Bam Margera Challenges Johnny Knoxville to a Bare-Knuckle Boxing Match

Former “Jackass” star Bam Margera has called out his former co-star Johnny Knoxville to a bare-knuckle boxing match, citing revenge for being hooked on “18 different medications” that permanently messed him up.

Bam Margera challenges Knoxville to fight

Margera posted the challenge on Instagram late Monday night, calling out the show’s co-creator Jeff Tremaine for being “too much of a p**** to get in the ring with me.” He alleged that Knoxville and the team forced him to sign a “death waiver” in 2019 to participate in “Jackass Forever,” which led to a wrongful termination lawsuit against Knoxville, Tremaine, and others.

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The case was settled last year. Knoxville has not responded to the challenge, and some of his “Jackass” family have expressed public concern over Margera’s addiction struggles. Knoxville has stepped into a professional wrestling ring numerous times, including a WWE WrestleMania 38 contest between Knoxville and Sami Zayn, which ended up being a hit with fans.

Margera has a troubled history with his former “Jackass” colleagues, which became more strained when he filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Knoxville, Tremaine, and others, claiming the “death waiver” was impossible to comply with. He settled the case last year and later checked into a wellness facility on the “road to recovery,” but has since dropped in and out of rehab, been hospitalized with COVID, and arrested for public intoxication.

His friend and former co-star Steve-O tried to help him remain sober by having him tag along on his tour but were unsuccessful, and the recent arrest saw Margera screaming at his estranged wife over how much time he gets to spend with their son. Fans have expressed concern over his well-being, urging him to get sober and save energy for important battles.

The challenge from Margera to Knoxville may not elicit a response due to legal implications and concern over Margera’s struggles. However, Knoxville has expressed his love for Margera and his desire for him to get well and stay well, and some of the “Jackass” family have tried to get him help. Therefore, Margera’s challenge to Knoxville may be seen as a cry for help, and his well-being should be the priority.