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Narvel Blackstock early life, relationships, career and net worth

Who is Narvel Blackstock?

Narvel Blackstock is more known in the public as the former husband of one of the topmost country singers, Reba McEntire.

Narvel is a television producer who has also worked as a manager for famous artists like Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Linda Davis.

Narvel also displayed his expertise as the manager of his former wife and country singer, Reba McEntire. After nearly three decades of togetherness, Narvel and Reba parted ways. Shortly after the separation, Narvel started his new love story.

As a result of which, people often talk about Narvel’s love life.

In this article today, we are going to cover everything about Narvel Blackstock: from his childhood to his stirring love life.

Quick facts

Full nameNarvel Wayne Blackstock
Height1.82 m
BirthplaceTarrant County, Texas
Date of birthAugust 31, 1956
Age64 years
ParentsNarvel Leroy Blackstock(father) & Gloria Elizabeth Alexander(mother)
SpouseElisa Gayle Ritter (1973-1988), Reba McEntire (1989-2015), Laura Putty Stroud (2015-present)
Social mediaUnavailable
Net worth$50 Million

Narvel Blackstock’s age and early life

As said earlier, Narvel Blackstock’s fame is mainly due to his relationship with the country artist Reba McEntire. Besides that, he is a manager of famous singing artists in the music industry.

Narvel Blackstock with Reba McEntire

Narvel Wayne Blackstock was born on 31 August 1956 in Tarrant County, Texas. His parents were Narvel Leroy Blackstock (1926-2005) and Gloria Elizabeth Alexander. Narvel is 64 years old at present.

Narvel grew up with his sister, Patricia Ann Blackstock. But, the details about his childhood and early life are not available on the internet.

The American television and film producer used to play steel guitar before working as a producer. As per the reports, Narvel Blackstock even played steel guitar in his ex-wife’s band.

Nonetheless, the career as a guitar player did not work in Narvel’s favor. Yet, his passion and talent in the field of country music have helped him to a greater extent.

If we look at his work as a successful manager for country artists, it will be safe to say that Narvel’s knowledge in the sector has made him who he is today.

Narvel Blackstock personality traits

Narvel Blackstock is 6 feet tall and looks as good as he looked 20 years ago. Age is just a number if you take care of yourself, isn’t it?

64-year-old Narvel Blackstock is talented and full of passion. His works, as well as his relationships, have been a hot topic among people time and again.

Narvel Blackstock is a risk-taker in real life. From a career as a musical artist to a manager and a film producer required a significant amount of courage for him. Moreover, the sustained presence in the business says a lot about his capability.

Narvel is a Virgo. And, if the alignment of stars on a person’s birth chart can say a lot about him, then Narvel is a passionate, hard-working, reliable, and creative person. Not to mention, his works and recognition say the same about him.

Who is Narvel Blackstock married to now?

Well, well, after two failed marriages, Narvel Blackstock has yet again fallen in love. To be honest, he reportedly started dating shortly after the divorce with his second wife. Furthermore, his new love interest was quite the talk of the town.

After building an empire with Reba McEntire, Narvel Blackstock shocked everyone by moving on so quickly. The amusement leveled up when his new love interest was a close friend of his ex-wife.

Yes, Narvel started dating a real estate agent, Laura Putty Stroud, who was one of Narvel’s and Reba’s closest friends, Laura Putty Stroud.

The couple has been together for more than four years. They are doubtless very much in love. And if Instagram approval is a thing, their cute PDAs, as seen in the pictures, speak a lot about their romance.

Close friends and admirers have been waiting for Narvel to announce the date for the big event, of course. However, neither Narvel nor Laura has confirmed if they are going to tie the knot anytime soon.

Well, we hope to hear the good news soon.

Who is Narvel Blackstock’s girlfriend, Laura Stroud?

Laura Putty Stroud is a real estate agent, aside from being Narvel’s beautiful girlfriend. She deals with clients who look for luxury properties in Nashville. Laura is quite a name in the sector of real estate in Nashville.

As to how she came in, acquaintance with Narvel is a story to read about.

Laura was first friends with Narvel’s ex-wife, Reba McEntire. She might have come to know Narvel through Reba. While the ex-couple were still together, the three of them publicly displayed their friendship.

From attending concerts to attending the car race event of the ex-couples’ children, Laura accompanied the ex-couple.

Her togetherness with Narvel after a short time of the latter’s divorce came as a shock. But, does love care about time and situation?

Narvel and Laura are now inseparable. Everyone close to the couple has accepted the relationship. Mostly, their happiness together is all that counts for the time being. Let’s hope this relationship continues to amuse us. After all, what’s better than two people genuinely and madly in love?

Narvel Blackstock’s relationship with Reba McEntire

When we talk about Narvel Blackstock, Reba Mcentire is an unavoidable name. After all, twenty-six years of marriage, for an apparent reason, is a crucial part of his life.

Narvel and Reba met in the early 1980s. At that time, Blackstock was still a steel guitarist in Reba’s band. The couple worked as band members for a brief period. Later on, Narvel also worked as Reba’s manager.

Narvel Blackstock with Reba McEntire

Narvel Blackstock with Reba McEntire

As to how the spark between them started remains a question, both Narvel and Reba were dealing with the breakup, which supposedly played a vital role in bringing them together.

Reba McEntire had divorced her first husband, Chares Battles, in 1987. Likewise, even Narvel had ended fifteen years of marriage with his first wife, Elisa Gayle Ritter. Following the divorce, Narvel and Reba did not have to do a lot to connect.

Their togetherness, as a part of work, as well as a similar state of mind, deserves credit for the union of two talented individuals.

Narvel tied the knot with Reba in 1989 at a private ceremony. The event took place in Lake Tahoe on a boat on June 3, 1989. The couple has a son together: Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock

Narvel played the role of a great husband and a remarkable manager for his band member-turned-wife. Sadly, their relationship could not last longer than 26 years. They started living separately a few months before their divorce in December 2015.

After the divorce, both Narvel and Reba moved on with their lives. Even so, the family was unbreakable. Reba continues to have a great relationship with the Blackstock family, including her stepchildren.

Similarly, the children also respect the elders despite the past.

The actual cause of the divorce has not been out. Yet, looking at how quickly Narvel moved on with his current girlfriend, people speculated that the reason could be his love interest.

Who was Narvel’s first wife?

Elisa Gayle Ritter, who has remained out of the spotlight for years, was the first wife of the American television producer, Narvel Blackstock. Narvel and Elisa were together for 15 years.

Narvel and Elisa legally wedded on March 30, 1973. He was only 17 years old at that time. Surprisingly, their marriage lasted over a decade, even when both of them were teenagers when they tied the knot.

Their love story and marriage details remain a subject of curiosity even today.

Narvel and Elisa together have three children: Chassidy, Shelby, and Brandon Blackstock. After 15 years of togetherness and three children, the couple finally had their divorce on 31 March 1988.

The actual reason for the separation is unknown, although many speculate that the busy schedule of Narvel could have been the main reason.

Elisa supposedly received a reasonable sum as a part of the divorce settlement. Professionally, she was a television producer as well as a music producer alongside her ex-husband.

Narvel Blackstock children

Narvel Blackstock is a great father, and his four children have always looked up to him.

Just like his father, Narvel’s first son, Brandon, is also a country music manager. He has been a long-time manager for famous clients like Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson. His father’s former clients seek help from him now.

Narvel Blackstock Family Pic

Narvel Blackstock Family Pic

He has been married to the famous singer, Kelly Clarkson, for over seven years. The couple, however, decided to part ways. They have filed for divorce.

Also, with his second wife, Reba McEntire, Narvel has a son named Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock. Shelby is a car racer professionally.

Narvel Backstock road to fame

Narvel Blackstock shot to fame after his relationship with Reba McEntire became public. Before the limelight, he was a guitarist in Reba’s band. He was playing steel guitar and had impressed a considerable group of people with his talent.

Narvel has not yet disclosed since when he started playing guitar, but his talent was certainly praiseworthy.

He started his career as a steel guitarist in Reba’s band in the early 80s. As a crucial part of the group, Narvel took part in numerous musical tours.

After a few years as a guitarist, Narvel later took care of the management for Reba McEntire. In the latter half of the 80s, Reba’s career took flight. Narvel’s management skills were much appreciated.

Some of the credit for Reba’s success goes to Narvel Blackstock.

After the recognition as the best country music manager, Narvel went on to work for Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Linda Davis, etc. later in his life.

In later years, Narvel also produced several television specials. He is the executive producer for one of Reba McEntire’s film work, “Is There Life Out There?” Additionally, he is also famous for his production works like, “Forever Love” and “Secret of Giving.” His ex-wife, Reba McEntire, was the star of both movies.

Aside from that, Narvel also produced various television special featuring famous artists, Blake Shelton. The title of the show was Blake Shelton Live: It’s All About Tonight (2010).

Also, adding to his work as a television producer, Narvel executive produced the American Television series, Malibu Country (2012-2013).

Is he dead or alive?

Over the years, people on the internet seem curious about Narvel Blackstock’s well-being. Many have queried about his status. Of many questions about his life, if he is dead or alive is one.

Keeping everyone’s doubts to rest, we assure you that Narvel Blackstock is alive and healthy. He is spending quality time with his girlfriend, Laura, and doing well.

Recent controversies

Despite having spent around forty years in the music industry and continuously on the spectrum of attention, Narvel Blackstock managed to live a scandal-free life.

Having said it, he gathered huge attention after he divorced his second wife, Reba McEntire. After 26 years of marriage and building an empire together, nobody had expected the separation of the country music lovebirds.

Fans and followers were devastated, hearing the announcement of their divorce.

Although an exact reason for the divorce was not in disclosure, many assumed infidelities could be a cause. This speculation seemed real when Narvel started dating Reba’s close friend Laura Stroud very shortly after the divorce.

Keeping the assumptions aside, Narvel has kept himself away from unwanted attention so far.

Narvel Blackstock net worth

As of 2020, Narvel Blackstock’s estimated net worth is $50 Million. His proficiency as a talent manager contributed a lot to his earning. Besides that, some commendable works as an executive producer should get some credits for the fortune.

Narvel Blacktosck on Instagram

Narvel personally doesn’t have an Instagram profile as of yet. His girlfriend, on the other hand, shows their joy together through her Instagram account.

Similarly, his son, Shelby Blackstock, also pours love for his father through cute pictures on Instagram. Even the Instagram accounts of Narvel’s close ones tell how much the people around him love him.