Mya Lynn Lesnar- Daughter of Brock Lynn Lesnar

Who is Mya Lynn Lesnar?

Mya Lynn Lesnar is the daughter of WWE superstar Brock Lesnar and Nicole McClain.

Mya, just like her father, excels in sports. She made her name in shot-put and signed into Arizona State University in 2020. 

The daughter of Brock is a talented volleyball player who has recently made a name for herself as a track and field athlete.

Mya seems to be gunning for a bright future in sports. I guess it’s in her genes.

Here are a few facts you need to learn about Mya Lynn Lesnar.

Mya Lynn Lesnar

Quick facts

Full nameMya Lynn Lesnar
BirthdayApril 10, 2002
Age20 years old
Sun signAries
TraitsPositive: Confident, fiery, bold, and independent
Negative: Arrogant, selfish, aggressive, and impatient
BirthplaceMaryfield, Saskatchewan, Canada
Currently residingMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA
ParentsBrock Lesnar (father),
Nicole Lesnar (mother)
GrandparentsStephanie Lesnar (paternal grandmother)
Richard Lesnar (paternal grandfather)
SiblingsLuke Lesnar,
Duke Lesnar,
Turk Lesnar
Marital statusSingle
ChildrenNot applicable
EducationArizona State University,
Alexandria High School
ProfessionSport person
Net worthNot applicable
Social mediaFacebook,
Height5 feet 3 inches
Eye colorBlue eyes
Hair ColorBlonde

Fun facts

  • Mya has light blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • She is close to her stepmother, Sable, and her half-siblings.
  • Apart from volleyball, Mya is also into track and field events and shot-put.
  • Her brother Luke Lesner who stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall, has aspirations of making it to the WWE just like his father.
  • Mya’s mother, Nicole McClain, is a fitness model.
  • Mya’s birth sign is Aries.
  • Mya Lynn Lesnar is a Minnesota state champion who is the sixth-best shot-putter in the country.

The early life of mya Lynn lesner

Mya Lynn Lesnar with her dad Brock Lesnar

Mya Lynn Lesnar was born on April 10, 2002, to Brock Lynn Lesnar and Nicole McClain in Maryfield, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The name in Greek means “great one.” However, the word comes from “Ma’ayan,” which means spring or brook in Hebrew.

Based on her date of birth, she is Aries. Aries women are confident, fiery, bold, and independent. But they are known to be arrogant, selfish, aggressive, and impatient.

Mya is a talented volleyball player who has recently made a name for herself as a track and field athlete. She is currently part of the Arizona State Sun Devils track and field cross-country team. She signed into Arizona State University in 2020.

She is a team member of the Sun Devils TXFC, who tweeted that Mya is a family member on their Twitter account. Therefore, Arizona State gave her a scholarship of USD 21,000 for her volleyball skills.

Additionally, Mya has set her sights on a career in shot-putting. She is the 6th best shot putter in the country. Her remarkable accomplishment demonstrates a bright future ahead of her. She seems well on her way to becoming a star athlete like her father, although in a different sport.


Daughter of WWE superstar Brock
Mya Lynn Lesnar photo

Over 18 years old, Mya Lynn Lesnar doesn’t seem to be involved in any relationship. Also, the star is not active on any social media platform. Well, it might be that she wants to keep her personal life away from the media and prefers to hide her relationship status.

Besides, her parents are pretty protective of her. They encourage her to keep her affairs away from the media to avoid scandals and other negative consequences of fame, which might be why Mya is reluctant to let anyone know she might be dating.

Brock Lesnar always refuses to talk about his matter, and she also seems to adopt the same habits. She is very close to her friends and seems to enjoy doing things that everyone her age does.


Nicole McClain

Nicole McClain biological mother of Mya Lesnar
Nicole McClain- Mother of Mya Lynn Lesnar

Nicole McClain was once married to the fitness model Nicole. She has been featured in various TV shows and magazines.

Lesnar had two children with his then-fiancee, Nicole McClain. Years before, he was married to Sable. McClain resides in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a fitness model contributor to hunting magazines and TV shows.

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Brock Lesnar

Mya Lynn Lesnar dad Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar- father of Mya

The WWE champ Brock Lesnar prefers to keep his family out of the spotlight and protect his children’s privacy. So we rarely read about his wife, Sable, and his kids.

Brock Lesnar is currently married to fellow WWE performer Sable, Rena Greek. The RAW star and Greek have two sons, Turk (born in 2009) and Duke (born in 2010). Greek also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

While Lesnar and Greek currently reside on a farm in Canada, their previous residence was in Minnesota. Her father has dominated the WWE ring since he joined in 2000. He has won three Tag team trophies with his wrestling group, The Minnesota Stretching Crew.

He has set the record for the youngest wrestler in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment to win the WWE championship. Lesnar lifted the belt and has accomplished much more as a wrestler at 25.

Brock’s family initially descends from Germany. They migrated to the USA after WW II.


luke Lesner (brother)

Luke Lesnar brother of Mya Lynn Lesnar
Luke Lesnar, twin brother of Mya, showing his muscles

She also has two half-siblings from her father‘s subsequent marriage to the WWE superstar Sable. Mya half-brothers are named Turk and Duke Lesnar.

Brock with his sons
Brother of Mya Lynn Lesnar

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The career of Mya Lynn Lesnar

Mya Lynn Lesnar was gaining attention for her athletic prowess at Alexandria High School from an early age. While, on the other hand, all of Brock’s sons play ice hockey, Mya is a remarkable track and field athlete.

Daughter of Brock

Mya is counted among the star athletes in Alexandria.

Mya competed in the shot put and discus throwing for three years in high school. A Minnesota State Champion, she is ranked sixth among the best shot-putters in the USA.

Because of her talent, she earned herself a spot in the Arizona State University sports program before graduating. Mya is about to play for the field/cross country team and Sun Devils track.

Net worth

The volleyball player has yet to have a career, so it isn’t easy to ascertain how much she earns income-wise or her net worth.

Sun Devils announced Mya’s signing through their official social media account. In addition to getting into the sports team, the daughter of Brock Lesnar will also receive a scholarship of around USD 21 thousand if she wishes to enter Arizona State University.

She seems to be earning a decent amount; however, her actual earnings and net worth are unavailable.

She enjoys her father’s USD 28 million fortune that Brock earned from his successful wrestling career.

Her father is one of the second-highest-paid wrestlers in WWE, who makes around USD 8.5 million per annum. Her father competed in the UFC and won the UFC Heavyweight title in 2008. In addition, he has won several medals in WWE.

Brock also earns several hundred thousand dollars from his share of the sales of his WWE merchandise. In addition, he has endorsements running into millions of dollars, all of which allow Mya Lynn Lesnar to live as lavishly as she desires.

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Social Media


Even though Mya Lynn Lesnar has tried to keep her personal life private, we can get her updates and information through her social media accounts. However, she frequently uses social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

Her Facebook account has been kept private.

Her Instagram account has 486 followers, and her Twitter account is (@MyaLynnLesnar). However, we are not sure if these are fake.


Where was Brock Lesnar from?

Brock Lesnar was born in Webster, South Dakota, on July 12, 1977.

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