DA BRAT is pregnant with Jesseca Dupart at 48

Da Brat is pregnant at 48 with Jesseca

Da Brat is expecting her first child with her wife, Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupar, at 48. The couple shared the news in a joint statement, expressing their excitement to start a family. The pregnancy announcement comes after years of Da Brat keeping her relationship with Dupart under wraps, only confirming their union in 2020. The couple’s journey toward parenthood will be documented in their upcoming reality TV series on WE tv.

Da Brat shared that they had been trying to conceive for a while and were blessed to have a rainbow baby, a term used to describe a child conceived after a previous loss. Her decision to have a child with her partner through IVF also challenges the stereotype that LGBTQ+ couples cannot have biological children.

Da Brat’s journey toward motherhood inspires many who may feel that their life choices are limited due to societal norms. The couple’s upcoming reality show will be a source of entertainment and an opportunity for them to share their journey and encourage others to follow their hearts, regardless of societal expectations.

The rapper’s announcement has been met with widespread media attention, with CNN, TMZ, People Magazine, and Page Six all featuring the story. Fans and supporters of the rapper have also taken to social media to congratulate her on this new chapter in her life. The excitement surrounding Da Brat’s pregnancy shows people are interested in seeing LGBTQ+ families represented and celebrated in mainstream media.

As Da Brat prepares to welcome her bundle of joy, we can only wish her and her partner a healthy and happy pregnancy. Their journey towards parenthood reminds them that love knows no boundaries, and anyone can create the family they desire, regardless of their sexual orientation or age.