Chelsea Handler says she took Ozempic unknowingly but stopped as its gonna backfire someday

A lot of controversies have been surrounding the Type 2 diabetes medication Ozempic for weight loss. Chelsea Handler has now disclosed that she was using Ozempic but wasn’t aware initially.

Chelsea Handler unknowingly tried ozempic

The topic came out when she spoke on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. She casually alleges that her anti-aging doctor hands it out to anybody. However, she added that the Ozempic can help in dropping some weight, saying, “If you ever want to drop five lbs., this is good.”

She recalled the first time using it; Handler was back from her vacation and injected herself with it. After a few days, she went to lunch with a girlfriend who told her that she couldn’t eat anything as she felt nauseous and mentioned it because of the Ozempic. After hearing this, Handler said she was, too, but it could be because of jet lag from her return from Spain.

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And when Chelsea’s friend heard about the med ‘semaglutide,’ she confirmed that it was Ozempic. After learning about it, Handler stopped taking Ozempic. “I’m not on it anymore. That’s too irresponsible,” disclosed the actress.

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Furthermore, she added that she is an irresponsible drug user but not gonna take those. She has injected four or five of her friends Ozempic and that it’s for heavy people and that she said it’s gonna backfire, and something bad is going to happen.