Chris Brown responds to Kiely Williams about dissing him

Chris Brown, a well-known American singer, has recently faced criticism from Kiely Williams, a former member of Cheetah Girls and 3LW, and some of his fans over his collaboration with Chloe Bailey. Williams was among the critics who accused Brown of exploiting the talents of black female artists to conceal his past domestic violence case involving Rihanna. The accusations came after Bailey’s teaser of their new song, “How Does It Feel.”

Chris Brown responds to Kiely Williams dissing

Despite being on tour overseas, Brown responded to the accusations with a mix of pity and humor, singling out Williams as the main critic behind the backlash. He labeled Williams as “broken,” suggesting that she may be experiencing financial or mental issues for attacking him without provocation. Furthermore, Brown made fun of Williams’ lisp, mocking her pronunciation of “promithis” in her hit song “No More (Baby I’Ma Do Right).” He also used a meme with the caption “thop it!!!” to further mock Williams.

While Brown didn’t hold back in attacking Williams, Bailey had yet to deal with the wrath of her outraged fanbase before the song’s release. Her fans are unhappy with her collaboration with Brown and have expressed their displeasure on social media platforms.

The controversy surrounding Brown’s past domestic violence case with Rihanna has continued to follow him, with some people still criticizing him despite his attempts to move on and improve himself. The accusations have had a significant impact on his career and personal life. However, he has continued to release hit songs and collaborate with other artists.

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Meanwhile, Chloe Bailey, half of the famous R&B sister duo Chloe X Halle, has been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, particularly in the music scene. She recently made her solo debut with “Have Mercy” and has been releasing teasers of her collaboration with Chris Brown, which has received mixed reactions. Nonetheless, she remains a talented artist and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Chris Brown’s collaboration with Chloe Bailey has attracted criticism from Kiely Williams and some of his fans. Brown has responded with humor and disdain, singling out Williams and mocking her for her lisp. The song’s release is yet to come, and Bailey has to face her upset fanbase ahead of its release. Despite the controversy, Brown and Bailey remain talented artists and successful individuals in their respective careers.