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Naomi Nelson: Meet Johnny Knoxville’s wife who ages like a fine-wine

Who is Naomi Nelson?

Naomi Nelson is a very talented writer, producer, and dedicated actress. She went into the limelight after her marriage to Johnny Knoxville, who is an American actor, stunt performer, filmmaker, and comedian. 

Although Naomi Nelson’s fame has to do with her relationship with her husband, she is a woman of her own. Naomi has been contributing to the television world and many other projects behind the camera. She has also worked in front of the camera as an actress and got praised for her work.

Today, we talk about everything there is to know about Naomi Nelson, from her career to her private life. Read on to learn about Naomi Nelson.

Naomi Nelson quick facts

Full nameNaomi Nelson
BirthdayAugust 20, 1980
Age40 years old
HeightAbove 5’5″
Eye colorLight Brown
HairDark Brown
OccupationWriter, Producer, and Actress
Best known for        Producing HBO’s TV series ‘Carnivale,’ Directing documentaries: ‘Fifth Star’ and ‘Reel Girls’
SpouseJohnny Knoxville (Famous for the TV show ‘Jackass’)
KidsArlo Clapp and Rocko Akira Clapp
Step-daughterMadison Clapp
Zodiac signLeo
EducationStudied in California
Net worthEstimated between $1 Million to $5 Million
Social mediaNot active

Naomi Nelson early life and family

Naomi Nelson was born in the United States of America on August 20, 1980. She turned 40 years old on August 20, 2020, but Naomi does not look like she is in her forties, thanks to her healthy eating habits. Naomi indeed gives priority to regular exercise and workouts.

Naomi Nelson with her husband Johnny Knoxville

Born in August, Naomi shares some Leo-woman traits. Leo people are very determined towards their work and very fearless in their actions. This attitude and determination in her field may have been the reason for her success.

Naomi Nelson is of Asian ethnicity. Her parents migrated to the United States of America from Asia, but she holds a US citizenship card by her birthright. 

Naomi has never mentioned any siblings of hers, so we speculate that she is an only child.

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Naomi Nelson education

Naomi was born to Asian parents, and she grew up in a home with a strict approach to education. Like most Asian parents, Naomi’s parents wanted her to get a decent education and have a great future with a distinguished career. Throughout her childhood, she pretty much followed her parents’ every guideline and had a good childhood.

When she was young, Naomi attended a local high school in California. The exact name of the high school is unknown. From her childhood, Naomi showed signs of the intellectual person she ought to be in the future. She was a favorite of her teachers in her high school years as she showed enthusiasm and sincerity towards her studies and anything that she picked.

After high school, Naomi went to a local college for her further education. The names of the college and the degree she got are unknown. However, we can surmise that she studied acting or something related to the art of movie-making, as she was into theater and wanted to pursue a career in entertainment.

Naomi relationships

Naomi successfully made a career in producing and directing, and she tasted a little fame. But she came into the limelight after starting dating her dear husband, Johnny Knoxville. 

Naomi Nelson is married to the famous comedian and actor Johnny Knoxville. According to sources, the duo started dating around 2008. They were very much in love with each other. After going out on dates frequently, the couple got serious about their relationship over time.

On August 18, 2009, Johnny shared the news about Naomi’s pregnancy on his blog. The couple welcomed their first baby boy – Rocko Akira Clapp, on December 20, 2009, in Los Angeles. 

Photo of Naomi Nelson Pregnant

Photo of Naomi Nelson Pregnant

After two years of dating, the pair decided to tie the knot and got engaged on September 23, 2010 and got married two days after the engagement. The lovebirds have been living happily ever since.

Many friends and colleagues of Johnny claim that Naomi and Johnny are opposite from one another. They have very different personalities and opinions on things. But despite their differences, they make a great power couple. 

A year after their marriage, Naomi and Johnny welcomed their second child in October 2011. The couple decided to name their daughter – Arlo Lemoyne Yoko Clapp. 

Johnny Knoxville, a colossal prankster, makes Naomi’s life full of laughter and surprises while parenting their three kids. He is known to make funny jokes and pranks on his kids continually. We can assume their life is fun and exciting because of their hilarious father.

Johnny also posts a lot about his personal life on his Instagram. His feed mostly contains jokes and current trending events. 

Rocko and Arlo are not Johnny’s only kids. He shares his eldest daughter, Madison Clapp, with his ex-partner Melanie Lynn Cates. They were married for thirteen years and ended it in 2008, the same year he met Naomi.

Stepdaughter – Madison

Naomi Nelson has a good relationship with her stepdaughter Madison. Madison loves both her siblings and often posts their photos on her Instagram. 

Madison Clapp with Johnny and Naomi Nelson

Madison Clapp with Johnny and Naomi Nelson

Madison is an actress and writer herself. Following the footsteps of her talented parents, she is heading towards showbiz. We offer our best wishes to her. 

Madison has made some red carpet appearances alongside her parents. Madison and her father, Johnny, share a great bond and are often seen expressing their love and support for one another on their social media.

Naomi’s career

Naomi Nelson was an ambitious and passionate person right from a young age. Her interest in everything that involved creativity drove her to the place where she is today.

Since she was such an ambitious kid, it was tough to foresee in what field she would pursue her career. She would have been successful in any path she chose. 

Naomi’s career in the entertainment industry began after working for the Reel Girls Production Company, where her job was to cut together different short films. Naomi was content with her first work by contributing to a show, even if the role was small. She enjoyed every bit of it.

Later, Naomi got recognition in her initial career phase by working as an assistant producer in an HBO’s TV series called ‘Carnivale.’ The show was a success, so she continued working on it for a long time. During this significant initial phase, she gathered all the much-needed lessons and experiences about producing. 

Her career took off in 2009 after she directed documentaries entitled ‘Fifth Star’ and ‘Reel Girls.’ Naomi’s contribution to these documentaries was well appreciated. 

Along with directing, she also contributed by narrating in the documentaries. She received compliments for her work in ‘Fifth Star.’ The project gave her career significant momentum and provided her the recognition she deserved in the entertainment world.

Naomi Nelson net worth

Success certainly comes to those who work hard and wait for the results. Everyone works hard to earn fame and fortune. Naomi got it all, the riches and the spotlight. 

Naomi Nelson with her husband Johnny and their children

Naomi has certainly accumulated enough wealth from her career as an actress, director, and producer. She has not stated her exact net worth, so we cannot tell how much she has earned throughout her career. But we are sure that her brief yet successful career has provided her an impressive net worth.

On the other hand, her husband, Johnny Knoxville, has a considerable net worth of a staggering $75 million. The couple lives a very luxurious life with their children in a lavish home in America.

The duo has appeared in some movie screenings and made several other public appearances.

Where is Naomi now?

Currently, Naomi lives happily with her husband and kids. Talking about her social media presence, she stays away from it as much as she can. We hope she will be active on Instagram or Twitter someday. 

The talented writer/actress has not been very active in her career lately. The reason could be her two young children. But we can not wait to see her back to work and see what more she has to offer. We offer our best wishes to this excellent woman.

And that’s everything you need to know about the beautiful wife of Johnny Knoxville, Naomi Nelson. Please let us know if we missed anything about her personal or professional life. Comment down below if this article answered any question(s) you had about her.

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