“F. Murray Abraham Fired from ‘Mythic Quest’ Due to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

F. Murray Abraham, the Oscar-winning actor known for his roles in Amadeus and Homeland, recently left the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest under mysterious circumstances. It has now been revealed that Abraham’s exit was due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

"F. Murray Abraham Fired from 'Mythic Quest' Due to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Some insiders confirm that at least two concerns were raised about the 85-year-old actor during the production of Mythic Quest. After one of these concerns was brought forward, Abraham was warned and told to avoid some of the show’s actresses. However, after a second incident was brought to creator and star Rob McElhenney’s attention, Abraham was let go from the show.

The exact nature of Abraham’s behavior was not detailed in the report, but the allegations were severe enough to warrant his departure from the cast. Lionsgate, the production company behind Mythic Quest, released a statement to Rolling Stone stating that they take misconduct allegations seriously and investigate them thoroughly. However, they also noted that as a matter of corporate policy, they do not discuss their personnel actions.

Abraham’s character on Mythic Quest, C.W. Longbottom, was a main role in the cast and played a prominent part in the show’s first two seasons. However, when it was originally announced that Abraham would not return for the third season, Lionsgate stated that he would not return and did not comment on matters concerning personnel.

Abraham’s departure disappointed fans of Mythic Quest, but creator and star Rob McElhenney assured viewers that the character of C.W. Longbottom would receive a fitting tribute. “It’s a bummer not to have Murray in this season,” McElhenney told Variety. “But we recognize that C.W. is a beloved character and obviously a huge part of the show. So, we made sure that we have a really fitting tribute to him.”

While Abraham’s departure from Mythic Quest was undoubtedly a loss for the show, the actor has continued to stay busy in his career. In 2021, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the second season of The White Lotus, and he also appeared in HBO’s Mare of Easttown.

Abraham has had a long and illustrious career in Hollywood, starting in the theater before moving into film and television. He won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in Amadeus and has since appeared in numerous movies and television shows, including Scarface, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Homeland.

The news of Abraham’s alleged misconduct is yet another reminder of the pervasive issue of sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry. In recent years, numerous high-profile figures in Hollywood have been accused of sexual misconduct, leading to a reckoning in the industry and the #MeToo movement.

It is essential for companies like Lionsgate to take allegations of misconduct seriously and to investigate them thoroughly. By holding people accountable for their actions, the industry can begin to address the problem of sexual harassment and abuse and create a safer and more respectful work environment for everyone involved.

In conclusion, F. Murray Abraham’s departure from Mythic Quest was due to allegations of sexual misconduct. While the exact nature of his behavior has not been detailed, it was serious enough to warrant his departure from the cast. The entertainment industry has been grappling with issues of sexual harassment and abuse in recent years, and it is important for companies to take these allegations seriously and hold people accountable for their actions.