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Nathan Kane Samara bio, family, career, and net worth

Who is Nathan Kane Samara?

Nathan Kane Samara is an American rapper, producer, actor, and personal trainer. He is best known to be Eminem’s younger half-brother from his maternal side.

Although both the brothers have different fathers, Eminem was Nathan’s legal guardian. As a result, they have a strong bond together. Nathan Kane Samara also officially took Eminem’s surname – Mathers, in 2018.

Nathan is a boy name from Hebrew origin that means “Gift of God.”

Nathan Kane Samara Biography
Nathan Kane Samara Biography

Here is everything you need to know about Nathan Kane Samara and his lifestyle.

Nathan Kane Samara quick facts

Full nameNathan Kane Samara
Also known as Nathan Kane Mathers and Nate Kane
BirthdateFebruary 3, 1986
Age35 years old
Sun signAquarius
TraitsPositive Intellectual, charismatic, communicator

Negative Anger, pessimistic, and impatient
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan
Currently residingChesterfield, Michigan, USA
ParentsFred Samara, Jr. (father),
Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers (mother)
Step-brotherEminem (Marshall Mathers)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAshley Mae
ChildrenAudrianna Melkonian, Liam, and Carter
ProfessionRapper, DJ, Painter, Former personal trainer at NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Cultivation technician at Natrabis
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBrown
Social mediaInstagram
Net worth$1 million

Nathan Kane Samara interesting facts

1. Nathan Kane Samara is Eminem’s step-brother

Nathan was born to Eminem’s mother, Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers, and her second lover, Fred Samara Jr. Eminem is his step-brother. 

2. Eminem adopted Nathan when he was 16 years old

Both of his parents abandoned Nathan, and he was left to stay in a foster home when he was only ten years old. Eminem became his guardian and looked after him.

Nathan moved in with his step-brother in his Detroit home.

3. Nathan Kane Samara is married

Nathan married his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Mae, after 14 years of dating. They got married on May 7, 2018, in Miami, Florida. 

4. Nathan Kane Samara is a father to three children

Nathan has two sons and a daughter with his wife, Ashley Mae. His daughter’s name is Audrianna Melkonian whereas, his sons’ names are Liam and Carter.

5. Nathan is a rapper, actor, and an entrepreneur

Nathan followed his step-brother’s footsteps and started rapping. He has released many songs like ‘Slide on Over’ and ‘Shadow of a Celebrity.’ 

He is also an actor who has starred in ‘Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge.’

He also has a Cannabis company named ‘Natrabis.’

Nathan Kane childhood and family

Nathan was born in Kansas City on February 3, 1986. His parents are Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers, and Fred Samara Jr.

Eminem is his half-brother and14 years older than him. Nathan also has another stepbrother, Michael Mathers, and a stepsister named Sarah Marshall.

Nathan Kane Samara
Nathan Kane Samara

Nathan and his Eminem did not have a good relationship with their mother when they were young. It is evident in some of Eminem’s songs. He talks about how Debbie was a bad mother and about her abusive behavior in public.

Eminem’s mother, Deborah, and his father had a band called ‘Daddy Warbucks’ together. But, they broke up while touring together when Eminem was little. With the end of their relationship, Eminem’s father did not want to remain connected to them. So, he left Eminem and his mother stranded.

Years later, Deborah met Fred Samara Jr. Deborah gave birth to Nathan; however, Fred too left Deborah like her first partner after his birth. We are guessing that abandonment of her partners led to Deborah’s abusive behavior. As a result, she was ill-equipped and unemployed to raise her two sons.

Reports said that Deborah placed Nathan in foster care when he was only ten years old due to her abusive nature. Deborah was emotionally and physically abusive to Nathan. Furthermore, during his high school days, his friends used to bully him.

Some also claim that it was the social services who had removed Nathan from Deborah’s house. But, despite their circumstances, Eminem was the guardian to Nathan. He looked after his younger brother in both emotional and financial aspects.

Although, at present, Eminem has made peace with his mother. We cannot say the same about Nathan, who is still angry at her for being a failure as a mother.

In his 2013 track ‘Headlights,’ Eminem sang:

“All you did, all you said, you did your best to raise us both. Foster care that cross you bare, few may be as heavy as yours. But I love you, Debbie Mathers, oh what a tangled web we have.”

The lyrics highlighted both brothers’ struggles and Eminem’s forgiveness to his mother.

When Nathan was 16 years old when he moved in with Eminem in Detroit, it was also the time when the famous rapper was struggling with his career. So we can say that Nathan was there on his road to success.

He has accompanied Eminem in some of his tours, like the ‘Up In Smoke’ tour in 2000.

Nathan Kane Samara height and body measurements

Nathan is 5 feet 9 inches tall. His shoe size is 8. 

Samara has hazel blue eyes and brown hair color.

Nathan Kane relationships

Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers (mother)

Deborah Mathers mother of Nathan Kane Samara
Deborah Mathers, mother of Nathan Kane Samara

Deborah Nelson is the mother of Eminem and Nathan Kane Samara. However, Nathan was born from a relationship with her second lover Fred Samara. It is said that Deborah wasn’t a good mother. Both of her husbands left her, and she was left emotionally drained.

It resulted in her being an abusive mother who would, in return, vent all of it on her kid Nathan.

Nathan Kane Samara and Eminem

Eminem with Nathan Kane
Eminem with Nathan Kane

Eminem is also known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is the elder half-brother of Nathan. He is the son of Deborah Nelson and Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.

Eminem’s father left Deborah and the son. Eminem eventually rose to fame. He adopted Nathan and was a guardian to him. They have an age difference of 16 years.

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Nathan Kane Samara wife Ashley Mae

Nathan Samara with his wife
Ashley Mae Mathers and Nathan wedding photo

Nathan Kane Samara married his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Mae. They met in 2002 when Nathan was 16 years old. Nathan and Ashley were in a long-term relationship of 14 years before getting engaged.

They got engaged in December 2016. And, they have a daughter, Audrianna Melkonian, and two sons Liam and Carter.

This couple got married in Miami, Florida, on May 7, 2018, and had the children together during their big day. Today, the couple is living a good life in Detroit.

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Nathan Kane children

Nathan Samara Kids
Nathan Samara Kids

Nathan has three kids with his wife, Ashley Mae Mathers

  1. Audrianna Melkonian
  2. Liam
  3. Carter

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Nate Mathers career

Nathan Kane Samara songs

Nathan looked up to his elder brother and tried walking in his footsteps, and started rapping. He gained attention for his songs like ‘Slide on Over’ and ‘Shadow of a Celebrity.’

Although Samara has his original style in rapping, many do see some influence of Eminem in his work. For example, people say that his song “Shadow of a Celebrity” is about Nathan’s life under the shadow of his famous brother.

His other songs are Touch Ya Body, It’s Nate Kane, Short Term Love, and I’m Not Asking.

Nathan Kane Samara movies

Samara could not do well like his brother, leading him to turn to an acting career.

Nathan Kane Samara’s debut movie ‘Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge,’ released on November 17, 2019. The crime/thriller movie is about a military veteran who tries to tackle several cases. They shot the film in both Detroit and Chennai, India.

Sam Logan Khaleghi directed the film. It also included stars actors like Jesi Jensen, Grover McCants, and Napoleon Duraisamy. Besides the movie, Nathan has also appeared in several music videos. He had featured in Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ 2009 music video, where he appeared as Eminem when he was small.

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Likewise, he has also appeared in Swifty McVay’s two music videos for ‘Scariest Thing’ and ‘Phony.’

Nathan is also a fitness enthusiast and vegan, so he also works as a personal trainer. Furthermore, he works as a DJ. He worked with artists like Flo Rida, TLC, and Nelly for their events.

2000DocumentaryThe Up in Smoke TourSelf
2000VideoEminem: The Way I amFan
2001TV seriesSally Jessy RaphaelSelf
2002VideoEminem: Without MeSelf
2003VideoEminem: Sing for the MomentSelf
2003VideoObie Trice: Got Some TeethSelf
2005DocumentaryEminem Presents: The Anger Management TourSelf
2018ShortSwift McVay: Scariest ThingSelf
2018 SongTouch Ya BodyRapper
2018SongIt’s Nate KaneRapper
2018Song Short Term LoveRapper
2018SongShadow Of A CelebrityRapper
2018SongI’m Not AskingRapper
2019VideoSwift McVay Featuring Obie Trice & Nathan Mathers: PhonySelf
2020MovieDevil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain RougeDetective Liam O’Connor

Nathan Kane controversies

In 2009, Nathan Kane Samara was charged with drunk driving when he failed a breathalyzer test. During the trial, his intoxication was twice the legal limit. Yet, he was not arrested for the incident. Instead, he was released on bail and probation.

Besides the incident, Nathan is not involved in any controversies so far. However, he maintains distance from the media and remains a low profile despite having a famous sibling.

Nathan Kane Samara net worth

Nathan’s net worth stands at $1 million, earned through his rapping and training career. In addition, reports state that he received about $50k from starring in his debut film ‘Devils Night’ in 2019.

His half-brother, Eminem’s net worth stands at $230 million at present. Also, Eminem gifted Nathan with a $30k sports car.

Despite having had a difficult childhood, Nathan is living a comfortable life today.

Nathan Kane social media

Nathan is present on both Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Nathan Kane Samara Instagram

His Instagram account has about 58.4k plus followers.

As a family man, Nathan mainly posts pictures with his family and even his niece, Hailie Jade. He also posts pictures with famous artists, photographs of his energy drinks, and new DJ sets.

You can find Nathan Kane Samara as @nathankanemathers

Nathan Kane Samara Twitter

Nathan joined Twitter around 2009. He has about 17k plus followers. He tweets about current affairs and promotes his and his brother’s works.

You can find Nathan Kane Samara on Twitter as @NateKane247

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Nathan “Nate Kane” Mathers (@nathankanemathers)

Nathan Kane Samara Facebook

Nathan is also on Facebook. You can find him as Nathan Kane Mathers

Nathan Kane Samara now

Although Nathan is not famous like his elder brother, he seems to be self-content with his career. However, Eminem and Nathan still have a strong bond. Nathan officially taking Eminem’s last name, Mathers, proves their strong relationship.

Nathan is a family man who loves spending time with his beautiful children and wife as much as possible. He is currently working as a cultivation technician in Natrabis. It is a Cannabis company that he founded.

Nathan Kane Samara F.A.Qs

Where is Nathan Kane Samara now?

Nathan Kane Samara lives in Michigan with his wife, Ashley, and their children. He works as a full-time trainer and also pursues his career as a rapper and an actor.

How old is Nathan Kane Samara?

Born on February 3, 1986, Nathan Kane Samara is 35 years old.

Is Nathan close to Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade?

Yes, Nathan Mathers is quite close to Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade. Nathan shares many posts with his niece and can be seen commenting on her Instagram posts as well. 

Are Eminem and his brother, Nathan, close?

Yes, Eminem and his step-brother, Nathan, are close. Eminem adopted Nathan when he was 16 years old. Nathan moved in with him in his Detroit home.

Nathan has also followed his brother’s footsteps in terms of career.

What happened to Nathan Kane Samara?

Nathan married his longtime girlfriend, Ashley. He lives in Michigan with Ashley and three kids.

Besides his singing and acting career, he works as a cultivation technician at his Cannabis company, Natrabis.

Is Eminem’s brother Nathan still alive?

Yes, Eminem’s brother Nathan is alive and living his best life with his wife and children.

Are Nathan Kane Samara and NF the same person?

No, Nathan Kane Samara and NF are not the same people. Unfortunately, many people have a misconception that rapper NF, Nathan John Feuerstein, is Nathan.

The misconception could have arisen due to Eminem and NF’s rapping style. Many critics often compare their rapping styles.