brother of Murad Williams. Meek Mill is the father, and Milan Rouge Harris is the mother of Czar.

What is the current relationship status of Murad Williams?

Because of Murad’s private life, we don’t know his relationship status.

What is the name of the Instagram page Murad Williams?

The name of the Instagram page of Murad Williams is @muradc3_.

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