Chris Martin of Coldplay declares Rihanna as the ultimate vocalist of all time

During a recent interview with Apple Music 1, Chris Martin of Coldplay spoke about his experience on the big sports stage in 2016 and expressed his admiration for Rihanna and her theatricality.

Chris Martin says Rihanna is the best vocalist of all time

“I don’t know Rihanna very well,” Martin told interviewer Zane Lowe, per Billboard. “I’m mainly just a fan, and we have performed with her a few times, and you’re right, it is rarer and rarer for her to just sing, which is what makes it even more special, and in a strange way, it shows that she really, really wants to do it. No one can make Rihanna do anything at this point.”

“He went on to admit he is a big fan of the singer, and he has gotten to perform with her on a few occasions. ‘You have to be an idiot not to recognize that she’s the best singer of all time. I’m very biased because I’m such a big Rihanna fan,’ he continued. ‘I mean, I think she could just walk out in sweatpants and sing, and that would be just great.'”

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During Coldplay’s performance at the 50th-anniversary game, the band pulled out all the stops, bringing Beyoncé and Bruno Mars as surprise guests for the special occasion. However, not everyone appreciated the show, especially Chris Martin’s attempts to dance alongside the two professional performers.

Rihanna and Chris Martin have collaborated on a few musical projects over the years. Some of their notable collaborations include the song “Princess of China,” which was included on Coldplay’s album “Mylo Xyloto,” and “Live Your Life,” a track from Rihanna’s album “Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded.” Additionally, they have performed together on several occasions, including during the 2016 Global Citizen Festival.

“Princess of China” and “Live Your Life” were successful and well-received by audiences. “Princess of China” reached the top 40 charts in several countries and received positive reviews from critics. “Live Your Life” was also a hit for Rihanna, reaching the top of the charts in several countries and earning critical acclaim for its powerful message and catchy beat.