Armie Hammer opens up about his allegations of sexual abuse

Armie Hammer opens up about sexual allegation

Armie Hammer has finally broken his silence over the allegations of rape and sexual abuse. He admitted being emotionally abusive to a few women he had romantic affairs with but denied other allegations.

Armie Hammer opens up about sexual allegation

Multiple accuses of rape, BDSM, and cannibalistic fetishes on social media, including screenshots of 2017 that surfaced in 2021, resulted in his career taking a nose dive. Hammer was abandoned by his agency, WME, and fired from all the projects.

In an interview with Air Mail, the star said that at one time, Armie Hammer even contemplated suicide after the allegations. “I just walked out into the ocean and swam out as far as I could and hoped that either I drowned or was hit by a boat or eaten by a shark. Then I realized that my kids were still on shore and that I couldn’t do that to my kids.”

Furthermore, he opened up about sexual abuse by a youth pastor at 13. Armie said that his interest in BDSM stems from the abuse by the youth pastor. Hammer said, “What that did for me was it introduced sexuality into my life in a way that it was completely out of my control. I was powerless in the situation. I had no agency in the situation. Sexuality was introduced to me in a scary way where I had no control. My interests then went to: I want to have control in the situation, sexually.”

For the last two years, The Social Network actor has been now earning his livelihood as a timeshare salesman in the Cayman Islands and spending time in a recovery facility.

Hammer also addressed the relationships with accusers Courtney Vucekovich and Paige Lorenze, admitting he was emotionally abusive towards both. “I would have these younger women in their mid-20s, and I’m in my 30s. I was a successful actor at the time. They could have been happy to just be with me and would have said yes to things that maybe they wouldn’t have said yes to on their own,” he says. “That’s an imbalance of power in the situation.”

“I’m here to own my mistakes, take accountability for the fact that I was an asshole, that I was selfish, that I used people to make me feel better, and when I was done, moved on,” Hammer says. “I’m now a healthier, happier, more balanced person. I’m able to be there for my kids in a way I never was… I’m truly grateful for my life and my recovery and everything. I would not go back and undo everything that’s happened to me.”

Armie Hammer also reports that Robert Downey Jr. has been a big support and friend for him through his downfall and stint in rehab. “There are examples everywhere, Robert [Downey Jr.] being one of them, of people who went through those things and found redemption through a new path. And that, I feel like, is what’s missing in this cancel-culture, woke-mob business,” Hammer says. “The minute anyone does anything wrong, they’re thrown away. There’s no chance for rehabilitation.”