New York Robert Mayer Missing Update 2023: Is He Found Yet?

Robert Mayer missing news had saddened his loved ones and left the local authorities looking for an explanation. Despite being so long, the case hasn’t been solved yet.

Robert Mayer’s intriguing disappearance has stunned the Long Island, New York, community since 2013.

The family guy and a licensed electrician’s abrupt disappearance has raised curiosity among his admirers and the viewers.

Continue reading as we explore the unanswered concerns surrounding Robert Mayer’s disappearance and give a search update for 2023. 

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Robert Mayer Missing Case Update 2023

The Robert Mayer missing case has puzzled investigators since June 2013.

His missing case reached the police station after his wife, Ida, reported him missing when he failed to return home.

Reportedly, on June 14th, Mayer did not return after leaving for work. 

Security footage showed Robert selling metal at a scrap yard, but his phone went silent on Route 110. 

Robert Mayer Missing
The case remains unsolved, leaving loved ones and authorities searching for answers about Robert Mayer’s fate. (Source: Facebook)

Mayer’s car was found parked at the Deer Park Long Island Railroad station the next day.

The investigation revealed that he was last seen at Arrow Scrap Yard in West Babylon at 2:15 pm that day.

Mayer’s cell phone signal ceased around 2:45 pm on Route 110 in Huntington.

Despite efforts, the case remains unsolved, leaving the community searching for answers.

Is Robert Mayer found yet: Missing Update 2023

The mother and sister of missing Robert Mayer recently contacted PIX 11 News, expressing their concerns about his disappearance.

Moreover, he had a close-knit relationship with his family and was actively involved in his community.

His disappearance shocked the community and prompted extensive search efforts to find him.

Mayer’s wife, Ida, is offering a reward for any information about his whereabouts or the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

Moreover, Robert’s mother, Geri Mayer, believes that crucial information is missing from the puzzle, and she suspects his wife, Ida, holds that missing piece.

Robert Mayer Missing
“He was happy,” Ida tells the Press. “Everything was good.” (Source: Disappeared)

His last sighting was captured on surveillance footage, showing him selling scrap metal in West Babylon and receiving $300.

Geri Mayer and Christine Ellis, Robert’s sister, have expressed their doubts about Ida’s consistency in her account of the events surrounding Robert’s disappearance.

Mrs. Mayer denied any changes in her story and explained that she arrived home with their children around 3 pm.

However, the surveillance footage showed Robert’s car arriving and leaving before the family returned.

His abandoned red 2004 Pontiac was discovered at the Deer Park train station the following day.

Despite extensive searches and investigations, there are no indications of foul play, according to the police.

New York Robert Mayer Family Seeks Help To Find Him

The family also revealed that Robert had struggled with prescription drug use, which may have been linked to his scrapping of metal to pay for Oxycontin pills.

Ida Mayer speculated that work-related problems or debts might have affected his disappearance.

Additionally, there was a mention of a past mortgage fraud case involving Ida that Robert’s family wonders might be connected to his vanishing.

Suffolk County police detectives from the 2nd Precinct are still actively investigating the case, with no signs of criminality discovered thus far. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Suffolk County Police Second Squad or their local authorities. 

We shall update the site if any new findings surface on the internet regarding this missing case. 

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