Is Natalie Portman Anorexic? Weight Loss Before And After

Looking at actress Portman’s before and after pictures, fans wonder if Natalie Portman Anorexic rumors are true. She looks unrecognizable in her past photos.

Actors’ dedication to their careers is transparent in how much they contribute and give their all in their roles. Alongside honing their skills during workshops, they participate in promotional activities.

However, some stars took their dedication to the next level for a role.

From altering their physique, disregarding their mental and physical well-being, and scaring their costars, some celebs went way too deep into their character.

Speaking of which, Natalie gained worldwide prominence for starring in Black Swan.

She gave it her all to portray the role of a perfectionist ballerina in the movie, including disregarding her well-being.

Portman’s character had an eating disorder in the film. Hence, she lost so much weight that it changed her whole appearance.

Following her reel-life depiction, fans now wonder if Natalie Portman is anorexic or has an eating disorder in real life.

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Is Natalie Portman Anorexic? Eating Disorder Details

As mentioned earlier, Portman played the role of a perfectionist ballerina with an eating disorder in Black Swan.

To prepare for her role, she practiced dance for nearly sixteen hours a day and barely ate anything.

To get the desired physique of a ballerina, Natalie worked out five to six hours a day and practiced for extremely challenging dance scenes. She also consumed a 1,200-calorie-a-day vegan diet every day.

Natalie Portman Anorexic
Natalie Portman’s Character Had An Eating Disorder In Black Swan (Source: The New Yorker)

By the movie’s end, the acting sensation was so thin that she explained how she looked all bones with no meat. She dropped twenty pounds within a month and kept her weight around 98.

Natalie spoke about how she felt she might die while filming. Thankfully, she is now back to her healthy weight and sports a healthy physique.

To answer if Natalie Portman is anorexic, it appears she is not. She was on an extreme diet for filming Black Swan but is no longer.

Natalie Portman Weight Loss: Before And After Photos

Although Portman is no longer following a strict diet like previously, she is often seen changing her physique to complement her roles in films.

For instance, Natalie followed a high-protein meal and trained for ten months to prepare for her role in Thor: Love And Thunder. She gained muscles and toned her abs.

Looking at Natalie Portman’s before and after photos, she has had noticeable changes in her physique. She has gained and lost weight, but not to the extreme.

The Hollywood personality is health conscious and sticks to a nutritious diet and regular workout practice. She is a vegan and incorporates veggies and fruits in her meal.

Natalie Portman Weight Loss
Natalie Portman Before And After Pictures (Source: Page Six)

It has been reported Natalie enjoys making her food and eats varieties of vegan items such as artichokes, chard, carrots, avocados, peppers, tomatoes, lemons, figs, olives, and peaches.

What’s more, the gorgeous lady’s snacks are also healthy vegan products. For example, she loves Banana Salted Caramel flavored vegan ice cream.

Speaking of her workout routine, the Black Swan star did full-body workout routines while filming Thor. During her sessions, she also incorporated boxing, skipping, weightlifting, running, etc.

To avoid injury, Natalie did stretching, pilates, and balance exercises after working out. Thanks to following a strict diet and workout routine, Portman appears healthy and robust.

To conclude, Natalie Portman is a dedicated actress who pours her heart and soul into her work. Her hard work and passion have earned her numerous fans. 

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